Turapur BPA-Free Countertop Water Pitcher Review


Turapur Water Pitcher Review – Why Buy?

The Turapur water pitcher is a new water filtration device that creates hydrogen-rich water that is purportedly better for your health. Here’s our Turapur water pitcher review.

What is the Turapur Water Pitcher?

The Turapur is a water filtration system that looks similar to Brita and other water pitcher filters. You pour tap water into the top of the pitcher, it passes through the filter, and filtered water comes out the bottom.

The main difference between Turapur and other water filters is that it creates hydrogen-rich water. The pitcher isn’t actually classified as a water purification system: instead, it’s a water filtration system that adds hydrogen ions to your water.

Why would you want to drink water with hydrogen ions added in? The makers of Turapur claim that this water helps you feel more energized. It also promises to reduce the effects of aging on your body.

As the manufacturer of Turapur explains, “Hardly anyone in the United States knows about this fountain of youth.”

How Does Turapur Work?

The makers of Turapur claim to use “specially selected mineral layers” in their filter. When water passes through these mineral layers, it receives hydrogen ions. The mineral layers contain things like magnesium. As the water hits the magnesium, a chemical reaction occurs to create freed hydrogen ions.

Hydrogen ions play an important role in the body because they help to balance free radicals within your body. You know how your body needs to maintain a special temperature balance in order to stay healthy? The creator of Turapur claims you also need to maintain a free radical balance. Free radicals are compounds within our body that create oxidative damage and can accelerate the risk of disease. You combat free radical damage using antioxidants – like the ones found in fruits and vegetables.

The power of Turapur’s hydrogen water is that it produces “a super-powerful antioxidant” in the water you drink every day. So instead of eating fruits and vegetables all day to get your daily recommended intake of antioxidants, you can simply drink Turapur water.

By drinking Turapur water daily, you can reduce the effects of aging on your body, reduce your risk of disease, and access more energy every day – at least, according to the manufacturer.

To make a long story short, drinking water is always healthy for you. Turapur promises to double down on these health benefits by making water even healthier.

The creator of Turapur isn’t just making up these health benefits: check out this study from Japan, where researchers showed that hydrogen-rich water improved lipid and glucose metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes. Researchers didn’t go as far to say that hydrogen-rich water provides anti-aging benefits, but they did say it can have a beneficial role in preventing diseases like diabetes.

The maker of Turapur cites this study – and others – when he explains the benefits of his pitcher.

The Story Behind Turapur

Turapur comes with an interesting story. The creator of the filter, Nate Rifkin, claims he once met an “eccentric man” about to turn 50 years old – although he only looked like he was about 30 years old.

After speaking with the man, Nate learned that his secret was a “weird-looking machine…about the size of a briefcase.” That machine produced water with hydrogen ions. After receiving a sample of that water, he claims he “could feel in my body this fountain of youth is real.”

Nate paid the man $4,000 for this mysterious machine, then started to test the water himself.

He claims he used something called an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) meter to measure how much a liquid either reduces the potential for oxidation or creates oxidation. An ORP meter is a real device that uses small electric charges to test water. OzoneApplications.com explains that it’s used to measure the cleanliness of the water and assess the water’s ability to break down contaminants.

Nate used the ORP meter to test popular bottled water, tap water, and the water created by the $4,000 electrolysis machine.

Eventually, Nate teamed up with someone to create a cheaper version of the water filtration system. Instead of paying $4,000 for a machine that creates antioxidant water, you can pay a much lower price for a small pitcher. Then, these two teamed up with a manufacturer called Laissez Faire to produce the pitcher in mass quantities.

How Does the Turapur Pitcher Make Hydrogen-Rich Water?

Turapur makes hydrogen-rich water in two stages.

The first stage is a special filtering layer of NSF-certified activated carbon. This layer strips out bad tastes and odors from your water. Then, the next layer of “Ion Exchange Resin” softens the water – much like your home’s water softener works. These two layers make up the first stage and they immediately make your water taste better.

The next stage uses specific minerals to enrich the water and free its hydrogen content using a mixture of three elements:

  • Magnesium
  • Infrared ceramics
  • Tourmaline

The magnesium starts by freeing up the hydrogen. Water, as you know, is made from H20 (two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom). When water interacts with magnesium, magnesium will attract some of the oxygen atoms and pair together with these oxygen atoms. This causes the hydrogen atoms to split from the oxygen, leaving hydrogen behind.

The other layers – infrared ceramics and tourmaline – free up more hydrogen. Tourmaline is actually a gemstone that promises to transform the water into the hydrogen-rich, antioxidant fountain of youth you love.

Turapur Pricing

Turapur is priced at $19.95 + $4.95 shipping and handling.

The manufacturer claims the normal retail price is $59.95, although the creator of the filter claims he would “happily fork over $4,000” for filtered water like this.

There’s a bit of a catch to this price tag: after buying the filter online from the official Turapur website, you’ll be automatically subscribed to the Turapur autoship program, which sends you fresh filters and automatically charges your credit card.

Your first Turapur pitcher comes with filters that will last you a full 60 days. 60 days after you order, your credit card will be billed $45 for a pack of three filters (a 6 month supply).

Every 6 months thereafter, you’ll receive 3 more filters at a price of $45.

Turapur calls this the Priority Pass membership. You can cancel it at any time.

Oddly enough, Turapur isn’t available to people in California or anyone outside of the United States. It’s only available to people in the 49 states not named California. Thea makers of Turapur claim it’s not available in California “due to California regulations”. It’s unclear what those regulations are.

You can order Turapur by phone at 1-866-444-1501 or online at the official website.

About Nate Rifkin and Laissez Faire

Nate Rifkin created the Turapur water filter. He lists his job title as “Underground Health Researcher” for Laissez Faire.

Laissez Faire is a book company based in Baltimore, Maryland. You can learn more about the company by visiting their official website at www.lfb.org. Or, get in touch by calling 877-453-1177. The company is headquartered at the following address:

808 St. Paul St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Laissez Faire describes itself as “an independent publishing and research firm”. The company sells a variety of print and online publications, books and e-books, films, and international conferences.

Nate’s LinkedIn page doesn’t list anything about working at Laissez Faire. Instead, he claims he’s a direct marketing strategist who has been self-employed in the internet marketing world since 2005.

Nate’s official website [Naterifkin.com] lists him as the creator of eBooks like The Secret Life Changing Exercise and Age Reversing Strength. He also appears to have published a number of other books and manuals over the years. The Turapur water filter is also featured prominently on his official website.

Should You Use Turapur to Reverse Aging?

Hydrogen-rich water has shown some evidence that it can reduce your risk of diabetes and other blood sugar-related diseases. However, it has not been definitively shown to be a cure for aging or the “fountain of youth.”

Nevertheless, if you believe hydrogen-rich water is the secret to staying young, then Turapur can help you make hydrogen-rich water in your own home. The pitcher itself is relatively cheap – it’s priced at $20.

That $20 price includes one filter that lasts 60 days. The pitcher gets more expensive, however, after you’re shipped three new filters every 6 months at a price of $45. The company does this automatically through their autoship program.

It’s also important to note that the Turapur pitcher does not accept other filters: you need to buy filters from the company at a price of $45 for a 6 month supply.

If you’re okay with paying that price, and you’re interested in hydrogen-rich water, then Turapur may be the right water pitcher for you.

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  1. I bought the pitcher and 3 filter’s. Never got the filter’s and no refund either. All I want are the filter’s that I paid for. I have written several times with no response at all.

  2. from the sales pitch for this:-
    “This is why we no longer use lead in pencils!”
    there never ever was any lead in pencils it has always been graphite

    • Distiller water doesn’t have the minerals you need, you have to add them back in. It’s only supposed to be used temporarily for detoxification. Check out what Dr. Mercola says about it on his site.

    • Removes minerals from your body. Like water rushing downhill taking everything with it as it goes. Not a viable option.

  3. I’ve been in the water treatment business for many years and most municipalities get away with putting poisons in the water such as chlorine and fluoride which is why I would never Drink tap water from any municipality. They also add Lye or soda ash to the water to increase the pH which increases the sodium content drastically.
    With that said, you can achieve a great deal of benefit by removing harmful chemicals with carbon filtration alone. You can also increase the pH using a mineral filter such as calcite (limestone Minerals)
    What strikes me the most is the price of this picture and filters seems to be incredibly cheap and therefore would be something I would highly recommend alone if they are nearly as adequate as described on their website due to the fact it has ion exchange resin as well as no toxins and and increased pH. It’s definitely healthier than drinking the tapwater and saves on filling landfills up with plastic bottles.

    I am going to purchase one and try it for a few weeks, I will come back and post my results later since I haven’t seen or read any unbiased testimonials and my curiosity is definitely getting the better of me.

    Lastly, hydrogen can attach itself to ions therefore increasing the hydrogen content without it all escaping into the air. Also in case some may not know this, but pH stands for ‘presence of hydrogen’. Or to be more precise “pH is the negative log of hydrogen ion concentration”

    I hope to be back soon with some positive results but will be looking to see if anyone else will post any as well

    • Hi Bill,

      The only reason I am considering buying it once I get back to the US, is b/c someone in a FB group told me said she bought one. This is how I heard about it.

      She already has the $4k ionizer (she can’t use it in the summer time), she tested the water from this device using the PH drops she got with her ionizer, & said the PH is fine. Otherwise I wouldn’t even bother since it’s so cheap.

      Not that I have the money to buy an expensive ionizer, but I definitely need something, as I use TONS of water for washing veggies, drinking, hot tea, etc.

      I can’t drink the terrible spring water I was drinking in Vegas when I was there before moving overseas & even though I won’t be living in Vegas, I don’t trust the water anywhere in the US, especially b/c they force everyone to consumer fluoride.

      They are poisoning us & it amazes me how ignorant most people are, especially the ones who say they will drink the poison from the tap. I believe that the poisons they have been giving people have made them stupid. This is why so many Americans allow themselves to be poisoned not just via water, but even the fake food they eat : (

      Please let us know.

    • Did you get good results with the product? I am considering it, I am convinced of the benefits look at Japan…however does this product deliver the extra H2?

  4. It’s a SCAM, only way to get more H into water is if it’s steam, room temp water absorbs next to nothing of extra hydrogen!

  5. Not only is the product bogus as there are numerous chemistry related errors in their marketing (with no actual scientific proof to back up their product), but this “Review” is bogus as well as the “reviewer” obviously knows even less about the chemistry involved than the goofballs who thought this scam up in the first place.

  6. I bought Turapur water pitcher, also ordered filters….Sadly,
    This product is like a bad joke.
    No matter how many times I tried water wasn’t clear and taste very metallic.
    I felt sick trying .
    It’s been more than a week that I send it back that cost another $20 I don’t think I can get my money back .filters was unopened.
    Bu I really think this whole Turapur is a one big fat scam.

  7. I looked for this on Amazon, they don’t carry it. I checked the BBB and they know nothing of it, also I could not find the location where it’s manufactured.
    Since I’m not a science nerd, I have no way of knowing if this water pitcher truly has the ability to do what the owner claims.
    I believe if this is actually a youth fountain, it would be at the very least available on a shopping site online or sold on TV, and not just from the inventor, wherever in the world that may be…
    In conclusion, I wouldn’t give my bank account info/money to a stranger online who claims to have created the fountain of youth.

    • I don’t see any reason NOT to cut out the “middle man” by not selling your product independently and I always advocate one do as much checking as possible, and would be more trusting if Nate Rifkin explained he worked for Laisse Faire and what his credentials are….”he professes to be a health expert?” however it does appear to be an American made product:
      Turapur Customer Service, 877-453-1177.
      The company is headquartered at the following address:
      808 St. Paul St.
      Baltimore, MD 21201

    • Its manufactured in Canada. I purchased it and love the taste. Ive cleaned my filter once ao far, but due to do again, which you do weekly to rinse your filter. Its much cheaper than buying an ion machine. I have faith this will work, we’ll see. In any case the price isnt terribly expensive any more than a brita. I wouldnt ever consider using another filter, why on earth would i when they arent the same!! And for the woman Michelle who said the Nasty things about is Americans being so stupid for dinking the floridated water, i say GO BACK WHERE TOU CAME FROM, WE DO NOT WANT YOUR RUDE ASS HERE IF YOU CANT EMBRACE BEING AMERICAN. WE ARE NOT WHAT YOU DESCRIBE!!!!!

      • I like to recycle, so i ill be saving all my glass juice & coffee bottles to fill with my Turapur Water. The seals on them may help retain as much hydrogen as possible.

        • Ayse: did you rinse your filter first before using, and wash your pitcher? What is the condition of the water you used? I didnt have that experience. I had great tasting clear water. I actually use my frig filtered water and then run that thru my filter. I live in the south where tobacco is grown, i wasnt raised here, but know i dont want any chemical poisons the spray on those crops. Im am awaiting info and hope this will remove any of those. I have been buying bottled water for 12 yrs. And am hoping my filters will be able to replace that process.

  8. I like the idea that the water from this filtering system has an effect on blood sugar balancing. Quite impressive and something worthy of a try for many people.

    • Shirley:
      I just invested in this and need to find a better alternative to bottled water, and toxic water. Its a journey and i am keeping an open mind. I bought a water distiller many years ago when i lived in Michigan, my Dad has been using it for many years now. While many people arouns his lake have passed away to cancer, he’s actually 84 yrs. now.
      Its a great idea to question the safety of what we consume. We do have options, so do your own research and talk to others, its a lot safer to learn what you can and make an educated decision and trust the experts who have studied this for years.

  9. I got the pitcher and filter to try out. It’s not really expensive and once you assemble and rinse the filter (per directions), the first water out of it does differ from tap water in Richmond, VA. I cannot tell you how the tape water stacks up to others across the country. But it’s the water supplied by the municipality, so you don’t have a lot of choice other than to filter or buy bottled water or use tap water.
    What I did note immediately is that the purified water from the pitcher supplied has a ‘smooth’ taste with no hint of a metallic or chemical taste. It’s a more ‘tasteless’ sensation and seems ‘cleaner’ in the mouth. I believe that if I were presented 2 glasses or 3 of different water, I could tell you the one that is closest to pure tasting. The hydrogen benefits claimed will show up or not over the next week. So I will reserve any judgement on that.

  10. What I can’t understand is the cheap plastic pitcher they use. What chemicals r u getting from the plastic? I have one and the plastic is cheaply made, so I know the chemicals r leaching into your pure water. Why not use glass .

  11. The pitcher is now available in California. I bought one! Too new to it to know or see benefits but cleaner water can’t hurt!

  12. I ordered the pitcher. The ad stated very plainly I would receive 6 filters and the pitcher for 39.95. I ordered it. This was an online ad. It also stated that if I wanted I could receive 6 more filters for a total of 119.00. I ordered that one. I received the pitcher with 1 filter and the 6 others, nothing else. I called got cut off 4 times and then was told I was wrong about it coming with 6 filters. You are saying 19.00 for the pitcher and 1 filter. I believe I got screwed. I will be sending it back! False advertising for sure. Do not order from them!! They lie.

    • I ordered this same package today. Pitcher w/filter and 6 more filters for $119. I use a countertop filter that filters fluoride and chlorine. Will be filling from that. Not crazy about all the filter maintenance with vinegar rinse, but I’m willing to give it a try. It may free up space in the fridge. Now I fill a 3 gallon container the 3 of us go through weekly. Willing to give it a try. Just an additional filtering.

      • Oh you have to rinse it with toxic vinegar? That’s not good. I mean maybe it’s ok if you really rinse it out afterward.

        Please do let us know if you like the taste & feel better after drinking it.

        Ionizer water systems are supposed to make you feel better, but the one I bought that cost me a fortune didn’t do anything for my health although I liked the taste.

        I had water from another brand at someone’s house & that one I REALLY felt.

        I can’t afford another system like that, they run $3-4k, so I’m interested in whether this one works & does it remove fluoride?


  13. Don’t believe the hype. This stuff is just more snake oil. These types of people make their money off the gullible and it’s despicable.

  14. There is no proof to any of the statements you have made or read against the Turapur. The truth is hydrogen, while can exist in a gas form, also has the ability to attach itself to ion particles, those particles remain part of the water you drink, and yes, they will naturally reduce in quantity if the water is stored in plastic or glass because of the chemical process of ion exchange between the water and storage device. To limit this, experts in Japan and Korea that have been using Hydrogen ionized water for years to treat cancer, autoimmune disorders like RA and inflamatory conditions as well as headaches and obesity and heart problems, suggest make the water as you use it, and if you must store it, use an aluminum pitcher or bottle to do so, this will prevent the loss of active ionization and thus the beneficial hydrogen molecules attached to them.

    Also it is ignorance for most that fails to see that water with higher alkalinity AND Lower ORP, naturally has antioxidant properties, but if you want to ensure the HIGHEST and best results from drinking the water, you should be diligent to test it yourself. You must also read and try to understand the chemisty that is going on. Do this by researching professional medical journals from around the world, and get the scientific information and proof. Hydrogen is the only molecule small enough to break through the blood cell strucure AND get to the mitochondria of a cell. This is the place where mutation and destruction of cells originates.

    There are new products that can alow you to test your Hydrogen richness of your water in PPM, and from .5 to 4 PPM, all has EXCELLENT potential to help your chronic illness or condition.

    Remember, oxygen is a gas too, so is helium, we are not talking about freeing the gases, we are talking about using chemical processes along with ionization, to allow the molecules of hydrogen to attach themselves to eachother, creating H2 that is ionized and immediately absorbable at the cellular level when ingested. Just like the free oxygen molecule will combine with the reactant, say magnesium, to create magnesium oxide, which is also healthy for you.

    The reason California doesn’t allow the sale of this device is because of tell and sell legislation in their state. Unless a device has been approved by the FDA as a medicall device or drug, you cannot make ANY claim, whether it can be proven or not, that says it will improve your health in ANY way. Rather than go through the red tape to have separate company created to tell and another to sell, Turapur has made a business decision to avoid Californias asinine laws, and just not sell there at all. I applaud them that aND suggest if you live in Cali and want one, have a friend in another state order for you and ship to you. You won’t regret it.

    • Your comments, T Arfaoui, at first seemed to negate the claims of the Turapur water filter. Then, at the end of your comments you said “You won’t regret it” re having a friend order it for you if you live in California. So, my question is: do you recommend the Turapur water filter or not?

      • Thank the only non bias that’s so far
        I buy distilled water been working pretty good for me
        what I’ve been looking for is a water filter with a activated carbon bassed filter
        Like this on has
        Aside from all the claims it would be worth it just for the filter

        • To Gary Brown, FYI: “Distilled water tends to be acidic and can only be recommended as a way of drawing poisons out of the body. Once this is accomplished, the continued drinking of distilled water is a bad idea. Water filtered through reverse osmosis tends to be neutral and is acceptable for regular use provided minerals are supplemented.
          Early Death Comes From Drinking Distilled Water – Mercola.com

          • I belong to a group of health nuts & several believe strongly that distilled does them no harm.

            Just saying, as I also learned it was bad for you, but they have been drinking it for years.

  15. Why not just put some filtered water into a glass with a lid that a straw can fit through (as in a hole in the center of the lid). Put some magnesium liquid drops in, cover it and drink? Wouldn’t that release the hydrogen but keep it in the glass long enough to drink?

  16. I also heard that once the water is poured into a glass the hydrogen rises and escapes like a gas, so while there is some benefit as your PH levels become more balanced, it’s not hydrogen rich water as the hydrogen escapes. Probably why it is not available in California.

    • HAH, now that I can believe! Good thing I live outside the US….therefore being spared from making a rash decision to go ahead and buy one.

    • Connie and Associates, FYI: Not precisely “truth in advertising laws”….”The reason California doesn’t allow the sale of this device is because of tell and sell legislation in their state. Unless a device has been approved by the FDA as a medical device or drug, you cannot make ANY claim, whether it can be proven or not, that says it will improve your health in ANY way. Rather than go through the red tape to have separate company created to tell and another to sell, Turapur has made a business decision to avoid California’s asinine laws, and just not sell there at all.”

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