Diabetes Free – Can It Really ‘Cure’ Diabetes In 14 Days?


Diabetes Free Review

Diabetes Free is a new dietary program found at DiabetesFree.org. That site sells an eBook for $37. In that eBook, you’ll find different diet and lifestyle tips which will help you reduce diabetes symptoms and get your blood pressure under control.

Is Diabetes Free just another “diabetes cure” scam?

Or is this is the legitimate health guidebook you’ve been waiting for?

Find out today in our Diabetes Free review.

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Diabetes Free

What is Diabetes Free?

Diabetes Free is a downloadable eBook sold by Clickbank. The eBook is featured on a website called DiabetesFree.org. When you visit that website, a lengthy video will begin to automatically play.

That video will drone on for about 10 minutes about how awesome it is to not have diabetes. It talks about how good it feels to look at a hot dog with a bun and realize you can eat it. It talks about how you can just look at a milkshake, decide you want to drink it, and then drink that milkshake.

And then it tells you that you can live the same way, free from diabetes, with the help of a new product called Diabetes Free.

Diabetes Free comes in the form of a $37 eBook. Like all Clickbank eBooks, it comes with a 60 day refund. You can buy the book, read it, and return it free of charge if you didn’t like it.

Once you skip past all the marketing hype, you get to the real lessons of the program: Diabetes Free is a health guidebook which explains certain dietary and exercise techniques you can use to relieve your diabetes symptoms.

Diabetes Free is manufactured by an anonymous company. The company doesn’t disclose any of its contact information on the official product website. Under the “Contact Us” page, it simply lists the email “[email protected]” and nothing else.

With a little bit of searching, however, you’ll learn that Diabetes Free was created by a guy named David Pearson. Pearson suffered from diabetes most of his life before discovering a miracle cure.

David Pearson claims he’s a doctor, although he doesn’t explain where he works or any other things that could be used to identify him. This has led many people to assume that he’s not a real doctor – or that David Pearson is simply an alias.

In any case, we know very little about the author of Diabetes Free.

How Does Diabetes Free Work?

One of the key concepts behind Diabetes Free is eliminating gluten from your life. Many diabetics have been able to cure their diabetes symptoms simply by living a gluten-free lifestyle.

Eliminating gluten can lead to a significant reduction in blood sugar levels (BSL).

Thus, one of the main goals of Diabetes Free is to identify foods and recipes that are free from any type of gluten. You can expect to give up any foods that contain rye, farina, wheat, semolina, barley, bulgur, and oats.

In addition to eliminating gluten from your diet, Diabetes Free recommends certain other diet and lifestyle changes. I won’t spoil all of the techniques here, but all techniques revolve around one central concept: getting the foods you eat to encourage the body’s natural production of insulin.

Before you developed diabetes, your body produced enough insulin to stay healthy. Curing diabetes is impossible. But with the help of the techniques in Diabetes Free, you may be able to boost your body’s natural insulin levels.

To do that, Diabetes Free recommends eliminating unsafe acids from your body. These acids can damage your pancreas and reduce its production.

If you’re looking for an instant way to cure your diabetes overnight, then Diabetes Free is not it. If you’re looking for diet and lifestyle changes you can implement over a long period of time to reduce your diabetes symptoms, then Diabetes Free may be able to help.

How to Buy Diabetes Free

Diabetes Free is available online at DiabetesFree.org. You buy the eBook directly from the site, where it costs $27.

The eBook comes with a 60 day return policy. That’s the same return policy offered by all Clickbank products. If you read the book and don’t like it, you can ask for a complete refund anytime within 60 days of making your purchase.

Since the eBook is downloadable, you don’t even technically return it when you ask for a refund.

Who Should Read Diabetes Free?

Diabetes Free isn’t technically a scam. However, if there was a widespread cure for diabetes, it wouldn’t be sold in a $27 eBook on the internet.

There is no cure for diabetes. Don’t get tricked by online products which claim to cure your type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Of course, Diabetes Free doesn’t advertise itself as a cure. Instead, it advertises itself as a way to treat and reduce the symptoms of diabetes. If you can even slightly increase your body’s production of insulin, you may notice vastly reduced symptoms of diabetes.

Are you willing to pay $27 to learn how to naturally boost your body’s insulin levels using certain foods and lifestyle changes? Diabetes Free may be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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  1. I called Clickbank, representative said she could not find my cr cd # or my order number. I was told to send an email with the bank statement info. How can I send a copy by email and know that they will not be getting even more info that I do not want them to have? Either they have the cr cd info or they don’t. Funny the charge went through my bank account the same day I placed the order for the supposed shake drink. They charged $47.00 + $12.00 shipping. I requested a full refund. Until I receive the refund I will file with my Atty. Gen. office here in Ma. The Fed. Trade Comm. My own bank etc. Told the F.B.I has a cyber crime div. I think after this event I will no longer order using the internet. L.B.

  2. My name is George Kennedy, I am at the end of the eight week program and I started out with the weight of 234 pound at the end of eight weeks I weigh 194 pounds, I don’t take diabetic medication any more. Ive lost 40 pounds and it really was not all that hard to do. I stuck to the program as it was writing. My eating habits have been changed as of now and I am eternally grateful to the Doctors for putting this out to help people with diabetes. Again Thank You George D Kennedy.

  3. I received books but no e book on any shake. Why is there no phone number for answers to this diabetes shake? Incomplete order. Feel ripped off. Tom Martin is there a phone number for this person who sells the ingredients for the shake in Winnipeg. What is the name of his Clinic and where is it? I should not have to do this if this Dr. Pearson is legit in what people pay for. The ingredients should come with the book right away for the shake. Or they should send us samples like some legit organizations. Seems like this guy is making a fortune on incomplete orders. If you have this man’s phone number to order for this shake please respond. Would appreciate it with all my heart.

  4. What I see here is that over and over someone has asked “what is the shake recipe ” and no one has answered that question. What is the live cleanse formula? no one will answer . If you bought this and having great results why are you not willing to share the info with others? Maybe you are not having the results!

    • dell I am no one in particular but I bought the book. to me it was worth the price to try it. The recipes in the book I followed to a t and my sugar dropped from 300’s to 120’s in five days. I only lost 9 pounds but probably because I cheated on a snack just a little. I feel so much better but I received no shakes with mine so I bought Atkins shakes at the grocery store. That was the cheat because they contain soy. It was worth it to me to just drop my numbers and not have to take meds anymore. Judith Mellott

  5. I suffered nail fungus for many years.
    My feet was always damp. So, I found out that when I keep my toes dry, there is no fungus.
    I use a soft paper and wrap a 3cm wide strips around my toes every morning. And keep them wrapped until I go to bed.
    And have not had any fungus since 1991.

  6. I want to try this I have already ordered the book and have read it . The fast tract diet is 800 calories which is low and has me concerned however there is the slow and steady option as well which is outlined in the book. How much is the herb formula and where can you get it? I do think this will work for me and losing any kind of weight on any kind of diet is going to lower blood sugar for most people with type two diabetes. I believe there is a cure and 120 is not diabetic on a fast. I recently attended diabetes education classes and you can be as high as 125 on a fast. Granted different practitioners may give a different number and that could be where the discrepancy comes in. I believe in self education and I believe that Big Pharma has no desire to effectuate a cure. Good Luck everyone and Be Healthy!

    • What does the book have to say about Dr Pearson’s miracle shake? Are the additives to the shake something that is also sold through the program? Or do you have to go to a chinese pharmacy to get the ingredients?

    • michelle krupiczowicz read my reply from judith mellott. It worked well for me and the 800 calories fills you because the recipes have 3 cups of veggies at a meal. I was actually stuffed and feel so much better now.

  7. I want to try this I have already ordered the book and have read it . The fast tract diet is 800 calories which is low and has me concerned however there is the slow and steady option as well which is outlined in the book. How much is the herb formula and where can you get it? I do think this will work for me and losing any kind of weight on any kind of diet is going to lower blood sugar for most people with type two diabetes. I believe there is a cure and 120 is not diabetic on a fast. I recently attended diabetes education classes and you can be as high as 125 on a fast. Granted different practitioners may give a different number and that could be where the discrepancy comes in. I believe in self education and I believe that Big Pharma has no desire to effectuate a cure. Good Luck everyone and Be Healthy!

    • Michelle believe me you will loose weight on a product called GET THE TEA!!!!!!!!!!!I speak from experience a wonderful product and I feel must for a diabetic and I have researched for 10 years.

  8. Everyone seems to talk about typos in the informational booklet, really? Maybe you should look at a lot of your own posts because you don’t know how to spell. Someone wants to cut “diary” out of their dietary intake. Alrighty then. Another writes “I bineg to contat” …..wow I’m wondering WHO is scamming who here?

    • Someone selling a professional health product could be expected to at least spell check and look for grammatical errors. A poorly edited page makes it look like a scam.

    • When I first saw the you tube video online and noticed that they spelled “comma” instead of spelling it correctly which was supposed to say “coma”, I got suspicious right off the bat. Now I’m reading from other people’s experiences who have bought the program that they have noticed a lot of “misspellings” in the book. This makes me wonder who is doing the editing and so forth. I mean, if they can’t spell correctly, what’s to say that the product is scam in itself. Even this so called “shake” that’s advertised on the you tube video is not mentioned and nor does anyone know how to make it from the so called support group. Mind you the support group is supposed to be diabetics themselves. Furthermore, there was a lady in the you tube video who stated that she was a type 2 diabetic at “birth”? This program is just sending up red flags all over the place. I’m definitely not ordering this product at all because of all the “discrepancies” that I have seen. Not Good and I believe this program is a scam. So much for the guy putting his “career” on the line because of this. Im pretty sure now this person is probably a paid actor. Honestly, I believe that Big Pharma is behind all of these scams to begin with that “proclaims” that you will be diabetes free and they just want more of your money. Unless there is no cure for diabetes and that you can only manage it….just saying.

  9. I read the Terms and all that stuff after watching a bit of video and new it was a scam. If it sounds to good to be true then it is. Terms etc. talk about 3rd parties, etc. and it’s so shady and new this was a joke.

    • I fell hook line and sinker because I’m tired of seeing my wife’s health go down hill I immediately checked bank account which they said wouldn’t charge til 60 days was up I presume hoping you forget not only was it 47 they charged it twice I tried to contact them got the run around Ann Chris Ronnie Lawrence finally they said we credited your account in fact they did for 47 but the other 47 3-5 business days wtf are you kidding me you can do it once but not the second 5days if haven’t been credited we will look into it I presume hoping I’ll forget again

  10. I wish to thank all who have sent in their info.
    I will not order and will find info on line for free.
    Bless you all. (>:

  11. Hi everyone. Having looked carefully at the responses here I’ve decided this is a great place to sell my Magic Beans. For just $100 I guarantee that whatever you think the beans can do for you, they probably will. So just send me the money, sit back and watch what happens.

  12. If you are such TOP scientists why could you not hire someone to proof read the book, there are many grammatical errors.

    In addition, that liver cleanse is from the INTERNET. I found that same one 15 years ago, so why did you not credit it to the writer, if you are in the feild and know that someone can sue you……

    SHAME ON YOU and I pray to God that everything you do to people will come back to you.Amen

    • Yes may it be multiplied and to those who cohersed in the adversitment with false information, I agree with Sanyd if you are scamming sick people, I pray to that God will allow you to suffer as these folks do. Amen
      Wicked and evil people, all because of greed.

  13. from the reviews i have read….Shame on you trying to line your pockets …playing games with people’s lives

    • I can help you ifI know how you paid for the program ? I’ll check back later coz I have no clue how to join this blog take care :-) or Email me

  14. The back of this book also contains references to 30 peer reviewed medical journals that physicians have access to including Pub Med. These include: Diabetes, the Jour. of Clinical Endocrinology, and the Journal of Endocrinology Metabolism to name just a few. I would say the author is likely a physician.

  15. I have read this book and also another one called The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse to see how some of the techniques differ. It is not just a shake, but a cleanse and diet change. I have followed many different diet regimes but this one has some new features that made me pause. I have weighed around 115 most of my life and have been type 2 for 10 years now, since 38. I am tired of all of the people saying just lose weight and exercise because I am fit, eat right and you would never guess in a million years I am diabetic. I take Jenuvia which is made for the 10% of normal weight diabetics. I think this theory of stones in the liver, Johns Hopkins Medical Center has studied this as well, is very likely a cause for some people. I’ve had my gallbladder removed due to stones as well. Just trying to find all of the ingredients including malic acid powder up in Canada to no success. Will let you know as well . My last A1C was 7.3.

    • I got malic acid on Amazon and some of the other ingredients — I’m type ! diabetic — have been for 30 years — I don’t think this will cure me — but it has lowered my insulin units per day — I also have a pump

    • Boy do I hear you!! I’m 5’6 and have been as low as 115 lbs and still diabetic!! So frustrating! I was obese till age 50 when I had gastric bypass surgery and lost even more than I should have. I went from 315 to 115 and dammit I’m just as bad as I was. True my triglycerides went from 1500 to 110 & I can now wear anything as a sz 4 but still needing 2 meds & about to b 3 to treat this is nuts. I eat well & can’t have sugars as it causes dumping so clearly there’s nothing more I can do. Btw this book sounds like a scam

  16. I odered ebook for $37 few days ago. since then, I never received the book or guidance as to how to access the book. can you please assist?

    • Check the video again. Dr Pearson states toward the end of the video that this is an ONLINE Program- in other words you READ the e-book ON THEIR WEBSITE. However you CAN PRINT the e-book and the bonuses. That means (I assume) that if one cancels – one does not have either the e-book or the bonuses if you have not printed the e-books.

  17. Doing great on Diabetes Free by David Pearson. Has been about 6 weeks and I hardly ever take ANY Lantus. Been exercising infrequently but trying to step it up and I am getting very close to normal sugar readings. Control or Cure it is working for me.

    The herb powder is available from Dr. Huang’s Herb Store in Winnepeg Canada already mixed. Ingredients seem to be available from Amazon.com in quantities of 8-16 ounces (1 ounce = 28 grams), enough to make a stockpile.

    Chinatown is another possible source of the herbs which I haven’t had time to investigate.

    • Just finished my second liver cleanse per the directions in the ebook. Passed a lot of gall stones last time at the end of the process. This time started passing stones at the start of the second day, just as plentiful but smaller. Guess that indicates I have to do it again in a month. Book says to do it every 30 days till no stones are passed.

      Still hardly taking any insulin and getting good sugar readings 3-5 times per day. Loosing weight slowly too!

      • I used DiabetesFree since May. Did four liver cleanses until I passed no stones. Found the program helpful but after cutting my insulin in half and loosing about 20 pounds I seemed to have gone as far as this program would take me.

        Because of ED I ran into a gentleman online named Matt Cook and after ordering some programs for ED and low testosterone noticed he had a program called Diabetes Reversal for men which I have been phasing in over the last 5 or 6 weeks. This program focuses on curing internal inflammation (mostly in the gut) with a diet and some vitamins and probiotics. After 5 or 6 weeks I feel I will be done with diabetes and ED by the end of the year. Currently having many days where my night time sugar is too low to take insulin after a day of low normal readings even a few hours after meals.

        He named it Diabetes Reversal for Men because he is an expert on male sexual health but I suspect that the program would also work for women.

  18. I .oirdered last night may 23,2015 did not get the program order # 1832 please send refund and also the $47.00 one.

    • i can NOT believe all the people on here who are asking for a refund on an “is this a scam” website! WHAT are you thinking?! LoL!

  19. What can I say about myself is just so good, I got the ebook without any problem, you must read carefully instructions before click then all will be fine, I order the compound already make from a Canadian website and still waiting for it but in the main time I follow the dietary suggestion and the result is already shocking, my blood sugar level is very good and I take just 1 metformin pills in the morning, but the incredible things is my blood pressure, I had to stop taking my medication because my blood pressure is now perfect, is already 2 weeks that I do not take anymore medication, and this just do not mix carbs with fats, I am been to so many doctors and expertise in diabetes, paid lots of money and nobody told me about this very simple thing, I think this is a scam, so I really thank Dr. Pearson for what is doing, even I will be able to have small improvement on my health I am happy anyway, thanks again Dr. Pearson.

  20. Hi, you have bought the book. Then comment the recipe for every body we will support Dr P if it works the first week.
    Good bless you!!!

  21. I’ve just ordered the book and read through most of it. It makes basic sense. Same for the person who mentioned Suzanne Somers books. They make sense. Another comment mentioned the removal of gluten. Again, makes sense. I have disposable income, eat too much, drink too much and have type II. Time for a lifestyle change. This might be it and I’ll keep you posted. As far as folks who didn’t receive “books”, clicked through add-ons and got charged, and all of the other whiners who cant navigate the internet…grown up – learn how to read – don’t click unless you know what you’re doing – learn how to read – oh…I said that already. Ask your kids for help

    • You have no clue how arrogant you sound. You are not having good results with this program, but you hate to admit you lost your money and are still a diabetic. A pathetic scam. I clicked on the BBB logo, and it should have taken me to the BBB site with an approval rating. Nope. It is not clickable. The website says everything, including text and graphics are for educational use only. That means EVERY WORD is educational and not factual. SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-

  22. I think it a scam because their is know one you can contact I have order this product about two week and have not receive it yet I don,t know be it seen like A scam look like I would not be getting my money back they is out to get you

    • Betty,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Just in case you are unaware, this is an eBook. Not a physical book that you would receive in the mail. Like many other commenters said, you should be able to find the Download link on the page after your purchase or on the email receipt that you should have received after purchasing.

      Hopefully that helps you find it.

      — Supplement Police

    • I don’t think that I’ll listen to you as you can barely write English – did you quit school at the elementary level?

    • I have two thoughts.
      1. Is this a case of “If its too good to be true, it is.”
      2. I noticed on the ordering page that there was a $12.00 charge for shipping? Why is there a shipping charge for an e-book?

      • Excellent point about the $12.00 shipping charge. Thank goodness I came here to read reviews before ordering it. They really know how to play on your hope and emotions on a cure for diabetes.

  23. For all those that bought this, I was wondering if you might also be interested in purchasing a magnificent bridge I have for sale…

  24. have paid the 37 dollars but have not received any e-book as yet !!!!!! that a scam as well ?????

    • Good morning! Celeste here, pre-diabetic, my blood sugar is regulated by water, several small meals, vegetables & proteins, some stretching & exercise, supplemental tea ‘sugar controller’ – blood cleansing, maintain healthy sugar levels.

      Chinese herbs in the tea – mulberry leaf, jasmine flower… To name a few ingredients, no caffeine, dairy etc. beets are good for liver on a side note.

      All major organs should be nourished. Everyone take care of yourself, listen to your body.

      Google specific foods for their health benefit &/or foods good for specific ailments/ organs.

      Pop-up videos ads for information if desired, but get product reviews, make wise decisions.

      – do your best for you & loved ones!

  25. You all check this out. Its for free and you’ll get rid of your insulin and oral meds.

  26. Thank you Sandra, Tom, Evette, and Teresa. After reading all the comments in this thread, it’s obvious that y’all are the only ones that actually USED the Diabetes Free program.

    About 2400 years ago Hippocrates said something like, “Let your food be the medicine.” And, that’s just as true today as it was back then. I know I can control my diabetes if I just eat right. I know what I should eat, but I just don’t all the time.

    Based on what the four of you wrote, I am going to order the Diabetes Free program to help me control my diabetes.

    • On about my third month of diabetes free. June a1c down from 8.5 to 7.6! Lost about 20 pounds so far. Just completed my third liver cleanse and still passing a good amount of smaller than the first time gall stones, so I guess I will need a few more cleanses. Trying to keep up the exercise without missing a day but schedule sometimes a problem. I am improving all the time and like the program.

      • Tom
        So are these gall stones like kidney stones? I’ve had kidney stones and would not wan t to go through that again.

  27. Reduce half of what you eat normally, be health conscious on your diet daily, do some moderate exercise everyday, and let go of this worldly conflicts and tensions should help tremendously to many kind of sickness besides diabetes. A word of caution is don’t slide your credit card to this potential thief.

    • This is exactly what I’ve done the past 3 months and I felt better than ever. Yes, do avoid Dr. Pearson and his scam.

  28. It says no test trips no medicines needed it prestent itself like a cure not like a method to control it better. Even though you claim it isnt.

  29. am i the only one that finds it odd that these diabetics say things like “i was 210 two days ago, now I’m 118”, WHO GOES THAT LONG WITHOUT CHECKING THEIR BLOODSUGAR!?! Also, anyone who takes LANTUS insulin takes it once a day. Mr Tom Martin above claims that this program works because his blood sugars are good! BUT HES TAKING LANTUS INSULIN!!!!!!!!! LANTUS IS A 24 HOUR INSULIN!!!! Don’t claim this BULL program is lowering your blood sugar when LANTUS is the one lowering it!!!!! DONT FALL FOR THIS BS

    • Have been checking my sugar at least 5 times per day. Have cut my Lantus down to an occasional does of 20u or less from 41u before I started the plan. Most nights my test results are too low to take any at all. Its a work in progress and the results are very positive to me. More and more improvement the longer I go following the ideas in the ebook and increasing my exercise. I started bike riding once or twice a day for 15-20 minutes about the same time I started the plan.

    • I have to confess, this plan works best when combined with exercise! After I missed a few days of exercise do to a busy schedule with family and at work, I have had to go back to a little less than half of the Lantus that I took before I started. Don’t think they Stressed exercise enough in the ebook. I like to ride my bike until I get winded (fast breathing) and maintain it for 10 to 15 minutes twice per day. Not a big commitment to get off insulin and still have non diabetic sugar readings and a low a1c. Taking my bike to work with me tomorrow so I can rider during my lunch break!

      • Took my bike to work and have been riding about 20 minutes per day on lunch or supper breaks, its important to me and gets me back to no insulin on the first day when eating and doing the shakes as the ebook mentions. Missed a few days last weekend and won’t do that again. Amazing what a short workout can add to the results from “Diabetes Free”.

  30. I ordered book for $37 on April 25, 2015 and have not received to date.
    I would like a refund, as found out all this book is going to tell me is to eat gluten free and exercise, I had one week of training on these two issues.

    • For the umpteenth time…Your download link is in the receipt. If you want a refund call Clickbank. How many times do you guys have to ask for the same thing? Read the comments above before you ask. Sheesh!!!

      • Wendy I just ordered the eBook but cant seem to find where to read itcan you give me the proper site please

  31. I don’t know if I should order or not i have read all comments it would be nice is someone who has the book could post the indgerdents of the milkshake and steps and directions of using it

  32. I have read all of the comments here. As many of you have commented, these websites and claims do try to take your money. I am willing to check things out for myself when the cost seems low enough and there is a money back guarantee. But, I also realize that sometimes, they don’t give the money back to I will only buy if the product won’t break my wallet if I don’t get a refund for some reason.

    What I realized that led me to believe this was just another one of those ways to make you pay way more than the initial price is when they have screen after screen once you place the order to upgrade this and upgrade that for more and more cost. Luckily, there is a NO THANKS button in blue that is smaller than the red button to buy. But, if the product stood on it’s own and was really 100% what you needed, then you wouldn’t need to upgrade to anything else.

    That is one red flag that this is often just a money making trap for the sellers. The liver detox, not only sounded harsh but I checked on a site by Dr. Andrew Weil who is an MD and natural, alternative health doctor who seemed to indicate this liver detox that uses Epsom salts as being not a good idea. That who liver detox he suggested seemed rather strange to me and it could be more damaging than helpful.

    Dr. Weil suggests ways to protect the liver from damage but says that claims that the liver is the “true cause of disease” should be viewed with skepticism. As for the shakes and all of the herbs, Dr. Weil’s site says that food, herbs and drugs can interact sometimes in unexpected ways and so these supplement recommendation should be personalized. That is my concern with this program. I agree as many other people have shared that when you change your diet you will feel better, lose weight possibly, and that will impact the blood sugars.

    My big question is FOR HOW LONG? What happens to the blood sugar and how you feel if you stop doing this program exactly the way it says, or if you don’t do it exactly the way it says and will it do the same things as with yo-yo dieting?

    Too many unknowns. For those who are doing it and getting results, I wish you luck.

  33. If you really want to be helpful to people you would post the ingredients of the milkshake and points in an easy to read and go viral video so as to truly “help” millions unconditionally

      • This site is simply a place that reports about supplements and is not the source for this e-book people. If you want the dr. who wrote the book to produce info, contact him, this is not the place you will find help from him. He doesn’t even see any of this.

  34. Thank you all and Thank god – to I came to know this was a scam (before I am ordering)

    • I don’t think it’s a scam. It’s an ebook that you download by clicking on the link in your receipt that they send you. You people need to actually read the instructions and you’ll figure that out. Just be careful of the upsell page and click on “No thanks” at the bottom of the page and you won’t inadvertently order the second upsell product. This is a marketing trick that everyone selling crap online does…doesn’t mean it’s a scam. This ebook is informational and has been very helpful to lots of people with high blood sugar. Take it or leave it. If you don’t want it, call Clickbank to get your refund. SIMPLE!

  35. I have been on this plan for 2 weeks and for me it is extremely successful. Last night I took half of my usual dose of insulin (25u Lantus) and my sugar was 71 in the morning. Four hours after lunch 90. Love the shakes and recipes. Will eat like this for the rest of my life if it continues to result in good blood sugar readings with little or no medication seems it is taking the weight off too. Still in the early stages but expect to be off Lantus and glipizide very soon and to have an a1c in the sevens or less.

  36. Thank you for the information and comments of others. I suspected this Dr Pearson’s product as not being what he claims because it sounded too easy and he tries a very “hard sell” technique to sell his “free” product. Buyer beware.

  37. I ordered this for my dad and have had zero problems. I didn’t see any information, so I ordered it again, when I realized I made an error, I emailed click bank and got the refund next day. Also, the book came attached to the confirmation order and I was able to download it no problem. When ordering this, make sure you read all the steps because it gave me the option to purchase additional materials. Someone else said it required the purchase, this is false, it clearly gives options and does tell you not to go back or may double bill.. just read some directions and follow them and all should be well.

  38. After only reading a couple of chapters I knew that the entire book is a SCAM! The typos and the extremely poor structure of sentences caused sirens and red lights to go off in my mind. How could a supposedly educated doctor and a reputable publisher write and sell something with so many errors? They cannot. The only conclusion one can come to is: Just another scam. And not a very good one at that! Perpetrated by nothing more than common STREET CRIMINALS.

    What really burned me up is that I ordered this so called “book” from a alternative medicine site which I trusted. Alternative medicine is a legitimate route of treatment. I took a treatment for my bladder cancer. In the 5 years since I was diagnosed I have had only 2 tumors removed – the original and another about 4 months later. Bladder cancer is relentless. I firmly believe that the treatment has been successful. If any tumors return I will not hesitate to begin the program again.

    What really burns me up is these kind of SNAKE OIL SCAMS tar the legitimate practice of alternative (out Mainstream Medicine) treatments or cures. That plays right into the hand of Big Pharma and their desire to stop all competition with there sometimes harmful products.

  39. Guys thank you very much for all of your feedback I am a diabetic just heard his ranting for half an hour and was about to buy the Product but thank god Common sense prevailed and thought of doing a Web check the Co. Is a real cheat and should be reported bbb

  40. I started the diet this past Monday, it took a while to get all the powders and stuff. I didn’t start with the cleanse as recommended. OMG I saw a decrease in blood sugar levels the second day, my sugar the next day was 100 before breakfast and it had been in the upper 200. I wasn’t found of the shakes but I am starting to love them, specially that my blood sugars have gone down dramatically. I had to stop taking one of the pills I was taking 3 times a day before meals. I am so happy with this program it has worked wonders for me.



    • Hi Sandra,

      I hope you are not playing with innocence of innocent people. Its not joke its matter of life and death. If you are true I am the happiest person in the world. How long will it take to prepare the powders and is it painful to maintain all in place??

      Thank you and sorry for criticising

      • Obtained the powders from Dr. Huang’s Herbal medicine store in Winnepeg Canada. All powdered and mixed to the exact formula in the book. I think he calls it diabetes free powder just like the book. He charges 49.95 for the 115g bag with 14.95 shipping and handling to the US. Think I can obtain the innegredients in Chinatown but will need at least a scale and possibly a grinder (heard you can use a coffee grinder). Sugar last night 83 so skipped lantus completely. Morning 81 so cut glipizide from 2 to 1 pill.

    • Glad to hear about your results with the shakes. I purchased this for my family, daughter, husband and self who all have differing levels of Type 2 Diabetes just to see what it was about. I was skeptical ab out the liver detox suggested before doing more research as it seemed harsh. My only question is, will you ever be able to stop the shakes without the blood sugar highs again. Don’t know if this is a permanent improvement or just temporary and what happens if you stop the shakes. It seems difficult to do for most people so I commend you on your commitment to it. Good luck.

      • Hi Evette, Think the important think about the shakes is the herb powder that you put in them. In the book it says that moderate diabetics can stop the herbs in 3-6 months. I like the shakes a d don’t know if there purpose is as an appetite supressent or just to deliver the herbs. After 2 weeks I am off insulin (from 41u Lantus) and have non diabetic sugar tests 4 hours after meals and before bed and first thing in the morning. I have at least 50 pounds of weight to loose and have lost 8 in the first 2 weeks. Don’t know if my endo doc will ever tell me I am no longer a diabetic but I do know that I can keep my blood sugars at non diabetic levels without diabetic meds using the principles in this book and the several others I purchased from Dr. Pearson’s website.

  41. It’s better try to leave the page and a prompt to stay and you’ll only be charged $27. Smh. シ

  42. I just think it’s garbage that he gives this big speel how it won’t cost you anything. I listened to his annoing voice for about an hour before I realized, he not going to tell me what’s in the shakes? He’s super with his sales pitch, now I don’t even trust him with my 37$!

  43. Such a load of crap just from they way its presented like your gonna get something amazing, just blatent lies and scamming, its bullshit just like a tv avangelist its a money scam dont buy, I listened for over half an hour to the smarmy sickening scamsters voice trying to confince me to buy “go on buy now quick before the video ends you may not get a chance again”.. I have to say you need to be thick to believe this crap.The longer it kept me waiting for the info made me sure it was bullshit.. if its true why has no one else released this amazing cure… Dont be fooled by this Dung..

    • I hold a MS in Biochemistry and you are absolutely correct. Any website set up with a video like this that forces you to listen to the whole load of dung without cutting to the chase is a scam, especially when you attempt to exit the site and it asks you if your sure you want to leave? I am still amazed by how many people still say they want to fall for this crap after all the comments warning that it is a scam and people are not getting their money back. Simply read through all the comments and you will find some excellent advice that REALY works: cut out all sugar, sugar substitutes, gluten and control daily intake of carbs, multiple small meals spread throughout the day, lots of green leafy veggies, little fruit and get at least 30 to 45 minutes of exercise everyday even if its walking or doing housework. Also, look into Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs for controlling blood sugar levels through Google search. It takes some homework folks but controlling your diabetes IS possible…but not with false promises like this scam program.

      • He is not a scam, many are telling the same treatment plan, you do not need to buy buy this ebook on the info. go onto youtube or google and you will find: Do not eat sugars, carbs and fats together, just don’t. And stay away from sugar on crack(high fructose) and glutin altogether or glutin on crack(dwarf wheat). You will have to work to find real unchanged wheat though, go to Berkeley professors in CA to find that. Would Mr. MS in Biochemistry copy and paste the links for the best he knows on Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbs on here for us. That would be great.

      • Wes, your information was helpful. I saw the Diabetes Free video today and decided to check the web for more information. This is the first research that I found saying “no gluten”.

  44. ClickBank is the key to being ripped off here. Do not buy anything that is being sold by them. I bought items from them and found that they were garbage, so, I returned them within the 60 day return period and got my money back; however, I am now banned forever from buying any ClickBank offer. See ClickBanksucks.com. My credit cards have a negative amount, which means that they owe me money.

  45. This is the power of the web in action. Thank you everyone for your warnings and advice. There should really be something done about this advertisement. This video preys on the hearts of every diabetic and their families. It really should be crime and have punishment comparable the false hopes it gives.

  46. This has been identified and confirmed as a SCAM. Dr Pearson’s lies have left many people pissed off. Diabetes has NO cure yet. Truely anyone with it who stays on a balanced diet and eats the proper food can lower you blood sugar. Dr Pearson on the other hand is trying to get monetary value from this fact. His video ‘suggests’ there is a cure but he does not state there is a cure. He is a SCAMMER.

  47. You are saying this Diet is NOT a cure yet within days of sticking to the not combining Carbs and fats, my husbands sugar readings went from 250 to 120
    Answer that. We sticking to it and lets see how his readings are in a month 2 months – 6 months. He has been on it a week so far and and has felt best in years!!

    • Personally I bought the eBay book and read it online last night. I really think that his ideas are from the 70’s when food combining was big, and at the recent online. Diabetes Summit, we were asked to not consume gluten, nor a lot of dairy but to eat higher amounts of green leafy vegis, little fruit. Emphasis was on coconut oil . No sugar.
      Certain supplements and herbs were recommended but no mention of Chinese herbs. The monthly fast is something that I think was used in the 70’s as well. Have a look at Dr. David Bronstein, Dr. Suzy Cohen, Dr. Perlmutter.com, The PaleoMom.com, Dr. Brian Mowll

    • I’m wanting to try it, hopefully I don’t get over charged. If I do, and I get the information it’s okay. I just want the information, cause I want to live for my boys and twin grandbabies :-)

    • Yes we are saying it is NOT A CURE because if you did any research into the illness you would know that THERE IS NO CURE FOR DIABETES. Of course his readings are better, he’s changed his diet, that’s not curing, it’s CONTROL. the only thing you can do is control this illness, but stop the control measures and you will soon realize the magic cure never existed. Everything that is contained in this book can be learned from your doctor and dietician and by learning about the illness itself.

  48. The video was awful. Polio and tuberculosis are contagious diseases acquired from the environment; Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. There is no point in comparing them. I also thought it was hysterical how the interviewees all said “my blood sugar was x and then y days after starting the program it fell to z” Blood sugar is constantly changing – you don’t stay at the exact same number for more than a few minutes ever. To compare a single blood glucose reading today to a single blood glucose reading 10 days ago is pointless. If you test all the time and notice a trend (e.g. You keep being in the 200s when you wake up) you adjust your medications accordingly. Comparing 2 random readings taken far apart is not helpful whatsoever.

    • Plus, EVERY single one of them stated that their “first” blood sugar was 180 to over 200 – to me, that means they were NOT controlling the blood sugarr at all! I take less than 5 units of insulin with each meal – my blood sugar when I get up (fasting) is 90 to 100, and after meals is around 150.

      Seems to me their “testimonials” are from people who were not taking care of their diabetes to begin with.

  49. Check out this Free – nothing to sell website that has a great program on reversing diabetes. healthynewstart.org It is based on eating nutritional foods and findings by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

    my grandfather whom is 81, took it to be a cure for his diabetes, and has been taken for over $100… and it’s taken me all morning, to try to get some if any of his money back, i’ve researched this, all morning and all i can come up with is really bad things… a lot of people are having the same issues…. no phone # to call the company, have to make a “ticket” in order to get in touch with anyone… am still waiting to see if his money is going to be refunded… please… let your loved ones know… “if it sounds to good to be true”
    and it’s online and your doctor didn’t give it to them, then please for the love of God… do not order this stuff online… ask people about it first… research it first… check into it with the doc, see what he/she says…. but please, I hate to see “older people” get screwed like this…
    sorry for my morning rant…

    • Lenore,

      This should be a ClickBank based program. So they have a 60 Day Money Back guarantee. You just need to contact them and they should issue you the money without question, as long as they are within the 60 days. Not sure what your chances would be if it goes past 60 days.

      — Supplement Police

  51. Yes, I listened to and read about this “cure”. Come on folks, we know the pharmaceutical companies will never allow anyone to put a stop to their multi-billion dollar diabetes industry. My husband has type 2 and is NOT a lazy glutton. Dr Salk was a hero that found the cure for polio when I was a young child. You’ll never ever see that happen again. Look how much money they lost!

  52. When I developed my website, I researched every form of deception that is used by the diabetic industries as well as the so-called well-meaning sites like this one that uses the deceptive phrase “Revealed – Treatment for Root Cause of Diabetes.” I teach people to ask questions. For example, how would these people know what is the root cause of any particular person’s diabetes, without having had an opportunity to consult with them? Mind you, after listening to their pitch, I was tempted to purchase their products just to add to my collection of products/books that reek of deception and deceptive marketing.

  53. As a board-certified physician with experience both in clinical practice and working in the pharmaceutical industry, I can say with confidence that if there was any legitimate way to ‘cure’ diabetes by drinking shakes, taking supplements, etc., it would have been widely disseminated by now considering the tremendous number of people suffering from Types I and II diabetes worldwide (just look at how fast polio was eradicated once an effective vaccine was discovered by J. Salk). This is just one of many internet scam videos promising a quick cure by using nutritional therapy, supplements, etc. that will not do anything but empty your wallet. If the American Diabetes Association, which is a non-profit organization focused on providing well-researched information to diabetics, became aware of a way to eliminate or significantly reduce the scourge of diabetes on the population, they would quickly disseminate it. They have not and it’s not likely to ever to be able to do that, at least for NIDDM (Type II, adult-onset) because the etiology of Type II is linked to a complex combination of genetic and lifestyle factors, the major ones being obesity, inactivity and aging. Many Type II diabetics have been able to significantly improve their blood sugar levels and reduce diabetic complication risks simply by losing weight (usually at least 15-20% of TBW), increasing physical activity (at least 30 mins of aerobic activity daily) and eliminating simple sugars (sweets, cakes, cookies, pies, etc). There is NO MAGIC POTIONS or cures for Type II DM and never likely to be one, although new medications that work at improving insulin sensitivity and insulin production are being developed actively. But IMO, no drug, pill, supplement or ‘milk shake’ will be able to ever cure or eliminate the problem of Type II DM, which has gotten to be an epidemic in the US due to our sedentary and gluttonous lifestyle.

    • some of us type 2s had insulin problems long before we became obese. Going to the doctor for years (20) because I was sure I had a blood sugar problem only to be told my blood sugar was fine. Until I was over weight and diabetic. Then I was told, well you are obese and that caused the diabetes. Lose weight.

      Do you know how hard it is to eat healthy with proper portions and exercise 1-2 hours a day to lose 0 pounds and 0 inches. Makes you want to give up. And never go back to the doctors who all say just lose weight. Through many doctors and a lot of my own research, I found that 20 years before I became diabetic I could have had an insulin serum test that would have shown my insulin levels were too high.

      This will cause weight gain, diabetes, and many other health problems. Why had no doctor ever offered this test? The doctor who did offer it said you have to ask for it. Hard to do when most people don’t know about it. Why should I have to ask for a test that could save me and millions of others years of health problems? The cure is a “diet” or life style change. I don’t eat many different foods than before, I just eat them in a different way.

      I have not bought or read this book. BUT I eat 6+ times a day no more than 30 grams of carbs at a time with 7 grams of for every 15g of carbs Every 3-5 hours. I also cut out artificial sweeteners because your body treats then like sugars. (I also eat a lot of cinnamon). The class I had to pay to take (insurance and doctor) at the hospital was a joke. the way the tell you to eat is just putting a temporary bandaid on the problem.

    • Your a skunk for saying that -MD-gluttonous on the over simplification judgmental comments as cause for the epidemic. Could not also be that the bulk of the food and drinks has been jacked up with sugar on crack called High Fructose corn syrup, god it’s in everything, even baby formula-those gluttonous babies, right, nope wrong. Now you tell me why formula has that in it. Or how about the grains of amber way, you know, in the song? Nope, not any more, not for 52 years, yep once again gluten on crack called genetically changed to new wheat called-Dwarf wheat…hmmmmm gluten sensitivity-celiac disease on the rise every year. You could have mentioned trusting Americans thought they were being looked out for and of course the government would not allow anything in the food that would hurt us and never because it was really good business and made a ton of profit, not so good for the body health though. Just blame the sick, that’s your contribution. My brother was on all meds-insulin-glipzide-metformin. For years now he has a HA1C of 5.0 and has been off meds for almost 4 years. I studied and learned what I just wrote above and let me tell you it really angered me. Also what this man is explaining is not snake oil, just information that a lot of educators out there are sharing. The cause of the epidemic is part human behavior and part being ripped off of health with what they have done to the food, the government did not think it important to share so people could make safe choices and know they were being basically poisoned while telling them look how easy, inexpensive and wonderful we have made things for you.

      • Kathleen, please forward any Info u can. My husband is an insulin diabetic and on many meds and has been for years. Now spilling protein in his urine. I would appreciate anything u could forward to us to try to turn this around. Thank u, deb royse

  54. I placed my order on February 17, 2015, and was charged on the same day. i went on a one month international vacation and found out after I came back that I still have not received my product. It is true that there’s no contact info to find out what’s going on with it. After reading the comments from other consumers, it is so obvious that it is just a scam. I will try to seek help from law enforcement to make sure that I will get my money back and that these scammers will pay.

    • K

      Just call Clickbank and you will get a full refund, Dr.Paul Martin
      Tel Clickbank : Tel 800-390-6035

  55. Come on, folks. ANY site which follows this modus operandi (embedded video which you cannot scroll through but rather have to sit and watch the whole thing) with ambiguous statements questions designed to mislead you is a scam. This is set up EXACTLY like such notable “breakthroughs” as natural male enlargement, how to make millions on the internet, how to get six-pack abs with just five minutes a day of exercise, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

    PT. Barnum was correct in stating “there’s a sucker born every minute”. But if you factor in the internet, there figure probably jumps to about one hundred.

  56. On 3/13/15 I placed an order for $37.00 ( 2S65Q36E ) and a copy of the confirmation receipt was printed. The transaction was posted at my bank on 03/16/15 . In a few days it will have been one month. To-date I have not received the product . I hope I have not become the victim of a SCAM . I sent an e-mail to which there has been no reply last week .

    • Hi
      Some posted this and has got the ebook. Could you also try and see if it is working

      bernie moore1 week ago

      The E-book was in the receipt. It showed a spot to click on then it showed 3 books click on the picture of the first book and there is an e-book
      If you are successful then please confirm.

  57. Please give me your contact info I need a refund!! I’m very upset for falling into this false hopes

    • The E-book was in the receipt. It showed a spot to click on then it showed 3 books click on the picture of the first book and there is an e-book

  58. Well I tryied a lot of things, but I found out that the only thing that helped me big time is a company call HEALTH RESOURCES, they sale a supplement called ADVANCE SUGAR SOLUTION, my own md was surprised to see how much my sugar went down and stay down,i don’t own any stock on the company, but I love to share what is really helped me to control my diabete.

  59. The ” Revitalize Drink ” section, pages 43, 44 & 45, did not include the recipe for how much baking soda should be mixed with how much water & lemon juice & probiotics
    & in what form ?????? Please forward this Info via E Mail .
    Manfred Armbruster

  60. Ordered this book in January and never received it! Just got ripped off and am not happy! They should refund my money, but I guess that isn’t going to happen! Live and learn! I did find contact to email, but wouldn’t accept it, kept saying closed right now! How convenient!

    • What a big surprise !!!!! most people who complains here cant READ !!! the instructions to order the download / the product or book is clearly laid out when u want to purchase it …JUST READ Its not a physical book its a download ….maybe most of you must go for reading lessons again !!!!

  61. I have been ripped off!!!. there is no way to contact them, they took my money & never sent me anything. I will be contacting F.B.I. cyber-crime division to let them handle these thieves who pray on some ones medical misfortune to scam people for their money. At this point, I don’t even want my money back. I want some one to go to jail, cause this to me is the same as robbing the handicap at gun point

    • Edwin,
      Have you considered that you get an e-book and not an actual physical book? On your receipt from clickbank there was a blue button you could click on to download your e-book(s). You need adobe flashplayer (which they offer free if you don’t have it already) to open and see it. If you are unhappy with that you can always get your money back from them. They offered to repay you, you can’t actually send anyone to jail for that. If they took your money and ran you could, be these guys offer a 60 day grace period if you aren’t satisfied. I’d contact them and let them know your concerns for trying to locate their e-book if you overlooked where to download it.

    • Report them to the federal trade commission and state attorney general. And let them know about it!

  62. i bineg tray to contat u people now i submit some Email and they said it was error so please i going to be exatcly wa i need and it is i make some order in the 03-07-2015 the order # DKYRE7KD )and the other is #DKYRE74C )
    so i need my money back to my accounts please .as soon is posible,if not i will turn this to the Better Business Bureau.who might make u people do what is right,i wnt to hear fron u peple soon is poseble i dont want to think this is a beg SCAM.;

    • I have seemingly, been, ripped off as well. At the bottom,of the page I ordered the tablets from, stated it would take 4 to 6 weeks before I get my order. There is no number to call, only a support website to,leave a message. It has not been 6 weeks, so I’ll wait a little while longer (like this weekend )before I make other moves.

  63. I just listened to this ‘Dr’ and placed the order for $37 & $47 and when I checked the total – they had double dipped and my bank says that it appears that they will charge me $168. I don’t have their contact information. no phone number, email, etc. At this point, I do not want anything that they sale. I have been ripped off. I will turn this over to the Better Business Bureau. and who ever else might make them do what is right.

    • I was try to order the 37.00 e-book, but can not get to check unless I agree to buy the 47.00 bottle of Rejuvenate that I do not want. it say’s that if I hit the back botton, that I will be double charged, what i’m I to do in order to just get the 37.00 e-book

      • The Rejuvenate page is called an upsell page. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the No Thanks link, and that should take you to the payment page. If it doesn’t, then you may be at another upsell page, where you go to the bottom again and click on “No Thanks”.

  64. Thae thing I didn’t like was the rabbiting on about nothing at all. He asks yoiu to watch the video ffoe about six minutes. I watched it for thirty minutes and got sick. If it works the money is nothing but I tried my best but could not take any more of the crap of spending thirty minutes extolling the virtues of something and still not getting to the point.

      • Dr Pearson reveals that his Dad had an amputation as a result of diabetes, he seems to break down for a split second during this revelation but it sounded false.

      • I agree with you Linda. The concept is not new, it has been out there for years. Another book by Haylie Pomroy is “The Fast Metabolism Diet” which is built on a very similar concept as Somers’s book. I had amazing results from this diet and it only cost me $1.99. I got the book from the library and bought an app for my phone. That was all I needed. I also read wheat belly and found it insightful and supported the Fast Metabolism concept.

        Like others who have commented, I found the video to drone on and on and eventually found that you did actually have to “pay” for the “shocking” discovery. The concept is not new guys, but hey, if buying this particular book works for you then go for it.

    • I caught on to his concept about 10 minutes into the video and realized that all this is about is food combining. It is a very simple concept that Suzanne Somers had several years ago and I can tell you from my own experience that it works! In three weeks, I had lost 17 pounds and was off my diabetic meds (I was only taking Metformin at that time). Suzanne’s program has been out a couple of decades and is now on ebay for a song (like 3.00 for a book with the plan).

      The name of her books are “Get Skinny on Fabulous Foods”, “Eat, Cheat and Melt” and “Fast and Easy”. There is a fourth one but I cannot remember the name. There is also a book called “Wheat Belly” by Dr. Davis that is absolutely amazing and will help get your diabetes under control very fast. The help is out there, Diabetes Free is just one of them, but between Suzanne’s program and the book Wheat Belly, I stay off all my diabetic meds and eat wonderful food!! (my boys used to beg me to stay on Suzanne’s program because the food was so good haha).

  65. If you had really listened to the program or read the book itself you would have known that it was not him who had diabetes, but his father. Also the premise is not the increase of insulin in the body but the mending of the liver and the increase of insulin like hormone which is produced in the liver. If you are going to criticize something, at least get your facts straight.

    • So did you think it was worth the money to buy the book? We already eat low carb, gluten free, and sugar free. Just wondering if there is really something to learn here…

      • All I can say is within 1 week of changing my husbands diet by not mixing Carbs and Fats on the same meal and cutting out all dairy substituting soya for milk. His sugar reading has gone from 250 to 120, explain that to me. We have purchased no shakes or supplements at just the diet!

        • because the only way to reverse type 2 diabetes is through diet. 500 or 600 calorie a day diet will reverse all type 2 diabetes in three months. I went from 12 to 5.4 in 2 and a half months of this diet.I stopped all meds on day two and by three weeks I broke 100 with no meds. FYI 120 is still diabetic. under 100 with no meds is the goal.

          • Omg! You can NOT live healthily on 600 calories a day! How dangerous, and your body is in starvation mode, saving everything it gets!

        • Three weeks in and I’ve had similar results with the diet. I’m type 2 and when not mixing carbs and fats in meals and cutting out diary I achieve a steady blood sugar level 85 to 87 (was always around 110 – 115. The liver cleanse is revolting tasting, but man it made me feel good. Best tonic ever! I’ve dropped 22 pounds too.


      • My name is Christian Garcia I did not get my order. This was submitted on May 23 2915. I need a refund of the $37.00 and what was charged.

        • This is not a physical book you read in the mail. It is 3 books downloadable off the links on your the receipt. Read more below as people mistakenly think they get a book in the mail, This is the internet age. Just click on the book link… Everyone needs to pay strict attention to this. Good luck!

          • That’s exactly right. I did as instructed and got all of what was promised. I’ve downloaded, printed, and am reading the book right now.

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