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In a world of smartphones, smart watches, smart fridges and smart pushbikes, Digisole is taking integrated electronics to the next level by offering the world’s first smart shoe. Offering a range of high tech digital footwear and shoe accessories, Digisole mashes the fitness wearable and high performance footwear industries together to provide runners with never before seen connectivity and interactivity to track their performance and well being, offer more comfort, and prevent injuries and fatigue.

In this article we’ll take a close look at the design and philosophy behind the Digisole range, as wella s providing a comprehensive breakdown of the construction and features of their flagship products to help you decide whether the world’s first digital shoe is right for you.

What is Digisole?

Digisole offers a revolutionary new design in connected footwear. Digisole Footwear offers bluetooth connected fitness tracking, in shoe heating, calorie tracking, automatic tightening and shock absorption managed through a connected app for both Android and iOS. Digisole technology is available in either complete footwear packages integrated into two different shoe models, or as insole inserts that can be placed inside of a wide variety of regular footwear.

Digisole Products

The flagship product of the Digisole range is their Smartshoe 001 digital sneaker. The Smartshoe 001 has a variety of high tech functions that revolutionize the footwear industry. The Smartshoe 001 offers lace free automatic tightening that automatically adjusts to and tightens around the user’s feet, controlled by either the Digisole app or via voice control. Connecting to a smartphone via on board Bluetooth, the Smartshoe 001 incorporates a built in accelerometer to maintain a precise count of the steps taken by the user and is far more accurate than a traditional pedometer. The accelerometer function works in tandem with a custom shock absorption system to measure and inform the wearer of the impact of the feet upon the ground.

Also built into the the Smartshoe 001 is an in-shoe heating system with smart temperature control. The heating system can warm the shoe up to a maximum of 113° F (45° C), and once the interior of the Smartshoe 001 has reached the desired temperature, the heating elements will shut down to conserve battery life. The Smartshoe 001 uses a Lithium Ion battery which is long lasting and is charged wirelessly via an induction charging system that doesn’t require any cables or connections to the shoe- simply place the Smartshoe 001 upon the charging platform and it will begin recharging the internal battery. Each battery is rated for a minimum of 500 recharges before replacement is required.

Digisole also offer a more casually-styled footwear solution in their Warmin’ Sneakers. The Digisole Warmin’ Sneakers offer similar functions to the Smartshoe 001 in a more contemporary package, including the step-tracking accelerometer technology. The Warmin’ Sneakers are water resistant and are designed to operate in wet and damp urban environments. Secured to the feet with traditional laces, the Warmin’ Sneakers don’t include the Digisole automatic tightening system, but retain the onboard heating system that can keep your feet warm up to 113° F (45° C). Charged with a traditional USB connector and wall plug, the Warmin’ Sneakers charge in 2 hours and have similar battery capacity to the Smartshoe 001, with over 500 recharges in the battery life.

The Warmin’ Sneakers are constructed primarily of full grain leather, rubber and PVA, weigh approximately 1.87 pounds and are available in sizes EUR 36 to 47. Designed with comfort in mind, the Warmin’ Sneakers can also be controlled via the Digisole app to accurately track the steps and GPS location of the wearer.

Digisole also offer two different insole inserts for users that want the convenience and capabilities of the Digisole range but want control over their choice of footwear. The first insole product, the Warm Series, are the world’s first heated insole. The Warm Series is designed to fit within almost every shoe size and type, and are constructed from a sturdy but flexible material that optimize the natural movement of the feet. The Warm Series insole offers similar measurement and tracking functions to the Digisole footwear products, as well as providing arch support to restore natural foot function and gait. The Warm Series also offers in shoe heating regulated by smart sensors and controlled by the Digisole app.

The second insole product from Digisole is their Run Profiler insole. The Run Profiler assist fitness enthusiasts, athletes and everyday shoe wearers in enhancing their performance, understanding their body behaviour, and by helping runners asses their running profile. The Run Profiler insole records information on the impact of the shoe on the ground, accurate step tracking and GPS information and stores it on an onboard memory which is retrieved when the user syncs their Run Profiler insole with their smartphone. The Run Profiler is designed to provide comprehensive feedback on the individual running style and activity of the runner, providing advanced biomechanical analysis that helps wearers identify potential injury sources.

Digisole’s Run Profiler insole can even help wearers reduce fatigue and extend the length of their running sessions through posture analysis that improves the form of the runner. The Digisole Run Profiler is constructed from flexible neotech and soft touch PU to fit in a variety of shoe types and can store up to ten hours of data before being synced with a mobile device. The lithium ion battery of the Run Profiler is charged via a provided USB cable and the entire insole is water resistant so users can keep tracking running data in wet environments.

Pricing & Availability

The Digisole product range can be viewed on the Digisole website, and although Digisole products can’t be purchased at this point in time the full range of information and tech specs can be viewed. Digisole plans to make their Smartshoe 001 and other footwear solutions available in Winter 2016, and the Digisole Smartshoe 001’s are expected to retail for around $450 USD. With many sneakerheads worldwide feverishly anticipating their release, Digisole is set to revolutionize the footwear industry.

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