Freshly Picked – Soft Soled Shoes For A Healthy Spine?


Being a parent is extremely hard. Parenthood is definitely worth any problems and challenges that they face on a daily basis, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s hard. Not only do parents have to figure out how to keep a little human alive, but they have to do it while trying to navigate all the ins and outs of car seats, strollers, diapers, and daycares. More and more these days, parents have to deal with everything, plus the constant judgement from other parents who might think differently than them.

Because parenthood is so difficult, if there is a way, even a tiny way, to make life a little bit easier, parents jump at the opportunity. And one of the small struggles that happens to parents daily and could change how they go about their days would be fixing the shoe and sock problem. Parents often want their children to have covered feet, whether they’re walking or not. It makes complete sense. Tiny feet get cold and no one wants to expose their children’s feet to the germs and dirt out in the world.

Here’s where the problem arises when it comes to covering little feet. The first and most obvious solution is to put little socks on babies. They’re soft and protective, but not restrictive, perfect for babies who aren’t walking yet. However, socks are notorious for falling off at the most inopportune moments. Parents will get halfway through shopping before realizing that at some point in the last thirty minutes, one sock fell off.

Since socks are so obnoxious, parents next turn to baby or toddler shoes. But these shoes are extremely restrictive, causing small, soft feet to be obstructed from moving the way they should. For parents who constantly struggle with what option to use for their children’s little feet, the solution would ideally be something that crosses the flexibility of a sock with the support of a shoe. This is why moccasins are a perfect solution.

Freshly Picked didn’t create moccasins, shoes that have been worn throughout history. However, Freshly Picked did perfect them, making them just right for little feet. Using flexible, warm leather, Freshly Picked is able to provide parents with shoes that go on and stay on, but without restricting movement.

About Freshly Picked

As is the case with some of the best inventions in the world, Freshly Picked was created out of a need of a parent. Susan Peterson had two children and was tired of dealing with the poorly designed shoes being offered for babies. However, she wanted to offer her children more support than typically comes with baby socks. So, she decided to redesign one of the oldest shoe styles in history, the moccasin.

Freshly Picked was started with a bag of leftover leather and hours of grueling work over a kitchen table. While it took a lot of hard work, saving, and scrimping, Susan Peterson finally came up with a moccasin that looked fashionable, stayed on little feet, and gave children the flexibility they need when starting to walk. Over the years, Freshly Picked moccasins have changed designs about six times, making the shoes more flawlessly designed, so children across the globe can enjoy the comfort and flexibility of beautiful moccasins.

Since Freshly Picked was started in 2009, it has become a go-to shoe source for parents of all different walks of life. Because the moccasins are so affordable, parents are thrilled to be able to have a durable, flexible shoe option for their children. However, because of their stylish designs and comfort, even the rich and famous are flocking to Freshly Picked. And that’s one of the reasons Freshly Picked moccasins are so well-loved. Every parent, no matter their lot in life, wants to give their children the best. And for comfortable, flexible, but durable shoes, Freshly Picked offers the best of the best.

Even though Freshly Picked started out by offering baby moccasins for those under the age of four, parents kept begging for more shoe options, so their older children could continue wearing the comfortable, fashionable, and durable shoes. Due to popular demand, Freshly Picked has grown its product line to now include hard soled shoes for children over the shoe size seven. Now Freshly Picked shoes can be worn from infancy up until about six years old, making it the perfect brand for parents of children of varying ages.

What Makes Freshly Picked Different

The biggest benefit of Freshly Picked moccasins is that they are a shoe option that were designed specifically for little feet. Many baby shoe companies try to make shoes that are made of the same materials as adult shoes. However, the small, soft feet of babies and children have different needs than adults. These children are learning to crawl and walk, which means they need to have certain amount of flexibility. Just as important, often these babies can’t control if their shoes stay on or fall off, so they need to be able to stay on a foot securely, without being too tight or uncomfortable.

Freshly Picked is able to offer parents and children exactly what they need when it comes to shoes by taking a different approach to baby and children shoes. By making the moccasins out of soft leather, Freshly Picked is able to provide parents with a soft, flexible shoe that moves the way little, learning feet move. However, despite being flexible and comfortable, the shoes are also extremely durable. Native Americans used to walk for miles in their moccasins, and Freshly Picked harnesses this durability in its moccasins, so they don’t wear out as fast as other baby shoes.

Just as annoying as losing one sock or shoe is having to constantly purchase bigger shoe sizes because babies and children are notorious for growing much faster than their parents want. Often, children shoes are designed to be worn for a month or two, because they’re made of materials that are too inflexible.

However, Freshly Picked moccasins mold to the feet and because they’re made from leather, they’re able to stretch as the foot grows. While the moccasins will eventually need to be replaced, parents will often find they can keep a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins for months, instead of having to upgrade every few weeks.

Finally, Freshly Picked moccasins are so different from other options on the market because they weren’t just made to be comfortable, durable, and flexible, they were made to be stylish. Nothing is more fun than dressing up a child in little outfits that bring out their personality. Shoes should be just the same, which is why Freshly Picked moccasins are all made to be extremely fashionable. From plain, classic brown moccasins to dyed leather and fun designs, Freshly Picked is able to offer something for every child.

Products Sold by Freshly Picked

As mentioned above, Freshly Picked has increased its product line exponentially in recent years, offering more options to parents who are looking for the perfect shoe solution for their children. All of these options, plus the collections offered by Freshly Picked, can be found on the company website (

Some of the categories that are available from Freshly Picked include:

– Soft Soles

– Newborn

– Hard Soles

– Cleaning Kits

For those who are unsure what size their child needs, Freshly Picked also provides a sizing guide. Due to the flexibility of Freshly Picked moccasins, it’s suggested that parents measure their child’s feet from heel to big toe, and if the baby is at an in-between size, go with the smaller size.


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