Wider Smiles: At Home Teeth Whitening Pen, Tray & Powder Kit?


Wider Smiles is a company that offers multiple products that help consumers to get a brighter and whiter smile from home. The treatments do not yet have an opportunity for consumers to make a purchase.

What Is Wider Smiles?

Whether someone is a man or a woman, their smile matters. Someone uses a smile when they meet new people, express their happiness, and for many other reasons. That is one of the many reasons why dental hygiene cannot be ignored. While most people take the time to brush their teeth once or twice a day, their eating and lifestyle habits can cause staining on the enamel of teeth. Many dentists have their patients come in for optional whitening treatment, but those participants are subjected to limited office hours and the schedule of other patients. Wider Smiles lets consumers do this treatment from home instead, avoiding the need to schedule.

Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening Kit does not offer much information on the website, so there may be other content added at a later date. Luckily, consumers can gather that they have multiple product options to fit their particular needs. By whitening teeth at home, participants can still relax and work around their own obligations, like work or social engagements. Plus, keeping the products readily available at home helps them to have whitening performed when they need it with little notice.

Read on below to learn about the products available.

Components Of Wider Smiles

There are three main sets of products that consumers will get with the home system, which are:

  • The teeth whitening pen
  • The teeth whitening powder
  • The teeth whitening tray

The teeth-whitening pen is the most compact and mobile of the different products. It provides the ability to basically “paint” on the whitening serum. The pen has a convenient cap, which makes it a necessity to bring along for spontaneous whitening while away from home, or as a travel-sized product.

The teeth whitening powder comes with a toothbrush, implying that this type of treatment works in the same way as someone brushing their teeth. However, instead of a toothpaste that has whitening features, consumers brush their teeth with a powder that is massaged against the enamel, helping to break down any buildup over the teeth.

The teeth whitening tray is part of a kit that is probably the most similar to what is used at a dentist’s office. Consumers get trays that will fit over their top and bottom jaw during the whitening session. Due to the limited content available, it is difficult to determine if this treatment can be combined with one of the others.

Since none of these products have instructions on the website, consumers will not know how much time to leave remedy on, or the full extent of the process that they need to take. Additionally, the website does not include any information about the ingredients involved, so the results are unpredictable, at best.

Getting The Wider Smiles Products

Right now, the website does not provide an opportunity to actually make a purchase quite yet. If someone is interested in the product, they will need to put down their email address for now. After that step, the consumer is only taken to a “thank you” page, which offers the same details as the page before.

Consumers will need to wait to get an email to find out more details about ordering and to learn about pricing. However, there is a chance that these details simply are not available on the website right now, so it would be wise to check back at a later date.

Contacting The Wider Smiles

With limited information online, some consumers may want to learn more details about the product. The customer service team should be reachable by phone or email, but there is no phone number listed on the website.

Luckily, consumers can still send an email to [email protected].

Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening Kit Conclusion

Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening Kit may offer treatments that make the whitening process easy for home use, but the limited details online make it difficult to figure out exactly what consumers need to know. There is no opportunity to make a purchase, learn the price, or even learn about the ingredients involved. However, consumers may learn other details by checking back on the website or signing up to order later.

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