Burger Express – Silicone Tray For Perfectly Shaped Hamburgers?


The burger has been a culinary standby of the human race since it’s invention. The origins of the burger are a controversial topic of discussion, but most sources point to the etymological roots of the burger beginning in the German city of Hamburg at the beginning of the 20th century. While the name of the burger has European origins, general consensus points to the burger as uniquely American invention, with the first documented reference to the food we know as the modern hamburger published in an 1884 edition of the Boston Journal.

The oldest culinary reference to the burger is found in the menu of a then-popular Lower Manhattan restaurant called Delmonico’s, offering an 11-cent “Hamburg Steak” created by American chef Charles Ranhofer. White Castle was the first major vendor of hamburgers in the world, followed by Big Boy, McDonalds, and then Wendys. McDonald’s is now the largest retailer of burgers in the world, attesting to the global popularity of the burger. Despite the controversy around the origins of the burger, cheeseburger or hamburger, the burger is perceived globally to be the defining feature of traditional American cuisine and is synonymous with the United States in the culinary zeitgeist.

Defined as a meat patty held between two buns with trimming such as onion, lettuce, ketchup, cheese, mustard and pickles, the burger exploded in popularity around the world partly due to the industrialization of the food preparation process and a lack of food preparation time in the modern family. With popular burger chain McDonald’s selling one burger every 75 seconds, with a total of 300 billion burgers made and sold in total, the burger is arguably the most popular foodstuff in the world.

While burgers are  popular fast food products that are widely available through hundreds of different restaurants throughout the United States, they are commonly an unhealthy solution and rich in sugars, saturated fats, chemical additives, preservatives and GMO foodstuffs that can have a negative impact on long term health. One of the best ways to enjoy a traditional American burger with none of the associated health risks is by creating tasty, nutritious and healthy burgers at home from locally grown organic ingredients. Assembling all of the required ingredients for a burger is generally easy, with the exception of the creation of burger patties.

Cooking burgers from scratch at home can be a frustrating process, with the creation of the burger patty the most difficult aspect of any burger recipe. A breakthrough product, however, has recently been made available to consumers that streamlines the process of creating perfect burger patties every time without the hassle, mess and difficulty of traditional burger patty preparation. Called the Burger Express, this revolutionary product allows prospective burger chefs to easily create perfect burger patties in the comfort of their own homes. In this article we’ll provide a detailed analysis of the Burger Express to help you decide whether it’s a worthwhile addition to your kitchen tool arsenal.

What is the Burger Express?

The Burger Express is a groundbreaking new tool for creating burger patties at home that consists of a 100% BPA free silicone tray that allows users to create mouth watering, delicious burgers quickly and easily in a wide variety of different flavours. Quickly and easily creating eight burgers at the same time, the Burger Express removes the stress and difficulty from the burger creation process, and doubles as a storage device for unused patties, locking in freshness for later use. Creating burgers with the Burger Express is as simple as filling the tray with your desired burger ingredients, placing the lid on top, and pushing down to form the patties.

A notable standout feature of the Burger Express tray is the fact that it is 100% BPA free. BPA plastics are used in a huge variety of kitchen tools and packaging today, and recent studies have linked these synthetic plastics to a huge amount of illnesses and health disorders. BPA plastics have been demonstrated to have strong links to structural damage in the brain, increased fat formation and obesity, altered or less efficient immune function that causes sustained long term sickness, stimulation of prostate cancer cells, changes in gender specific behavior and even acts as a xenoestrogen, damaging the hormonal balance of the body. The Burger Express burger creation tray is free from any trace of these unwanted BPA plastic elements, allowing consumers to remain confident that their kitchen tools aren’t causing long term health damage.

The Burger Express also has a number of features that make it an extremely convenient tool in the kitchen outside of burger creation. The quick seal function of the Burger Express allows it to be used as a completely airtight and bacterial safe storage vessel for all kinds of leftovers, including rice, stews, soup and chilli. The Burger Express is also 100% dishwasher safe, making cleaning up after burger creation an easy task. Multiple Burger Express trays are also stack-able, allowing users to save space in their refrigerator or freezer.

Burger Express Pricing & Availability

The Burger Express is available from the Burger Express website and is priced at $19.95 USD for a single Burger Express tray. The creators of the Burger Express are currently running a promotion in which interested consumers are offered a “buy one, get one free” deal, reducing the per unit cost for each Burger Express tray to less than $10 USD, making an excellent spare tray or gift for a loved one or family member with the Christmas season coming up soon.

To take advantage of the Burger Express two for one deal, consumers must pay an additional $6.95 USD postage and handling fee. Also shipped with all Burger Express tray orders is a free cookbook that contains easy to follow step by step instructions on creating a huge variety of delicious, nutritious and healthy burgers such as cheddar bacon burgers, black bean and veggie burgers, stuffed pepper and vidalia onion burgers, inside out tacos and more. If you’re looking easiest way to create perfect burgers every time with minimal fuss and effort, the Burger Express is the ultimate in burger preparation technology.

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