Rethink Water – Environmentally Responsible Bottle Packaging?


Water as everyone’s favorite drink does not need much of an introduction. Water is the substrate of most of our favorite beverages and meals, containing the necessary hydration that we all need to function at all levels.

But one problem faced with water is not the element itself, but how we consume it. For example, when on the move, many people today buy and consume water from plastic bottles. Plastic is not biodegradable, and although efforts have been made to decrease plastic’s footprint on the environment such as recycling, this material remains as a menace of the environment.

The good news is that there are some products on the market that one can buy to reduce the impact that plastic has on Mother Nature, with one of them being Rethink Water, a startup company located in the United States.

What Is Rethink Water?

Rethink Water claims to be an environmentally-responsible water packaged in a carton made from paperboard, which is a renewable resource. According to the company, their bottom line is that the cartons are better for the environment than plastic bottles.

Shoppers can buy cartons of Rethink from the company website and has its customer service and fulfillment taken care of by Amazon. The company has apparently gained some traction already, as there are many reviews that can be read about the product on its shopping platform.

At the time of writing this article, one can buy twelve, 16.9 ounce cartons of Rethink Water for around $23, which includes free delivery if one resides in the United States.

Unfortunately, Rethink Water does not come with a money back guarantee, nor is there presently any means of procuring the product via the means of a free trial. The lack of these consumer safeguards could put some shoppers off from buying the product entirely.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Rethink Water?

In addition to being made from biodegradable materials, Rethink Water claims to provide the following benefits:

  • BSA and BPA free
  • Perfectly balanced pH levels for pure taste
  • No additional electrolytes
  • Convenient and portable to carry
  • Each carton comes with a re-sealable cap

As can be readily seen from the above, Rethink Water could be a good way to support the environment by ensuring one is only buying products that are 100% recyclable. Not only does Rethink Water claim that their products are easy to carry, socially responsible, and great tasting, another major selling point to the brand is that their products are perfectly pH balanced.

The pH level of water determines its taste and overall viscosity. A pH level that is either too high or too low is often not pleasant to drink, which can be a serious problem for people who consume a lot of water as part of their health and exercise routines.

The fact that Rethink Water’s packaging is free from harmful chemicals and impurities, as well as its contents being reverse osmosis filtered, could make the major companies in the bottled water market stand up and take notice.


There is an increasing trend in consumer buying habits that are leaning towards making the world a better place in terms of protecting the environment. Rethink Water has taken hold of this development, experimenting with the release of their product to an open-minded marketplace.

Rethink Water’s cause is to transform people’s buying habits into more socially responsible actions. Although this is a big ask for any company to undertake, Rethink Water is part of an umbrella of companies that are seemingly doing their part to protect the long-term livability of the planet.

Rethink Water Summary Review

Rethink Water provides a convenient way for people of all ages and needs to keep hydrated throughout the day. The cartons the water comes in is resealable, which means that they can easily be refilled or saved for later, as well being small enough to take with the user for long journeys.

Although it is hard to say for certain what impact Rethink will have on the buying habits of consumers who are so used to buying plastic bottles, what can be said is that they endeavored on a significant undertaking.

If shoppers are curious about buying Rethink Water, one can easily find the product on the company’s website, as well as through their numerous listings on sites such as Amazon and other niche websites.

Most of the reviews that can be read about the company have been generally positive in nature, with most users leaving 4 and 5 stars in their reviews, praising the company for its earth-friendly initiatives.

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