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Uptime Energy Review

Uptime Energy is a new energy drink that promises to boost both your mental and physical energy. It comes in distinctive 355mL black bottles. Here’s our Uptime Energy review.

What is Uptime Energy?

Uptime Energy is an energy-boosting beverage that was just recently released onto the internet.

Despite the new and improved appearance, these are the same Uptime Energy capsules that have been sold at gas stations across America since 1985.

The company recently underwent a rebranding campaign and released a new energy beverage along with its classic lineup of energy tablets.

The Uptime Energy beverages come in distinctive 355mL black and white bottles while the tablets come in packages of 3 tablets.

There are two different varieties of Uptime Energy:

— Uptime Original (black bottle)
— Uptime Sugar Free (white bottle)

The Original recipe is flavored with natural, cane sugar, while the Sugar Free recipe has 0 sugar. Both beverages contain about the same caffeine as a “cup of premium, brewed coffee” according to the official website, at Uptime Energy

The flavor is best described as being a blend of orange, lemon, and lime flavors – kind of like 7-Up or Sprite with a bit of an orange twist.

Each beverage comes in the distinctive bottle with a resealable cap.

Unlike many energy drinks and coffee beverages, Uptime Energy also contains additional nootropic-like ingredients designed to promote healthy brain activity and boost your cognitive energy.

Uptime Energy Capsules

The Uptime Energy company also sells the same energy-boosting formula in capsule form. The capsules come with “premium vitamins, herbs and minerals” and are designed for those who want to boost their energy while on-the-go.

There are two versions of the Uptime Energy Capsules, including the Original Energy Blend and the Maximum Energy Blend.

These Uptime Energy capsules have been sold in America since 1985. The company recently underwent a much-needed rebranding campaign, however, which is why many people think that it’s a brand new product.

In any case, the three most active ingredients in the Uptime Energy capsules are:

— Coenzyme Q10
— Ginkgo Biloba
— Ginseng

You take three capsules at once to support a sustained release of energy (the manufacturer recommends taking one capsule per every 50 pounds of body weight).

Uptime Energy Ingredients

Uptime Energy ingredients vary slightly between the energy drink and the tablets. However, the same top 10 most active ingredients remain the same:

— Ginkgo
— Angelica
Bee Pollen
— Gotu Kola
— Taurine
— Ginseng
— Caffeiene
— Vitamin C
— Potassium

According to CaffeineInformer.com, the Uptime Energy capsules have 66mg of caffeine per tablet while the Uptime Energy beverages have approximately 100mg.

Uptime Energy doesn’t list its exact ingredients chart for the beverages. Thanks to the folks at GNC.com, however, we know that this is what the Uptime Energy tablet ingredients chart looks like:

Uptime Energy

How to Buy Uptime Energy

Uptime Energy is currently only available from www.uptime.energy, where you have several buying options available:

Energy Drinks:

— Original Energy Drink: 24 package of 12 ounce bottles: $59.95
— Sugar Free Energy Drink: 24 package of 12 ounce bottles: $59.95



— Original Energy Blend Tablets – 72 Capsules: $24.95

— Maximum Energy Blend Tablets – 72 Capsules: $27.95

— Original Energy Blend Tablets – 60 Capsules: $17.95

— Maximum Energy Blend Tablets – 60 Capsules: $19.95

Free shipping does not seem to be available for any orders. Standard ground shipping through UPS costs $11.72 in the continental United States. International shipping does not seem to be available at this time.

You can also buy the original Uptime Energy capsules at Amazon.com, where they’re priced at $12.36 for a package of 60 capsules.

iHerb.com sells the capsules for $11.15 for a package of 60 and GNC sells them at a member price of $15.99 for that same package ($15.99 regular price).

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