Visual Impact Muscle Building – Strategic Muscle Gaining Workouts?


Many diets and training regimes focus exclusively on the bulking up aspect of things, this may be visually appealing for some people but in the long run this muscle content is hard to maintain and also has no real benefits in terms of increased stamina, endurance and power.

Research has shown that true power and strength comes form the development of lean muscle mass which is achieved via a systematic metabolization of pure protein content.

This protein is transported to our skeletal muscle cells where the mitochondria uses it as fuel and helps it the formation of muscle fiber.

Using this approach to exercise and body development users can achieve a body that is not only shredded but also looks graceful. There are no signs of extremely large muscles which can be off putting to many people, instead the muscles are lean and the skin gives the appearance of sticking to one’s body rather than simply looking puffed up and bloated.

Visual Impact Muscle Building About The Program

The Visual Impact Muscle Building (VIMB) program is an all new lifestyle system which helps users obtain a beautifully sculpted physique that does not give the appearance of a buffed up, steroid loaded body but instead makes the user look lean, shredded and fit.

It deals with many aspects of training which many users seem to get wrong, some of these problems with regular exercise routines include:

(i) Too Much Sarcoplasmic Training: this regime makes our muscles look fluffy and compounded rather than giving them an angular and sharp appearance.

(ii) Extreme Myofibrillar Training: excess of this kind of training leads to the creation of dense muscles which are small and look shrunken. Even though development is good through this method, muscle volume tends to be extremely low.

Person Behind The System

VIMB is the brainchild of Rusty Moore who is a highly sought after trainer in the Los Angeles region, over the past couple of years his website( has garnered immense interest from casual gym goers and various celebrities.

This is because he presents various easy to perform techniques which help users achieve the same look as many A list celebrities who have amazing physiques.

Over the years, over 10,000 clients have benefited from his methods, training and techniques and there are many testimonials from both men and women on his website which users can check out before making a purchase.

Whats Included?

(i) Muscle Building Guide: this is a 72 page book that is packed with advanced techniques which have been devised after years of practical training experience.

There are various exercise regimes outlined in this book which allow users to obtain a sharp physique with hard and full muscles.

It also includes a carefully crafted “three-phase” plan which outlines certain techniques and diet plans which each build upon the other.

In the book the author also dispels various false notions that have been propagated by many trainers like ‘free weight’ exercises are essential for gaining muscle and that protein shakes are essential for getting ripped.

(ii) Exercise Demonstrations: this 227 page guide comes loaded with a plethora of trainings which have been crafted for different muscle groups.

There are step-by-step photos included in the book so that users can follow exact instructions and see what the results are supposed to look like. A key aspect of this book is that it has been made available as an ebook, so if a user for example was looking to work on a specific muscle group he can simply search on the content menu and click on the desired page.

Each and every body part has been covered and there are a whole set of exercises that users can perform easily if the prescribed instructions are followed.

Purchasing Options

The easiest way to buy the entire program is by placing an order online at The entire system along with the written, visual instructions can be obtained for a nominal price of $47.00.

The program also comes with a 60 day no risk trial guarantee, which essentially means that in case users are not happy with the results they can ask for a full refund. All payments can be made using a host of safe and secure means including PayPal, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and Visa.

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