Pet owners who have been looking for a way to track their pet’s behavior to help notice health issues or just generally help them stay active will appreciate this new device called the Waggit Collar.

Designed for dogs this device tracks a wide variety of behaviors and activities helping pet owners see what their pet is doing and notice changes that might be indicators of changes in health. Please read below to learn more about Waggit Health Tech and how to purchase through the product’s current Kickstarter campaign.

About Waggit Health Tech Features

Waggit is a smart collar for pets that functions much like a wrist activity tracker does for humans. In addition to tracking activity and sleep the Waggit Collar helps pet owners notice changes in their pet’s behavior which can be indicators of illness or pain.

Health And Well Being Alerts

This feature delivers real time alerts to the pet owner’s cell phone alerting them to changes in their pet’s wellness like changes in body temperature and respiratory rate. Users can also set different health related goals for their pet and get updates when their pet has achieved these goals like levels of activity helping keep them fit and healthy.

Resting Vitals

Overtime the Waggit collar starts to recognize what are normal vitals for each dog. By tracking vital signs like heart rate, body temperature, and respiratory rate the Waggit system will help pet owners see their pet’s vitals at a quick glance helping them notice changes which can be signs of poor health. If something seems out of the ordinary with resting vitals the Waggit collar ill automatically send a notice to the synced cell phone.

Body Positions

Sleeping positions can be great indicators of a dog’s health or what may be causing them pain. By using the Waggit collar pet owners will be able to see daily body position charts helping track how their pet chooses to sleep and rest helping to reveal potential health conditions.

Sleep Quality

Just like humans, when dogs do not feel well their sleep can be significantly affected. This feature gives great insight into if a dog is restless at night what may be causing the discomfort. And just like activity trackers the Waggit Collar keeps track of hours and minutes of deep sleep as well as periods of wakefulness.

Safety Assurance

This feature tracks pets using GPS technology and is perfect for helping to find a lost pet. Additionally this feature allows pet owners to set a virtual fence on a map and receive alerts when their pet has crossed those boundaries.

Activity And Bonding

Physical activity is important to help pets stay healthy and support a well-functioning cardiovascular system as well as keep weight within normal ranges.


Pet owners can use this feature to track their dog’s intake of calories and compare it to their daily calories burned allowing them to adjust serving sizes according to fitness levels.

Waggit Health Tech Pricing

As with most Kickstarter Campaigns there are a variety of options when it comes to backing a product as well as certain tier benefits depending on pledge amount.

Consumers who just want to show support for the Waggit can pledge a minimum amount of $10.00 which will give them exclusive updates for backers online.

For a minimum pledge of $189.00 backers can receive a Waggit collar plus six months of service subscription. By backing at this level consumers will save 33% off the normal retail price. The color and size will be specified after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

Pledges of $339.00 will receive two Waggit collars along with six months service subscription for each collar. Consumers who want a larger quantity of Waggit collars can pledge $549.00 to receive three collars with six months service subscription and pledges of $729.00 will receive four collars plus the six months service subscription.

Cellular subscription will cost an additional $4.99 per month after the six month initial service period ends.

Waggit Health Tech Review Summary

Currently this product is being backed at a significant level. The Waggit Kickstarter Campaign has forty nine days left and they have raised $84,757 of their $25,000 goal. Further details are available through the Waggit Kickstarter campaign page.


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