Helo LX is a wearable device that aims to improve on the original Helo. Find out if Helo LX is worth the price today in our review.

What is Helo LX?

Helo LX is a wearable health tracker that fits over your wrist. It looks similar to other wrist-based trackers on the market, featuring a minimalistic interface and an adjustable band.

Helo LX focuses on tracking the activity of your heart. It uses a specific frequency (125 Hz) to track your cardiovascular health (compared to the 35Hz on the original Helo). Specific things tracked by the Helo LX include blood pressure, ECG, heart rate, breath rate, mood, and fatigue. You can also do a “Heart Check” to assess the overall health of your heart.

The Helo LX wearable was launched in December 2016 by American multilevel marketing company World Media & Technology Corp (which also calls itself “Wor(l)d”. The company claims to have projected sales of 1 million Helo units worldwide.

Helo LX was introduced at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The company describes its LX model as “the luxury version of Helo”.

Essentially, this is a higher-priced version of an ordinary wrist-based wearable heart activity tracker. Keep reading to find out if it’s worth your money.

How Does Helo LX Work?

Helo LX is powered by the Toshiba ApP lite processor, which is the same processor found in the original Helo. The processor analyzes data collected by a light sensor, then tracks that data over time to learn more about you.

In the words of the makers of Helo LX, “more measurement you do, more Helo will learn about you.”

Meanwhile, Helo LX tracks your heartbeat in beats per minute. Each measurement lasts 40 seconds. You’ll need to keep your wrist still for the duration of the measurement – so this isn’t a constant on-demand heart rate tracking system.

Similarly, the breath rate measurement takes 40 seconds and is completed by monitoring your wrist.

What about your mood and energy? How does Helo LX track these things? Well, Helo LX’s processor will run all your physiological data through its algorithms to make assumptions about your mood and energy. Again, this scan takes 40 seconds, during which you’ll need to remain motionless.

Helo LX Features

  • Uses 125Hz sensor sampling frequency for maximum accuracy
  • Tracks blood pressure, heart rate, breath rate, mood, and fatigue
  • Can perform ECGs and heart checks
  • Modular, which means you can swap out color bands or buy your germanium-backing separately
  • 5 clip-based color bands available, letting you change the color of your wearable to suit your mood, style, or activity
  • Helo app lets you monitor your cardiovascular data from your mobile device
  • Remotely check the heart health of friends and family using the WeCare app, giving you additional peace of mind
  • Setup an alert system via the Helo app, letting you send an alert to certain friends and family if you’re in trouble
  • Weighs 103g
  • 2.5 x 4 x 1.2cm
  • 120mAh lithium battery
  • BioZen technology. Wor(l)d has a technology called BioZen. It consists of a sticker chip engineered to reduce the harmful effects of “electrosmog”. According to Wor(l)d, all our electronics give out harmful “electrosmog” during use. This problem is largely invisible, but can cause health issues. BioZen purportedly reduces the risks from electromagnetic fields. At a recent Helo LX introduction event, attendees in the audience were given BioZen stickers to place on their phones and electronics.

Helo LX Versus Helo

As mentioned above, the Helo LX is the “luxury” version of the original Helo. It has many aesthetic and material quality improvements over the original, as well as a new frequency range. Here are the major differences between the two models:

  • 125Hz Versus 35Hz: The original Helo used a 35Hz frequency, while the LX uses the 125Hz frequency. Wor(l)d claims this leads to better accuracy in cardiovascular measurements.
  • Smaller ECG Plate on the Bottom: The ECG plate has been reduced and optimized.
  • New Magnetic Charger: The LX model uses a new charger with a magnetic connection.
  • Better Build Materials: The LX features 99.999% pure germanium stone on titanium plates.
  • Color Bands: The LX model uses Color Bands, allowing you to swap out your tracker with different colors. There are 5 new colors in total, including Candy Pink, Ultra Violet, Purple Red, Royal Blue, and Light Blue.

Helo LX Pricing

Today, the wearables market is crowded with devices at all price ranges. You can find waterproof wrist-based cardiovascular/health/fitness trackers for under $200. Helo LX is priced significantly higher than the competition, however. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • Helo LX Box Set: $319 USD
  • Helo LX Family Pack: $1349
  • Helo LX Premium Pack: $1999
  • BioZen Pack of 10: $450
  • BioZen Pack of 30: $1350

The wearable is currently only available to preorder. Estimated shipping is March 2017.

Despite the high price of Helo LX, the app is not included with your purchase. You’ll need to pay a steep monthly subscription fee to use the app and enjoy the full features of Helo LX.

Helo App Pricing

Helo has a “free” version of its app, although it has extremely basic functionality and it expires after 30 days. Once your trial period is over, you’ll need to sign up for the “Helo Pro Plan”.

The Helo Pro Plan gives you unlimited recording time, support for 20 people on your WeCare plan, 3 people on your SOS plan, and Guardian / LifeOracle support.

The Helo Pro Plan is priced at $12 USD per month.

Helo LX Refund and Return Policy

Wor(l)d has an average return policy. You can return your Helo LX within 15 days of delivery for any reason.

Beyond that initial 15 day period, returns are only accepted on unused, original-condition products.

About World Media & Technology Corp.

World Media & Technology Corp, which also does business under the name “Wor(l)d” is a multilevel marketing company founded in 2011. The company is led by CEO Fabio Galdi.

In a press release announcing the launch of Helo LX, Galdi explained that they’re expecting to sell one million Helo units worldwide in 2017. He also explained that the company is planning to list itself “on a major US exchange in 2018”. Official sales figures for the Helo were not released – although the company claims to have ordered 300,000 ApP Lite processors from Toshiba in the last 6 months.

Wor(l)d is headquartered in Miami and maintains 15 offices worldwide. The company was founded in 2011.

According to the Wor(l)d About page, the company is “a leading player in the drive towards a more economically stable, socially connected world”, and is “a leader in the global markets of media, mobile and wearable technologies.”

Essentially, Wor(l)d is an MLM that has chosen to focus on the wearable niche.

Should You Buy Helo LX?

Helo LX, at $320, is priced significantly higher than most other wearables on the market – especially considering that it lacks basic features found on other wearables (like waterproofing and fitness tracking).

Today, you can find powerful heart rate trackers for under $200 available online. These wrist-based monitors continuously monitor your heart rate during activities – whether you’re exercising or sitting on the couch.

With Helo LX, on the other hand, you have to hold your wrist still for 40 (!) seconds while the device tracks your pulse. You can take a faster measurement using your fingers.

For all of these reasons, Helo LX doesn’t appear to be worth the money in a wearable market that’s already too crowded.


  1. The helo lx is a genius device, which will help millions of people around the world. As for the money one can make by sharing this product….well its truly shocking! I believe in this device. I have a entire team of people on my team which believe in it as well. Doctors, nurses, amongst dozens of other people. It takes work. As does anything you make money from doing. Only difference is….with this device, its in the technology world. And is on top of all other wearable technology. Should you purchase this device? Absolutely you should! It has a open api application platform which you will also get paid for peoples downloads down the line. Its a new device. The company will have hickups. But stick with it and build your teams. Because what is coming next is absolutely massive! P.s. to the woman which states this device will not be accurate….you are very wrong. Even the blood pressure is dead on. Apple has been working on a wearable device which did not have to penetrate the skin for many years. They almost got it. But theres still must penetrate the skin. You will see how accurate it is. And you will purchase one. I guarantee it!

  2. This article is not completely accurate! My HELO LX is set to monitor my bio parameters every 30 minutes! I’ve been able to monitor how my blood pressure is doing during times of stress and physical activity, which can’t be done with the traditional blood pressure cuff. When I feel palpitations from my heart, I can run the EKG and actually SEE what is going on with my heart! I also have fibromyalgia, and interestingly when I’m hurting more, my HELO LX has been showing that my body is “tired”. This is great insight for me as pain management is difficult for chronic pain sufferers. Being able to see that my body is tired even if I don’t feel “tired” ties in with the chronic fatigue that Fibro suffer with every day. Incorporating rest periods into my day has decreased my pain level and enabled me to reduce medications.

    I’ve shown the HELO LX to my rheumatologist and she’s excited to learn more! This company is real, or services are superior to anything in the market today, and the ability to refer your own friends and family and earn commission is phenomenal!

  3. Is this a real company? I ordered a Helo LX about 6 weeks ago. I can’t contact the company through their website (or any other way) and they don’t answer their phones. I’m about to contact someone because I’m getting the feeling I may have been scammed.

    • This is a real company! So many have been ordered that the shipments are behind several weeks. It will be worth the wait!! I promise. My brother received his two weeks ago after having ordered almost two months prior. It’s kind of like you reserved your Helo. Coming soon I promise.

    • Why you dont ask your Upline. I am 3 times in week in contact with the company and dont have problems. Its also written that helo will be delivered End of May… so dont worry.

      And by the way:
      The comapny is listet as WRMT

      So its a real company…

    • This company is for real. I just got my LX 4 days ago and man do I LOVE it! Just be patient you will get yours. The company is so hot that they are faster than they can make it!

    • Hi
      I also freaked out and thought it’s a scam. Luckily I received my Helo LX 2 days later!! I’m in Australia and ordered in June. Maybe I was just lucky.
      So far I love it but think some advertising is misleading

  4. This device is revolutionary and a need for millions of people. Blood pressure is known as the silent killer, well with the Helo u can monitor it constantly. And the glucose monitor is a blessing for many that prick their figure every single day. Grab some start promoting to those that need them it could save someone’s life.

  5. What a waste of money, why would you need to check your health status every time? You can give this to your relatives who cannot afford to go to the hospital, those who are bed ridden who need home care. Otherwise if you’re healthy who works everyday, then you don’t need this expensive ripoff gadget. Multi level marketing sucks..

    • Be happy that you dont have problems with your sugar level, hearth or blood pressure. Its a gift for all peoples like me who are sick.

  6. I completely agree that this article does not show the full picture. It is more than just a heart monitor. It can do a full EKG/ECG, also can check your blood pressure, BPM/Heart rate, It didn’t mention the new features that will be coming this year. Like blood oxygen levels, Body temperature readings, Blood Sugar levels, Blood Alcohol Levels, Mosquito Shield.

    It also didn’t mentioned that you can share the data with your health care provider, it didn’t mentioned that it has a panic button, and emergency notification. As you can see the HELO LX is more than a heart monitor system. This is not a fitness tracking device. Actually the fitbit I currently have only does heart rate, step counter, calories burnt and exercise tracking. It does not monitor my health.

    • I’m sorry. I have been a diabetic for 34 years
      The only precise way to measure sugar levels is via an under the skin sensor. If they are using sweat glands to measure bg/ml, then they can be waaaay off. As much as 20-40%. For some that can mean death or a great trip to the hospital with a spell of DKA. I think it’s pretty bold to make a claim that real people with this disease know the differences. I’m not saying that for some this won’t be a great thing. But if you really care about people you better be informative and knowledgeable.

      • There are always disclosures that this does not take the place of modern medicine and should always check with your doctor. It’s just another source in your overall health..


  7. I like to know if still vantage to buy the helo classic, now that the helo lx ? Is the lx much better, somebody was selling me a new on the box unopened helo classic for USB 130. I am new on this and please someone please respond me.

    • If you are wanting the classic for the features, it will work, but if you are wanting to benefit from the business, best to purchase LX. LX is upgraded to take more samples within an assessment period making it more accurate. My classic is pretty accurate though. I do not have my LX yet.

    • I would say it would depend on your needs. If the current helo classic features are satisfactory with the price, it should be a good deal. The helo classic was a free promotional gift for family pack and premium pack that ended on March 1st 2017.

      Difference of helo classic and helo lx as below:
      1) helo classic uses 35hz sensor while helo lx uses 125hz sensor making lx more accurate
      2) new design with exchangeable bands as an option depending on which package chosen
      3) helo classic uses clip on charging while helo lx uses magnetic charging
      4) helo classic is no longer available for purchase from worldgn.
      5) worldgn has new features coming out in the future: blood glucose (Q4 2017), blood oxygen, blood temperature, pregnancy & fertility, heart attack alert, alcohol level in blood, heat stroke, mosquito shield. There has been no confirmation where helo classic or helo lx requires a simple firmware update to be able to use those features or only applicable to the next generation helo. If new features are of importance, I would place my bet on helo lx on a more advanced sensor.

      WorldGN is running on a network marketing platform. To get a helo, one needs to register and purchase online with a sponsor (referrer). Free user not interested in the business can use the helo app to monitor himself/herself and one other person along with one person to SOS (2 click on panic button to send sms and email of current GPS location). For those who wish to monitor family and friends or wants to be involved in the business, a monthly US$59 loyalty membership is applicable. They can monitor up to 20 people and have 3 persons to SOS. The loyalty membership is rewarding and worth more than what is cost in details.

      Hope the above helps.

  8. This article doesn’t tell the full story of the device. I own one and it is great. I get automatic readings every 120 minutes without me having to sit around for 40 second to wait one like the author likes to claim.

    This device is able to remotely detect inconsistencies in the vital signs of a loved one, what that means is you have the capabilities of knowing about something like a major heart attack occurring before it happens.

    You can not put a price on piece of mind.

    We also have a non invasive blood glucose estimator which is going to coming into place in Q4 this year. So much is in the pipeline it is unbelievable


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