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Drop shipping is rapidly becoming one of the most profitable and cost effective methods for marketing, selling and shipping products online.

Traditional online retail practices involve purchasing wholesale products in bulk through a supplier-wholesaler relationship, carrying a large amount of risk through speculation with no guarantee that you will sell the products you have ordered.

Drop shipping revolutionizes the online retail method- instead of purchasing products in advance, customers purchase items from your platform and a third party manages the fulfilment process, with no risk on your end.

Drop shipping has become extremely popular for a wide range of goods typically sold online, from electronics to homewares and more, but until now there have been no dedicated drop shipping platforms that service the highly popular and profitable fitness, supplement and anabolics market.

Body Wholesale is a new and highly effective steroids wholesaler focusing on delivering authentic products at the best prices with a bulletproof fulfillment system.

In this article we’ll analyze the benefits of the Body Wholesale platform to help you decide whether joining Body Wholesale is the right choice for you.

About Body Wholesale

With over ten years of experience in the fitness supplement, anabolic and steroid industry, Body Wholesale offer an ironclad guaranteed lowest wholesale price worldwide.

Fulfilling more than 100,000 packages per annum, Body Wholesale are one of the largest and most reliable suppliers in the marketplace.

With global 72 hour shipping, Body Wholesale operate the largest network of anabolic distributors on the planet, with guaranteed delivery available through exclusive insurance option.

Body Wholesale offer a full range of products through some of the most highly respected and quality brands available, such as Alpha-Pharma, Meditech, Lifetech-Labs, Thaiger-Pharma, British Dispensary, Organon, LA-Pharma, Atlas, Unigen and more.

With a catalog that carries over 200 verified references, and contracts of exclusivity through some of the most popular brands available, Body Wholesale is a marketplace leader in anabolic products.

Some of the largest online shopping sites have been working with Body Wholesale for several years, and with no need for new partners to store and maintain stock, no staffing requirements, and no expensive packaging and logistics costs, Body Wholesale offer a completely risk-free and proven model.

Should You Join Body Wholesale?

Many drop shipping suppliers that focus on other industries have ongoing order commitments or size requirements for organisations joining them.

Body Wholesale is extremely well suited to smaller retailers with gross incomes of less than $10,000 USD monthly due to a “springboard effect” that occurs when joining Body Wholesale.

Body Wholesale does not discriminate between smaller and larger retailers, providing the same tools and pricing to all members unilaterally.

With many examples of businesses that have joined Body Wholesale with sub-$10,000 monthly revenue quickly growing in size and exceeding $100,000 USD monthly turnovers, Body Wholesale provides an excellent growth platform for smaller operators.

Larger organisations, however, with turnovers above $200,000 USD monthly revenue are also able to benefit greatly from the Body Wholesale platform.

As the size of your organisation grows, operational costs increase accordingly. Outsourcing costs, high level analytics, professional logistics networks, unqualified labor costs and other operational fees are greatly reduced by employing the drop shipping methods available through Body Wholesale, further increasing margins and offering an overall increase in revenue.

Body Wholesale maintains a stringent selection process in their reseller program in order to maintain a high level of permanent quality, accepting only verifiable recommendations and websites that sit within theme.

Selective approval of both brands and resellers allows Body Wholesale to deliver the highest quality reseller program available in the anabolic market.

How Does Body Wholesale Work?

The process of managing customer orders through the Body Wholesale reseller program is streamlined, simple and easy.

Customers purchase products through your website, which are then entered into an online private Body Wholesale spreadsheet.

Customer delivery information such as address and contact information are entered along with order details, with the cost of the order automatically deducted from your Body Wholesale balance.

Stock status is updated automatically via the same online spreadsheet, and from the point of order all logistics and fulfilment is managed and ensured by Body Wholesale, taking the complication and stress out of the distribution chain process.

Stocks are viewable and updated via Body Wholesale in real time, allowing members to see instantly which products are and aren’t in stock.

Stock references that have a high index of rotation through the reseller network are typically available in larger amounts, with minimum rotation stock available in smaller amounts, with quantities occasionally limited.

Pricing is determined by the reseller, but Body Wholesale provide a generalized price found on demand.

As a general rule of thumb resellers most often agree to the advised price to remain competitive.

Unlike other drop shipping platforms, there is no minimum purchase amount, and no targets to adhere to.

Pricing through Body Wholesale is determined by sale volume, classified into four separate strata of pricing, with the highest sales volume delivering the lowest purchase prices.

The entire Body Wholesale platform is white label, with no customer relationship between the reseller program and the customer.

The only mandatory contact point between Body Wholesale and the customer is contact and delivery information, required for the distribution carrier to contact the customer in case of delivery issues. There is no contact between Body Wholesale and your customer at any point.

Commission rates for resellers are dependent on selected product types, manufacturers and your own website.

The typical margin for most resellers working with Body Wholesale is between 75% and 150% from the purchase price.

Body Wholesale Review Summary

Body Wholesale delivers a balanced, structured and cost effective platform for multiplying your overall ROI and generating fast growth while simultaneously removing supply chain and fulfilment complications, increasing margins and profitability.

As the only online retailer that delivers consistent and reliable anabolic products with guaranteed delivery within 24 hours, Body Wholesale is the foremost reseller program peptides, HGH, anabolics, testosterone and more.

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