Vitabiotics Ultra Lycopene – High Potency Carotenoid Tomato Extract?


There are many supplements on the market providing a plethora of benefits such as boosting the immune system, improving heart, liver, bone or skin health.

It is important to carefully choose the type of supplement to use due to the fact that certain products can contain ambiguous ingredients that can be both beneficial and harmful at once. In addition, every supplement that is sold is not necessarily suitable for everyone, thus, people should choose the supplements they use depending on their needs, health and lifestyle.

About Vitabiotics Ultra Lycopene

Ultra Lycopene is a powerful dietary supplement providing users with a high concentration of lycopene as it is a highly beneficial substance that is unfortunately not synthesized by the body.

Developed and distributed by Vitabiotics, Ultra Lycopene is cruelty-free and has been produced following high standards of quality control.

This potent supplement doesn’t contain a certain type of potentially harmful components such as gluten, lactose, salt and yeast and is suitable for vegetarians. In addition, the Ultra Lycopene formula is free of preservatives and artificial colors providing users with an efficient but safe and healthy dietary supplement.

The Benefits of Ultra Lycopene

Vitabiotics Ultra Lycopene is a product providing users with the benefits of Lycopene a red carotenoid pigment found both in fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, red grapefruit, watermelon, and peppers.

Due to the fact that lycopene can not be naturally synthesized by the body, Vitabiotics developed Ultra Lycopene in order to provide users with the potent and wholesome effects of that healthy substance.

It can be extremely beneficial to have higher levels of lycopene in the body in order to support overall health thus Ultra Lycopene is an innovative product promoting overall health and increasing the immune system. Although not identical, lycopene is very similar to beta-carotene as they both act as red pigments.

Lycopene is an antioxidant which explaining why it has many health benefits such as being a substance preventing cancer. Very nutritious, this powerful antioxidant helps the body combat diseases, viruses and helps strengthen the immune system thus protecting the body from developing severe illnesses.

Due to modern agricultural techniques, many foods contain pesticides which can be harmful to people’s health, however, Ultra Lycopene is a product that can help prevent damage caused by pesticides.

Lycopene is a phytonutrient essential in preventing and healing vaginal yeast infections or candidiasis, due to the fact that this substance causes infectious fungal cells to destroy themselves. This mechanism of cells eliminating themselves is called apoptosis, thus lycopene is essential as it causes apoptosis to the infecting cells responsible for candidiasis.

As an antioxidant, lycopene prevents oxidation in several areas including the eyes. Preventing oxidative stress in the eye, lycopene blocks the development of severe eye diseases.

Dietary supplements containing lycopene are the most powerful and essential vitamins promoting eye health. Lycopene has been clinically and scientifically proven to have the ability to prevent cataract or improve the condition. Thus, Ultra Lycopene is a powerful dietary supplement promoting overall health, eye health and acting as a powerful solution preventing cancers.

Lycopene also promotes a plethora of other health benefits as it supports heart health, helps reduce neuropathic pain, and promotes bone health. In addition, this phytonutrient is also a great brain stimulant as it inhibits the effects of damaging cells preventing dementia and other possible brain diseases.

Vitabiotics Ultra Lycopene Availability and Pricing

Ultra Lycopene can be ordered online on the Vitabiotics website for £14.95 GBP. Ultra Lycopene is a potent dietary supplement promoting overall health by providing various health benefits such as preventing cancer, supporting eye and heart health.

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