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Vitagoods is a personal care and lifestyle products company which sells a spinning personal care brush, a scalp massager, and multiple health statistic reporting systems.

Vitagoods & Vitasigns


The Vitagoods Spin for Perfect Skin facial cleansing brush is particularly popular.

It’s a rotating brush which Vitagoods claims is the secret to healthy skin. You apply it to your face and the brush gently exfoliates your skin and cleanses your pores.

Vitagoods is one of several different spinning skin care brushes on the market today – including popular items like the Clarisonic Mia2. How does the Spin for Perfect Skin brush stack up against the competition? What else does the company sell? Find out today in our Vitagoods review

Vitagoods Products

Vitagoods currently sells about a dozen different products at its official website, Products can be separated into several main categories, including:

Health Monitors

Vitagoods is well-known for its lineup of health monitors. It sells things like wrist-mounted Bluetooth blood pressure monitors, for example, which alert you when your blood pressure gets too high or low. Other popular products include Bluetooth-connected weight scales and a desktop arm-mounted blood pressure monitor.


Vitagoods doesn’t make health supplements on its own. It does, however, sell Slimfit Labs health supplements at its website. Currently, those supplements only include a 30 Day Supply of Garcinia Cambogia. You can buy it in single packages for $29.99 or buy it in packages of 3 for $89.99. Garcinia cambogia has been tentatively linked to various weight loss benefits and is one of the biggest trends in the weight loss supplement industry.

Skin and Scalp Brushes

Under the “Personal Care” category of Vitagoods website, you’ll find scalp massaging shampoo brushes, body massagers, skin massagers, and pumice brushes. There’s also a Vibra-Spin Massager which is designed to be placed on achy parts of the body – like your back – to relieve soreness and pain. The Spin for Perfect Skin brush is the most popular member of this category. Dive into our full review just below.

Spin for Perfect Skin Brush Review

The Spin for Perfect Skin brush uses four brushes to treat various skin conditions. It promises to come with the following benefits:

— Remove More Makeup And Dirt Than Manual Cleansing

Leave Skin Feeling And Looking Smoother And More Radiant

— Gently Exfoliate The Skin To Reduce The Appearance Of Visible Pores, Fine Lines, And Wrinkles

— Alleviate Oily Skin Problems And Cleanse Toxins To Prevent Acne

— Soft Enough To Use Twice Per Day

— Waterproof For Use In The Shower

— Use With Water Or With Your Regular Skin Cream

There are four specialized attachments included with the Spin for Perfect Skin brush. Those attachments include the regular facial brush, which is the gentlest of the bunch. It is designed to be used once or twice per day to clean makeup and other toxins.

You also have the exfoliating brush, which has more densely-packed bristles than the other brushes. It’s built to cleanse away dead skin and should be used about once per week.

Finally, there’s the larger body brush, which is designed to be used all across the body. It covers a larger surface area and has soft but firm bristles which should gently clean the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and radiant.

Finally, there’s the pumice brush. Pumice brushes are specially built to remove excess makeup. Many women are unaware how much makeup is left behind after a regular skin cleansing. Using a pumice brush, you can get rid of that excess makeup and solve skin problems.

You place these brushes on the Spin for Perfect Skin device and it gently rotates to improve your skin. The device doesn’t come with included batteries – you’ll need to put AA batteries inside the brush in order for it to work.

You can purchase the Spin for Perfect Skin brush by Vitagoods from the official Vitagoods website for $99.99. that price includes free shipping to the United States and Canada. you can also purchase additional Spin for Perfect Skin replacement brush heads for between $20 to $65 (the $65 package includes 2 replacements for each brush).

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