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Bai Bubbles Review – Is It For You?

With spring and summer coming up, there is no better way to start the warmer seasons than with delicious, refreshing, and fruity drinks. If you are like most people though, you may be looking for something aside from your traditional fruit juice or regular flavored water. The good news is that this season, there are many new products to try and rave about.

One particular product that has taken the internet by storm is Bai Brand’s new Bai Bubbles drink. Ben Weiss, the creator of Bai Bubbles, aims to revitalize the carbonated drink by bringing to the market an array of unique, fun, and interesting flavors. While many seem to like this product, just how good is it?

Well – here is a review to help you find out.

What is Bai Bubbles?

The preclude to Bai Bubbles is the Bai 5 Calorie Antioxidant Infusion drink that comes in three different flavors: coconut, blueberry, and pomegranate. With an aim to revitalize the carbonated drink, creator of Bai recently launched Bai Bubbles.

As you can imagine, unlike its predecessor, Bai Bubbles is carbonated. Similarly though, Bai Bubbles still contains five calories and one gram of sugar per can. There ae also no artificial sweeteners involved. The product, which includes an array of unique flavors, comes in a slim white 11.5 floral ounce can that boldly features the flavor. Essentially, you can call Bai Bubbles a gourmet drink that includes all of the flavors you have never considered drinking in carbonated, let alone non-carbonated form.

Therefore, you do need an outgoing and open mind to handle the line of flavors that Bai Bubbles has come out with. More importantly, you should be willing to handle the fact that some of them are just not as good as others.

Bai Bubbles Flavors

As mentioned above, Bai Bubbles comes in a range of flavors, some of which you never really may have considered drinking. The line of flavors include: Black Cherry, Gimbi Pink Grapefruit, Guatemala Guava, Indonesia Nashi Pear, Jamaica Blood Orange, Peru Pineapple, Sulawesi Limon, and Waikiki Coconut.

Now for the heart of the review, which begs the question – are these flavors any good?

· Blood Orange: Taking into consideration all of the flavors, Blood Orange has to be one of the most promising. The flavor is not too intense and the subtle citrus flavor does pair well with the level of carbonation of the can. What may get you with this product though, along with the other flavors, is the sweetness. Most of the flavors are pretty sweet, a sweetness that results from the stevia additive that the products are made of. Compared to other flavors, this is perhaps the best.

· Guatemala Guava: Going from the best flavor to the least interesting flavor is a leap. The failure of this flavor does not necessarily have to do with the flavorful guava, but with the overpowering sweetness. The sweetness of the drink detracts from the guava flavor and any enjoyable experience that you may have derived from it. So essentially, if you are looking for a guava flavor, then it will be hard to find. The closest type of flavor that this can comes to is plain and simple sugar water.

· Waikiki Coconut: Coconut is a popular flavor this year and many may be wondering whether it fares well as a carbonated beverage. Unfortunately, unlike the Guatemala Guava, the Waikiki Coconut also falls short of expectations. The drink does not have much of a coconut flavor to it and also resembles sugar water – just in carbonated form. That’s a tough fact to settle with, especially if you were looking for something refreshing and interesting.

The three flavors above stand out most to those who decide to purchase the drink. As for the other flavors, it really is a matter of personal preference. As a whole though, it seems that the rest of the flavor line is generally popular and at least you also know what you should definitely try and what you should stay away from.

What are the Ingredients?

If you are going to pay premium for a product, you might as well ensure that you are also getting premium ingredients. The good news is that Bai Bubbles does not fall short in this respect. With eight different flavors, each contains numerous antioxidants to boost your drinking experience.

As the brand claims, the antioxidants in its products enhance the free radicals in your body, it eliminates the bad radicals, and it also neutralizes your body to prevent damage. In addition, the antioxidant infusion makes the drink a hearty and invigorating experience.

As mentioned earlier, the product does contain Stevia, a naturally occurring sweetener made from the leaves of a plant species called Stevia Rebaudiana. Aside from Stevia, the product also contains Erythritol, also known as “sugar alcohol.” These two sweeteners are what ensure that the calorie count per can is just a mere 5 calories.

Lastly, the product is compatible with those who have a low glycemic index. The drink is also certified OU Kosher, it is gluten free, non-GMO, and there are no artificial preservatives. It is also vegan, soy free, and contains 45 mg of caffeine per can, which can be likened to a cup of tea.

How Much Does Bai Bubbles Cost?

Gourmet drinks usually come with a gourmet price, and Bai Bubbles is no exception. You can either purchase a can of Bai Bubbles for $1.99 per can or $23.88 12-pack box. Whether the price is worth it really depends upon how much you like the drink. If you do find it tasty, refreshing, and delicious, then it is a $1.99 per can well spent. You can also reduce the overall cost by purchasing a box – although, not by much.

The product can be bought in stores or online at most online retailers.


Overall, if you enjoy carbonated drinks in unique and fun fruity flavors that also contain a boost of antioxidants, then Bai Bubbles is a good option for you.

The only real issue to be aware of with this product is that it can take a few tries to find the flavor that you like most. Once you get that down, this beverage is an enjoyable experience that can make your day better.

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  1. Just had a cold Bai Bubbles Peru Pineapple & only 5 calories, was a pretty good refreshment after 9 bags of groceries carried in & put away. Just a touch of natures caffeine 45 mg. to revive me to cook up dinner tonight.
    It’s on sale in ShopRite & had a .50 coupon doubled to $1.00 to try it out my new product.

  2. They don’t suck at all… Great alternative to your cancer helping Pepsi/Coke. Swan Dinh is just missing her 2 liter bottle of grape drank

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