Wild Growth – Healthy Hair Growth Oil System & Company?


Wild Growth is a company that focuses on nurturing any extremely dry hair texture, but is specifically formulated to meet the needs of African and mixed-race hair.

This formula is mostly based on different types of hydrating serums to reintroduce the strength your hair needs.

What Is Wild Growth?

African hair has yet to become a part of the mainstream hair care industry, which may make it difficult for you to learn more about the many different companies that offer products.

Most of the companies don’t have any products that handle your hair texture, while some stores don’t even cater to that type at all. Luckily, you can stop searching if you choose a product from Wild Growth.

Wild Growth has been around for over 30 years, and they call themselves “pioneers,” when it comes to their advances in African hair oils. These oils are meant to naturally stimulate hair growth in different types of hair textures for all ages, like:

  • Black/African
  • African Mix
  • Asian
  • European
  • Indian
  • Middle Eastern
  • Native American
  • Central/South American

Unfortunately, the wrong type of care for your hair can mean major damage. Unlike other hair textures, your hair is brittle and dry, which puts you at risk for breakage and loss, even if you’re just brushing it after a hot shower.

By using the right products, you can preserve your hairline with any style. However, you need to use it the right way. Read on below to find out how to incorporate these products into your routine.

How to Use the Hair Growth System by Wild Growth

If you want to get the most benefits out of the products by Wild Growth, you should follow the system accurately each time you wash your hair. You go through three different steps – shampooing, sealing, and texturing.

When you first step into the shower, you will be shampooing your hair. You will need to mix in about five drops of the Light Oil moisturizer to activate the chemicals in the amount of shampoo you’re using.

The oil helps to protect the hair from chemicals that can try out the hair from the follicle, which is necessary to the health of your hair.

The next part of the process involves sealing in the moisture. You will need to add another five to 15 drops of the moisturizer on your wet hair, but this stage does not require you to rinse it out.

Instead, you activate a process called “Controlled Drying,” in which your hair is prevented from the breakage that often occurs when wet. However, when you protect your hair, much less comes out while it is brushed.

The last step is texturizing your hair. You’ll towel dry your hair after the last step, and apply the main Hair Oil to your hair and scalp, giving the follicles the attention they need as well.

This step makes it easier to brush and style your hair, while protecting it from tools that use head to set your style. If you use a blow dryer, flat iron, or other tool, you can apply more of the Light Oil moisturizer to soothe the dry texture.

If you follow this regimen, you do a lot more than take care of your hair. You protect it from the damage that your dry hair is already at risk for during any type of styling. It also helps to strengthen each strand, so you don’t end up with broken hairs when you are trying to detangle it.

Pricing for the Wild Growth Products

All of the products offered by Wild Growth are priced differently on the websites they are listed on.

Most of the options are priced at around $9 a piece, offering a small discount when you purchase the items in bundles.

Where to Buy Wild Growth Products

Unfortunately, the Wild Growth products are not available for purchase from the brand’s website directly.

Instead, you will find it at a third-party retailer that is authorized to sell it. Some of the eligible companies have online stores, while others are at a physical location. You can purchase these products from:

  • com
  • Sally Beauty
  • Luxe Beauty Supply
  • Ergode
  • Texas Beauty Supply
  • com
  • eBay
  • Sears
  • Gigi Beauty Supply
  • com
  • Bizrate
  • Mike’s Beauty Supply
  • Beauty Health for Life
  • My Beauty Mart
  • com
  • House of Beauty
  • Impulse Beauty Supply
  • ShopHairwigs
  • MHO (My Hair Online)
  • com
  • com
  • Mountain Beauty Supply
  • Beso
  • com
  • Maxx Beauty Supply
  • Hit Beauty
  • Ensley Beauty Supply

This is not a complete list of stores, but you are able to purchase the products at many locations. Your shipping fees and taxes will be determined by each one.

Contacting Wild Growth Products

This company is all about catering to your specific hair needs, but you may still have some questions about the brand or the application. Luckily, the customer service department can be reached by phone or by email.

If you decide to call the company directly for answers, you can speak to them at 888-945-3476. However, the company doesn’t list the hours of operation, so you may still have to email your inquiries. To send the company a message electronically, you can email [email protected].

Wild Growth Review Summary

Wild Growth is all about creating a safe and healthy environment for hair growth. Your hair texture is unique, but that doesn’t mean you should have to suffer the embarrassment of hair loss.

When you add the hydration and soothing vitamins that are contained within these oils, you take your hair to an entirely new level. Wild Growth is the perfect brand for renewing your lost moisture.

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