Vinitrox – Sports Nutrition Performance Enhancement Ingredient?


About Vinitrox

Vinitrox is a proprietary and unique synergistic combination of grape and apple polyphenols. It generally offers excellent properties in sports nutrition that include lasting and enhanced performance. It was manufactured by Nexira in a quest to answer athletes’ demand for natural dietary supplements.

This dietary supplement has nitrates, I-ornithine, and I-arginine as its ingredients. It combines grape and apple extracts to form an optimized mixture that offers an instant vasodilation. It helps in improving performance as well as boosting metabolism. It is mostly used by athletes due to its rich properties of igniting muscle performance, amping up the nitric oxide levels, and breaking through the fatigue barrier.

A research study conducted on about 50 athletes revealed that using 500mg of Vinitrox daily greatly increases their physical training time by up to 10% while delaying by 13% the fatigue barrier.

Benefits Of Using Vinitrox

Vinitrox has been proven to be effective in improving erectile dysfunction and blood pressure due to the power contained in its ingredients. There are also a number of benefits associated with the use of this dietary ingredient. Here are some of the benefits associated with its use.

Superoxide Anion and ET-1

The polyphenols present in red wine are responsible for decreasing a certain plasma chemical known as ET-1, as well as the superoxide anion. This ends up improving the endothelial function.

Adhesion Molecules

Phloretin refers to a flavanoid contained in apples and it suppresses the functions of the endothelial adhesion molecules, which are responsible for causing arteriosclerosis and arterial damage.


Nitric oxide is mainly boosted by a key enzyme referred to as eNOS. Red wine polyphenols are also capable of enhancing this activity as shown in a recently conducted study on animals.

Cholesterol, CRP, and Triglyericdes

According to a study conducted on animals, it was found that apple juice has the ability of decreasing all the three main risk factors for arterial and heart disease.

Seditious Gene Expression

This dietary supplement has been touted as a possible agent of altering genetic constitution. Apple polyphenols have been proven to have this capability, as well as reducing inflammation which is a major solution to erection problems.

Other Benefits

Vinitrox ingredients are all natural, meaning that they are safe to take and do not pose any threat to the human body. The supplement is capable of combating muscle fatigue, thereby enabling athletes to train for longer durations without tiring and increasing their chances of achieving their goals.

A number of research studies have shown that this dietary supplement has great antioxidant effects, which makes it an important addition to our diet as the antioxidants are helpful when it comes to combating harmful free radicals. This keeps an individual at a lesser risk of contracting dangerous diseases caused by the presence of these harmful free radicals in the body.

Possible Side Effects

As a natural testosterone booster, Vinitrox use brings with it a number of side effects that are common to the use of these types of natural supplements. The most common side effects associated with the use of this supplement include acne, anemia, myalgia, mild headaches, and aggression, and longer use of them could result in kidney damage.

Acne is mostly common due to the increased testorone level in the human body and most people report that the outbreak normally affects their back. Another common side effect is anemia, whereby an individual suffers iron deficiency in their blood, leading to a person feeling weak or cold and increasing their chances of catching a cold.

The increase in testosterone levels in the body leads to aggression. All in all, it is a safe product that guarantees good results as long as you follow the right prescription directions.

Alternatively, people using this dietary supplement could suffer from myalgia, which refers to the abnormal growth of the body muscle. This is due to the fact that these testosterone boosters usually increase the body’s muscle mass but do not increase the strength of tendons. This is the reason why it is advisable for athletes to include exercise workouts that are aimed at strengthening their ligaments and tendons.

Mild headaches are also common side effects associated with the use of these supplements. It is not advisable to take these drugs for long as several studies conducted in Europe have shown that excessive use of these supplements can lead to kidney damage. Anxiety and depression are other side effects but they are rare.

Lastly, mood swings are a common psychological side effect of using these supplements.

Top Vinitrox Products

A number of products have been developed using the apple and grape polyphenols to be used by athletes and for purposes of helping sort out erectile dysfunction and other related problems.

Some of the top products include Vinitrox from Bio Serae, ViNitrox from Nexira Incorporated, and Dietspotlight Burn. There are also a few other vinitrox supplements available in the market.

Vinitrox Review Summary

Grapes and apples are great when it comes to the cardiovascular system, as well as in improving the endothelial function (blood flow and nitric oxide) in the human body. It is largely expected that any products or supplements made from the same fruit extracts like vinitrox have the potential of doing exactly that. This explains why these supplements are quickly gaining popularity in the European markets.

There are a number of clinical studies that have been conducted on these supplements in a bid to find out whether they indeed work or are just misrepresented to the public. A good number of users have given them the green light that they work and health professionals have assured that they are safe for use.

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