Vegan Wines: All Over Amercia Online Delivery Service Wine Club?


Vegan Wines is a company that ships out wines with various subscription options, depending on what kind of wine the user prefers. The shipments include three bottles of wine each, though the total cost varies by the products sent out.

What Is Vegan Wines?

Wine is an acquired taste for many, but sometimes, it is just about finding the right flavor. People have had wine for centuries, and there are so many different vineyards around the world that there is bound to be a flavor that someone enjoys. However, exploring these flavor options is sometimes about learning about the varieties that are available. With the Vegan Wines brand, consumers can constantly try new flavors.

Vegan Wines has vineyards throughout the country, giving them the ability to tour different vineyards and wine making facilities to learn about all the ways that wine can be bettered. Their big statement is that there are no animal products involved, but wines as a whole are generally made with a variety of grapes, not animal products.

However, despite this fact, the company highlights how they are the first online vegan wine club, which seems to be a very niche category. There are no egg whites or fish bladders used in the fertilization process either.

The main goal at Vegan Wines is to help consumers get ahold of vintage flavors that smaller wineries produce. With animal-friendly methods, strict vegans can feel confident in their purchases.

Read on below to learn about the subscription opportunities available to consumers.

How The Wine Club Works

The Wine Club is relatively easy to use for every consumer. The company selects everything first, and then the participant will receive the wines that apply to the subscription. The next shipment depends on the schedule of the user, but they get to keep all of the products they receive.

There does not appear to be a return policy presently in place.

Subscription Options

The best part about Vegan Wines is that consumers have the chance to get the remedies delivered directly to their front door with a membership. Choose from the following options:

  • Standard ($90-$135 per shipment)
    • Includes three bottles of wine, which include at least one red and one white every time
  • Red Lovers Club ($135-$180 per shipment)
    • Includes three bottles of red wine

After the first shipment of the selected subscription goes out, all of the wine on the website is discounted for member pricing. Members also get other exclusive discounts, access to VIP content, and invitations to special events. There are also plenty of tips for consumers to learn about recipes, pairing, tasting notes, and veganism.

If consumers stick with the membership, they will also be able to choose some vegan products, including cheese and chocolate. Additionally, they will be among the first to two about two upcoming options – the Premium subscription and the International Club. Pricing is not yet available for these items.

Contacting The Creators Of Vegan Wines

Even though the website has a lot of helpful information, consumers may still have questions about the way this subscription works, and about the wine options available. Consumers do not have a phone number for the brand, but they can send an email to [email protected] to learn more information.

Vegan Wines Review Summary

Vegan Wines creates an opportunity for consumers to get plenty of different wines each shipment. Consumers do not need to be vegans to take part in the program, which means that anyone can sign up to get high-quality vintage wine at their doorstep. Simply choose to receive only red wines or a mixture or red and white and wait for the first box to arrive.


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