World Global Network

World Global Network is a company founded in the year 2011 that produces innovative and proven products that go a long way in changing the lives of people across the world. The company researches and develops new products that help people to live a better life by empowering them to transform their lives. It uses life sensing technologies that help you become more aware of yourself and things that happen around you.

The company has its headquarters in Miami, FL where it stands out as a unique leader in the industry in the production of wearable technologies like watches, mobiles, and media. With over 15 offices across the world, World Global Network employs some of the best minds and professionals who constantly invest great ideas into their products with the idea of producing even better products.

The Founder Of World Global Network And Its Objectives

The founder of World Global Network Fabio Galdi knows the importance that communication technology brings to people in achieving a healthier lifestyle. He believes in bringing people to a new level of consciousness where they can interact with their senses. The innovative products of the company are aimed at changing the way we live life forever. The gadgets provide solutions that help improve the quality of life of the people that use them. It is like simply creating the world’s largest platform for human biodata and improving the wellness of the participants.

A Social Revolution

The company is built in partnership with thousands of people around the world that identify with its principles and values. Most of the partners started in low positions but have steadily grown with the company and now enjoy various benefits. The dynamic groups of growing people have led to the products being used and read about in over 100 countries around the world.

Why Are The Products Needed?

Artificial intelligence and big data can help change our lives for the better. The capabilities to store huge amounts of data change the way we live our lives, improving on it every day. Artificial intelligence is already part and parcel of our lives. However, most people don’t realize that. The Amazon suggestions, Google Searches, and the inside of our cars show the artificial intelligence narrowing on things. Some services like Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri use language processing to extract questions and speech, which is already artificial intelligence at work. Big data can be used in so many ways, from looking for specific movies to booking appointments.

The available digital data in the world is doubling every two years, and we need gadgets that can help us better decipher the data. In 2013 alone, the digital data the company created 4.4 zettabytes. This means by the year 2020 the company will be able to create and copy 44 zettabytes of data, which is equivalent to 44 trillion gigabytes.

The company develops new devices using the latest scientific technology and creativity, leading to the change in the physical and digital worlds.

World Global Network Products


(voted the number one product in direct sales in 2017)

The HELO LX is one of the best products produced by the company and one that ranked number one as the best-selling in the year 2017. HELO LX is a wellness band that collects all your measurement and stores it in a database with the aim of using the information to improve your lifestyle and wellness. When you think of a wholesome world, most people consider it a dream, but that is not the case. The Helo wellness band can help change your behaviors and lifestyle. This is a device that is engineered to change your lifestyle with a life sensing technology.

Helo is a new wellness band that is powered by the APP Lite Technology, giving users eight real-time measurements. The new design and finishings of the band make it look beautiful and awesome to possess. In simple words, this is the personal lifestyle monitor that keeps you updated with any changes to your lifestyle, making you live a healthier lifestyle.

World Global Networks wellness bands come in two styles of LX and classic, with users having to choose between the two depending on what suits their lifestyle. Here some of the things you can expect from these wellness bands:

  • They read and compare your data and reports.
  • They monitor your bio-parameters for 24 hours a day giving you up eight different data readings.
  • They help care for your loved ones by detecting any changes in advance.

When you wear the band, you can rest assured that your wellness is cared for at a higher level. You don’t have to follow the trends, but instead be the one initiating change and letting others follow. To be more specific on the feature of these bands, here are the eight real-time data points they measure:

  • Total heart rate
  • Total breath rate
  • Total steps
  • Accuracy feedback from the app
  • Mood
  • Fatigue

These are not just your typical wristbands but a wellness band that allows you to obtain the measurement of your bio-parameters to the highest accuracy levels. These are the only wristbands on the market, with titanium plates that host minerals and stones.

Some of the benefits of the bands include:

  • The band helps transform your habits
  • It helps reduce stress
  • It helps coach your body and mind towards living a healthier lifestyle
  • Helps you recover the control of your well-being by reducing high noise levels resulting from modern life

Through the app, you can remotely check the wellness of your parents, grandparents, children, and loved ones. This is the only way to have a total peace of mind. All you need is a GPS signal, a data connection active, and a smartphone or tablet. The app can save your life with a SOS message to up to three people in case you’re in trouble.


Lifelog is another WOR[L]D product that helps record your life day by day, measurement by measurement, giving you a real life bio profile. This is a revolutionary system that uses the data collected from the HELO wellness band and tracks to complete a set of information to create a bio profile in real time. A daily detailed profile of your life is built from which you can link your audio notes, text notes, and pictures. This way, you get to relive your memories over and over again from itineraries and locations visited. You can view your heart rate and blood pressure at certain locations and times. Other amazing features you can analyze are sleep patterns, mood, steps, and breath rates.

Why choose to lifelog?

Lifelog will give you a complete report on your life journey and lifestyle. With unlimited recording time, you’re assured of recording all your memories without any time limits. There is high privacy, and your data will be stored at the highest privacy level. There is no limit on your storage on the cloud. It is basically a complete ecosystem of your wellness and lifestyle where you can share the data from the cloud to the web.

There is a report engine called the LifeOracle that is accessible on the web through the HELO app that you can use to create your complete profile and share to the web.


BioZen is basically your shield sticker against the harmful electrosmog. The BioZen chip offers users a static and low-frequency magnetic field protection helping reduce the harm of the electrosmog. This innovative biozen chip is quite easy to apply.

In the world we live in today, there are hundreds of devices that emit radiations that might be harmful to the human body. Just take a minute and look at the amount of time you spend on tablets, mobile phones, and laptops. We constantly share information, network, and communicate with friends and partners around the world using these devices. There is a legal specific absorption rate set by governments that help protect us from these radiation frequencies, but this does not offer protection to the biological level. BioZen is the only device that helps offer such protection, keeping you healthy.

The chip is quite small, but it serves a bigger job protecting you against mobile radiations. This latest innovative layered chip actively protects your body 24/7 against all electrically powered devices, no matter how or why you use them. It is scientifically proven to reduce the magnetic field gradients, lower your body’s stress levels, and defend against your body’s blood profile. The device is medically proven, and users have nothing to worry so far about its use.

Loyalty Programs

You can easily multiply the benefits you get from the company by purchasing the royalty program, which is a membership card that enables you to enjoy all the benefits and offers that that company has to offer. The benefits of the company will be available at the end of every month that allows you to stay connected to the world.

The one-time fee gets a full list of multiple benefits all year long where users get to enjoy everything the company has to offer without paying any extra cost. You can also earn loyalty points which can get you devices for free. The subscriptions are renewed monthly, and with each single time you renew you end up earning more loyalty points. The loyalty points are crucial and allow you to access the Mobile Forever Program and Wearable Forever Program to get a free brand new device each year. Every time you reach a specific amount of points you earn yourself a free World Global Network’s product after the first set of three months.

Advantages of the one payment:

  • There five activation Vouchers on the HELO Pro Plan
  • You get a protection plan
  • 75 Loyalty plans
  • Space System Business tool activation where you get up to 512GB personal storage capacity and a web conference tool with 1000 seats.

General Benefits Of The Products

There are several benefits users of the WOR[L]D products can get as these devices have been specifically created to help you live a better and healthier lifestyle. Here is a general overview of the main benefits users can expect:

  • You can easily identify and discover any major problems with your health early in advance helping you deal with them early enough before they worsen.
  • These devices give you peace of mind where you can rest knowing someone is looking over your children, parents, and friends. In the case of anything serious, you can easily be notified, and this can help save a life.
  • They are beautifully designed and look great around you
  • Being able to monitor your bio-parameters is the only sure way of being healthy and living a good life.

Side Effects Of World Global Network Products

Smart gadgets that help make life easier are not new, but what the company tends to offer are solutions to the side effects caused by such gadgets. The only problem here is that the solutions themselves are in the form of other smart gadgets which add to a number of smart devices in our homes.

These gadgets can also be pricey with further monthly subscriptions which add to the cost. You must have enough money to gain all the benefits of these gadgets. They are a great choice for improving our lives, but most of them might not make a great sense to people who are still straining to put food on their table and thinking of other more important things. However, you can take advantage of the loyalty program offered and get to enjoy as much benefits as possible. The loyalty program can also get you a free product.

World Global Network Summary

World Global Network is a great company with very innovative products that are aimed at changing how we live our lives. They are a great choice if you’re the gadget person and can help track all your information and even save your life. They might be a bit pricey, but the effort and research that has been put in producing them is worth the amount you pay.

Innovative technologies is the way to go and WOR[L]D leads the way in giving people solutions to problems that look simple but can be serious in the long run. There is nothing wrong with investing in your health and monitoring your day to day lifestyle.


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