Skin care solutions these days have become extremely advanced. Owing to the fact that scientists have been able to isolate ‘collagen compounds’ that can extend the life of our skin, it has become easier to ward of aging.

However, one has to be careful of what serums or creams one is using. This is because with recent evidence coming out, it is becoming increasing clear that many compounds being used in today’s skin solutions are harmful in the long run.

Trials have shown that small macro/nano sized particles start to seep into our epidermal layers and thus start to accumulate within certain regions in our bodies. This not only causes the skin to start ageing more rapidly, but it also starts to cause various toxin and bacterial infections in our bodies.

To counter these aforementioned issues, many specialists have recommended the use of natural creams and solutions. These products are generally crafted in accordance with traditional medicinal formulas, that are not only highly potent but also completely biocompatible.

For example, many skin care products make use of Aloe Vera which is a highly potent natural extract. When applied on one’s face, the plant soothes and rehydrates our skin cells. However, once its purpose is served, it is easily removed by our excretory system.

What Is Vitaxel?

Vitaxel is a leading cosmetic manufacturer that is creating products for people with all kinds of facial treatment needs. However, what sets Vitaxel products apart is their natural composition.

Great emphasis has been laid upon product formula, and hence only natural/herbal plants have been used to create all of the flagship products that are up on offer. Additionally, Vitaxel has also offered extensive clinical literature backing which proves to customers the scientific validity of the added compounds.

Vitaxel Product Range

Vitaxel Amalaki:

Vitaxel Amalaki can be described as ‘a whole food product that combines a unique blend of Indian Gooseberries, PhytocellTec Solar Vitis and L-Glutathione’. Using its natural composition, the product is able to assist users with a number of skin and health related benefits.

Amala (gooseberries) is commonly used in South India for increasing the vitality of one’s skin. When a person regularly consumes gooseberries, the antioxidant content in his/her body immediately spikes and increases. These antioxidants then start to counter any harmful antibodies and bacteria that can potentially cause us harm.

Lastly, these antioxidants also help remove any toxic accumulations from within our circulatory channels. Thus when this happens, there is increased blood flow in that particular region, causing a person's skin to glow and look radiant.

Vitaxel Amalaki Benefits:

  • Bone Health & Support: due to the vitamin and mineral content in Amalaki, the calcium absorption ratio of our bodies can be greatly increased. This results in a stronger skeletal system as well as heightened joint flexibility.
  • Wound Healing: as mentioned previously, the antioxidants in the blend help in neutralizing any bacterial microbes that might try to infect the wound region. Also, Amalaki contains many healing agents which supply heat and comfort to the afflicted area.
  • Skin Health: Amala is one of the best fruits available on the planet today for promoting skin elasticity and vitality. It provides optimum hydration to our skin cells so that we can look and feel more vibrant and energized.

Vitaxel Vzore:

It is an all new ‘face care solution'. Using a potent blend of plants like white birch, tussilage leaf extract, thyme flower, archaea extract it is able to supply optimal skin nutrition to promote our overall skin vitality and elasticity.

Due to its natural composition, the ingredients are easily absorbed and thus expelled once their purpose has been fulfilled. Additionally, there are studies that prove the compounds are efficacious and safe for long term use.

Vitaxel Vzore Benefits

Some of the key benefits of Vzore include:

  • Moisturizing: The core components of Vzore easily penetrate the skin for quick absorption. Some of their visible effects include skin firmness, rejuvenation and radiance.
  • Anti Inflammatory: certain active agents prevent the swelling of our epidermis and lower skin layers. This helps in increasing the overall youthfulness of our face.
  • Antioxidants: due to the presence of various potent antioxidants, the formula is able to increase the immunity of our skin structure.
  • Hydration: the formula has been especially crafted to increase the aqueous content within the facial skin cells. This gives the user a more youthful and plump appearance.
  • Compatible with other items: like many other products which cannot be used in conjunction with other beauty products, Vzore can be used along with other serums and moisturizers without any hassle.

Vitaxel Availability

Both of the aforementioned products can be viewed and purchased through the official Vitaxel website.

On this webpage, all of the compositional, nutritional, dosage details can be obtained along with information of stores where one can physically make a purchase as well.


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