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Proflavanol C100 Review USANA

In January of 2015, Dr. Oz teamed up with a network marketing company called USANA. Dr. Oz promised to advertise the company’s products on his show. Proflavanol C100 is one of the first major USANA products endorsed by Dr. Oz.

Find out everything you need to know about Proflavanol C100 today in our review!

proflavanol c100 usana

What is Proflavanol C100?

Proflavanol C100 is a health supplement built to boost cardiovascular health. It promises to deliver natural ingredients that make your cardiovascular system healthy and strong.

Proflavanol C100 is made by a network marketing company called USANA. USANA, like many network marketing companies, is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It claims that its ingredients are tested for purity, identity, composition, strength, and quality to ensure the best possible nutritional supplement.

In February 2015, Dr. Oz launched a giveaway on his site for Proflavanol C100. That giveaway gave free Proflavanol C100 products to the first 1,000 people who signed up.

Proflavanol C100 Ingredients

For some mysterious reason, USANA doesn’t disclose the ingredients included in Proflavanol C100. The product has also not been evaluated by the FDA.

Here’s what USANA does say about its heart health supplement:

— It contains a proprietary USANA blend called Poly C. This blend simply contains high levels of vitamin C. USANA claims that it “raises vitamin C levels in plasma higher and longer than ascorbic acid alone.”

— It contains grape seed extract. One study from the Boston University School of Medicine found that grape seed extract and vitamin C support healthy blood flow and peripheral circulation function. USANA does not provide a link to this study.

— These are the only two ingredients listed by USANA. No other ingredients are disclosed or identified.

Proflavanol C100 obviously contains many other ingredients – so the fact that none of those ingredients are disclosed is a little bit worrying.

Are they all natural ingredients?

What’s in the synthetic formula?

Are any of the ingredients hazardous to your health? With Proflavanol C100, we just don’t know.

In any case, Proflavanol C100’s two most active ingredients are Vitamin C and grape seed extract. Both of these ingredients have been shown to boost cardiovascular health when used separately on their own. When used together, USANA claims the ingredients work synergistically to dramatically boost cardiovascular health.

Scientific Evidence for Proflavanol C100

USANA claims that its supplement is backed up by real health science. It repeatedly mentions a study from the Boston University School of Medicine which showed that vitamin C and grape seed extract improve cardiovascular health.

Searching for that study online reveals mostly USANA webpages, including this PDF. That PDF claims that USANA scientists and Boston University School of Medicine researchers teamed up to study the effects of grape seed extract and vitamin C on coronary artery disease (CAD).

According to that PDF, “the study showed that just hours after ingesting the supplement, participants’ micro-vascular function improved; their blood vessels began expanding and contracting more like what is typically expected in healthy blood vessels.”

The only non-USANA source which mentions the study is this page on That page claims the study involved just 15 people and took place in 2007. It does not list the results of the study, although it claims participants took 450mg of grape seed extract and 1500mg of ascorbic acid daily.

Throughout the USANA website, the company is careful to mention that “these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

In any case, it appears more research needs to be done before USANA can definitively say that grape seed extract and vitamin C significantly improve cardiovascular functionality.

Buying Proflavanol C100 Online

You can buy single orders of USANA products from the official USANA website. You may also be able to find a USANA affiliate in your area who could give you wholesale discounts.

If you want regular shipments of Proflavanol C100 delivered to your address every month, then you can save 10% off your order by subscribing to the auto-ship program. This program will automatically renew your order every month, charge your credit card, and ship a 1 month supply of Proflavanol C100 to your address.

There are three different Proflavanol C100 packages:

Proflavanol C100: $39.95 for a 1 month supply

Proflavanol C100 Plus: $62.40 for a combination of 1 month of BiOmega and Proflavanol C100 “for a stronger heart-health routine.”

Proflavanol C100 Platinum: Offers “the most advanced cardiovascular support” for $182.40 and contains a 1 month supply of Proflavanol C100, BiOmega, and HealthPak supplements.

To subscribe to the auto ship program, just check the box beside “auto order” at checkout. 10% will immediately be taken off your order. You can call USANA at any time to cancel.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Proflavanol C100?

For a company that prides itself on “quality”, “composition” and “strength”, USANA is surprisingly mysterious about the list of ingredients in Proflavanol C100.

All we know is that it contains a proprietary vitamin C blend and some type of grape seed extract. That’s it.

In one study, vitamin C and grape seed extract were shown to work synergistically to boost cardiovascular health.

If you trust Dr. Oz’s recommendations, then none of the above problems really matter, because you’re going to buy this supplement anyway. On the other hand, if you’re careful about which ingredients you put into your body and want to know the exact doses and sources of ingredients, then USANA Proflavanol C100 may not meet your requirements.

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    Contains SOY

  2. Investing less than $15.00 you can get the blend of the 2 ingredients contained on the PROFLAVANOL C100, AND WITH EVEN MORE CONCENTRATION.
    PS. There is not any evidence that 300mg. of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and 100 mg. of Grape seed extract could do something different than helping a little bit to boost the immune system

  3. You can obtain the supplement facts simply by doing a google search on the product ingredients. Nothing mysterious about it.

  4. In fact the ingredients ARE listed on the label: Vitamin C blend of mineral ascorbates (which helps with bioavailability of Vit C) 600mg/ 2 Tablets
    and Grape seed extract 200mg/ 2 Tablets and “other” ingredients listed used to formulate the tablets are on the label as well…

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