Usana CellSentials – Core Minerals & Vita-Antioxidant InCelligence?


The modern diet has made it increasingly difficult for the average person to get on a daily basis the nutrients needed to protect the body. As synthetic ingredients and preservatives replace the vitamins, minerals, and other compounds the body needs to thrive, many people turn to nutritional supplements to fill the gap.

Unfortunately, science and research has found that most of the supplements on the market fail to actually deliver the amount of nutrients claimed on the packaging.

Because supplements often pass through the body before being broken down completely, many supplement users may think they’re getting more out of their daily routine than is actually true.

In an effort to make supplements more effective, the company Usana has been making strides towards combing science with natural ingredients. Using a patented technology, the supplements created by the company are able to blend effortlessly with cells, being dispersed throughout the body to provide a more efficient distribution of nutrients.

With the Usana CellSentials, this amazing combination of science, technology, and nutritional health is seen clearly. The dual supplement system allows users to get the antioxidants and minerals they need to thrive and experience fuller health.

What Are Usana CellSentials?

Usana CellSentials Pack is a two product system that includes the supplements Vita Antioxidant and Core Minerals.

These products both use the Usana InCelligence Technology, a patent process that allows nutrients to activate abilities within the cells, improving how well the body protects itself. With this innovative technology, Usana CellSentials supports the overall health of users, while also improving the longevity of cells.

By taking this unique approach to supplements and nutrition, Usana CellSentials is completely changing the game, making it possible for people to get complete and total support for their health and wellness.

As mentioned above, the Usana CellSentials Pack is made with two unique supplements, Vita Antioxidant and Core Minerals. While these products can be purchased on their own, when combined they offer the most effective benefits.

Vita Antioxidant uses a powerful blend of antioxidants to reverse damage in the body caused by free radicals. Using the unique InCelligence Complex, the antioxidant supplement also works to improve how the cells remove damaged mitochondria from cells, improving overall cellular energy in the body.

Core Minerals contains all the essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body to nourish and protect wellness. With these two powerful supplements, Usana CellSentials is able to give users a comprehensive nutritional supplement support for their wellness.

Benefits Of Usana CellSentials

The supplement industry is notorious for creating products that either don’t contain the amount of each ingredient promised on the label or are not bioavailable enough to be broken down completely.

Both problems result in people who take supplements not being able to get their daily nutritional needs.

One of the benefits of Usana CellSentials is that its supplements contain perfectly balanced amounts of the highest quality vitamins. Every vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant ingredient used in the Usana CellSentials Pack has been used because it can be absorbed better by the body.

As a result, users who take Usana CellSentials supplements are getting exactly what they need to protect the health of their bodies. The food industry and its general disregard for the nutrients needed in food is one of the biggest reasons people turn to supplements for wellness support.

Usana CellSentials was designed to be the perfect foundation for those who have a gap in their health due to not eating or not eating enough of the right foods.

With both supplements in the Usana CellSentials Pack working to protect the cells in the body and promote mitochondrial renewal, those taking the supplements are healthier than ever. These supplements serve as the perfect foundation for a healthy, thriving life.

Finally, the reason the Usana CellSentials Pack is able to provide the wide range of benefits it offers users is because the company has dedicated itself to being at the forefront of nutritional technology and advances. As a result for this constant thriving to be better, Usana has created a patent-pending technology called InCelligence.

At the foundation of all Usana products, this technology allows supplements to unlock the communication between the cells, using nutrient blends that encourage the cells to constantly protect and renew.

As a result, the Usana CellSentials Pack is able to offer long-term benefits for its users, truly making it easier to be healthier and happier.

How Usana CellSentials Work

As mentioned briefly above, the driving force behind Usana and its transformative, innovative supplements is found in the technology called InCelligence. The complex blend of bioavailable ingredients makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients and antioxidants the Usana supplements deliver to the body.

This means that users of Usana products, like the CellSentials Pack, are more efficiently protecting their bodies for long-term results. There are three specific ways InCelligence works within the body to offer users of Usana products the results to which they have become accustomed.

The first way is that the ingredients in InCelligence stimulate the production of glutathione and other similar enzymes. Because these enzymes combat stress on cells, by stimulating their production, InCelligence is able to decrease oxidative stress in the body.

The second way InCelligence works is by increasing the amount of antioxidants produced inside cells. When these antioxidants are created within the body, they are 100 times more effective than those taken through supplements or diet.

Finally, InCelligence works with cells to improve their communication process, enhancing the natural renewal that occurs in healthy cells.

As the cells begin renewing, they are able to remove harmful waste and toxins from the body, improving cellular energy and overall health. It’s in these three unique ways that InCelligence makes Usana products, like CellSentials, more effective at treating and protecting the health of users.

Purchasing Usana CellSentials

There are two ways to purchase the Usana CellSentials Pack, both available on the company website (

For first time buyers, Usana CellSentials is offered at a discounted price of $52.95 for a 28 day supply, or 112 tablets of both Core Minerals and Vita Antioxidant. This is a one-time special offer for those first trying the Usana CellSentials system. Once users have experienced the amazing power of the Usana CellSentials Pack, they can continue purchasing the product for its full price of $58.25.

However, if customers still want a discount with their purchases, they can sign up for a subscription to receive the supplements every month. With a monthly subscription, customers will save an additional 10% on their orders.

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