Water4 – Global Clean Drinking Water Health Crisis Program?


Water4 is a public charity who strives to help nations of the world solve their individual water crises. To receive more information on ways to donate to their cause, or start a fundraiser of your own, go to their website at Water4.Org.

What Is Water4?

Water4 is an organization whose purpose is to give all people complete access to clean living water. What this means is their passion is to solve the world water crisis. Their mission lives at the crossroads of heart and actions, where their desire to share their faith meets their passion to solve the world water crisis.

Their mission is to end the world water crisis by putting a solution in the hands of local people and by proclaiming the Gospel to those they serve. They train local entrepreneurs to start their own business, drill and maintain their own wells, and bring clean water to their own communities.

To achieve this, they work with strategic local partners where they have a long-term presence to provide clean water. These partners consist of local nationals, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs.

They do not go to the places with water problems, but they train locals to be the solution to their water crisis in their own local communities. They mentor, monitor, train, evaluate and equip locals but do not actually send any teams from the United Sates to install wells.

They plan to get others involved in their enterprise by having them make a donation or start their own fundraisers and share it with their friends and families to raise funds and empower the teams that Water4 has in the field. They believe everyone has their own way they can help Water4 by helping to raise funds for Water4’s cause by doing so in their own business, church, small group, or classes.

Once teams have been selected to partner with Water4, they are given training by Water4 – and a current partner in their country.

Training is usually 2 ½ weeks long and 5-10 people are chosen to participate, with only 5 chosen to continue the program. More training follows in drilling techniques, finances based on Biblical principles, and leadership classes.

This public charity was founded in 2008 for providing at-risk indigenous people access to water. As their approach is implemented in poor areas, the impact is felt immediately, as well as jobs being created and fresh water supply being established. They are active in 15 countries.

How Does Water4 Work?

Though their work is performed in impoverished countries, this charity is located in Oklahoma City. They would like for people to contribute to their work of training, equipping and helping local teams bring clean water to their communities.

There is nowhere you can volunteer, just donate.

Your other choice is to start a fundraiser to donate to Water4. Just sign up to have your own fundraiser by inviting your friends and family to donate too. Around the world, a number of people are using their actions to change lives every day.

If you sign up today, you can build your own fundraiser, and invite your friends to donate and help you change the world. Just sign up on the Water4.Org website to start your fundraiser and contribute to their cause.

You can make a donation on the site. Your donation can transform a life today. Here are the levels:

  • Transform 100 lives with a gift of $2000.00
  • Transform 50 lives with a gift of $1000.00
  • Transform 25 lives with a gift of $500.00
  • Transform 5 lives with a gift of $100.00
  • Transform a life with a gift of $20.00
  • Other Minimum is $5.00

Water4 Products

Though the purpose at Water4.Org is to collect funds to support their cause and to help you set up a fundraiser yourself, they offer the following products for sale to support their efforts and purchase these items to support your fundraising efforts.

All merchandise bears the Water4.Org logo.

  • Water4 Keychain, price $10.00
  • Water4 Decal, price $10.00
  • Water4 Tri-blend T-shirt, (in sizes small to 3X) price: $25.00
  • Water4 On the Go Nalgene Water Bottle, Price: $10.00

Water4 Conclusion

Water4.Org is a public charity whose goal is to eradicate the world’s water crisis. Their goal on their website is to accept donations and encourage people to start their own fundraisers to contribute to Water4.Org and be part of the world’s water crisis solution.

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