Vixole – Customizable Smart E-Sneaker Footwear Technology?


Vixole is the future of footwear. Next-level customization by way of LED screens is what makes these futuristic shoes all the craze. Put these on, and you’ll never want to take them off.

The Future of Shoes

No clothing expresses a individuals personal style and taste more than their footwear.

This one article of clothing is the is what usually distinguishes us from other people we may be sharing space with.

So many things can be expressed about a person given the type of footwear they sport. People will be able to tell if a person is classy, if they are clean, if they hop on trends, if their an athlete, or if they simply do not care about their physical appearance.

It’s as if one glance at someone’s shoes can offer you a peak into their psyche. Freaky stuff when you think about it.

Given that so much can be expressed by choice of footwear, even more is about to be revealed since the industry is allowing for increasing levels of customization.

For a while now, companies such as Nike has offered their customer to customize their shoes right down to the color and overall design.

Although that is really cool and offers their customers with pride that they had a hand in the design, what one company is doing totally blows this feature by Nike completely out of the water.

Customization is about to get a lot more interesting. Giving people a more detailed look at other people’s particular taste and psychology.

The name of this shoe is Vixole.

About Indiegogo Vixole

Ok, so you’re scrolling through Indiegogo just trying to see what interesting businesses are looking for money and you come across Vixole.

The name is intriguing, so you decide to take a closer look to see what they have to offer. Upon you search, you watch a brief video on the product. This two-minute video leaves your jaw agape by the time the two minutes are up.

This will very closely be everyone’s experience when they visit the Vixole page on

Why would people be so stunned when they see a video of a shoe? Because, this shoe is just a glimpse of what the future holds.

Vixole is a customizable mid-top E-sneaker. The phrase E-sneaker may be lost upon some, that’s because the phrase didn’t even exist until now.

This E-sneaker has the ability to personalize their footwear with unique designs, animations, and photos in real time.

Even that last statement doesn’t quite capture what Vixole can do. Imagine changing the wallpaper on your phone. But imagine that being done on your shoe. Got it?

Why is this so innovative and important? Because never before has a shoe, or any article of clothing for that matter, been this customizable. Just imagine the possibilities.

These shoes can be used by social activist to spread their message, fans of virtually anything, or just another way for people to express themselves. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Seeing the capabilities of Vixole may have people wondering just how these shoes work. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Vixole Breakdown

The Vixole shoe takes something very intricate and complicated and makes it easy to use for consumers.

All people need to enjoy the benefits of Vixole is a smartphone. That’s it.

After going to the Vixole marketplace, users will be able to use their interface to either choose a pre-made design or create their own. Whatever floats their boat.

There’s a LED screen built into the back of the shoe, this is where all designs will populate once they are selected by the owner. Don’t worry about getting this area wet, Vixole is water resistant.

Of course, with a shoe like this, charging is something that will need to be done on a regular basis. But charging these shoes are easier than charging a phone. All people have to do is place he shoes on the wireless charging port and enjoy 8 hours of battery life in 2 hours.

Indiegogo Vixole Review Summary

The beautiful thing about this shoe is that everything you can possibly imagine it doing, it actually does. Which goes to show how much time and attention went into its development.

Vixole can do things like track steps for those who want to watch their weight. It’s motion interactive, meaning it responds in like fashion to whatever activity you engage in. Likewise, it also responds in like fashion to sound, making it even more amazing.

Since the shoe pairs with smartphones it also can notify its wearers of calls and text messages. The futuristic shoe doesn’t stop there.

It also can navigate, and be used in AR/VR games, which makes it a perfect shoe for the times we now live in.

In short, this shoe is absolutely amazing and is long over-do given all other technological advancements we’ve made recently. The shoe will make for a great gift for anyone that owns and knows how to operate a smartphone.

This Shoe has Sole

Vixole is truly an amazing product.

This shoe does any and everything. From navigating your steps all the way to responding to the music you play.

Listen, when this thing hits the mainstream, you’re going to wish you were one of the first to have it. Don’t wait, purchase this life-altering item now.


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