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True Derma Lift Review

True Derma Lift is a new anti-aging serum that promises to cure fine lines and wrinkles using all natural ingredients. It claims to contain no artificial fillers, preservatives, or additives and can reduce the appearance of everything from crow’s feet to dark circles to sagging cheeks.

The skin cream is also known as True Derma Serum, True Derma Collagen Serum, or simply True Derma. It works by hydrating the skin and encouraging the skin’s natural production of collagen.

True Derma Lift Ingredients


True Derma Lift doesn’t fully disclose its ingredients. It does, however, claim to contain all four of the following compounds:

Green Tea Extract
— Trylagen
— Jojoba Seed Oil
— Vitamin A

Together, these ingredients penetrate the outer layer of the skin and boost collagen production.

How Does True Derma Lift Work?

True Derma Lift claims to work using a two-step process.

— First, the serum increases levels of collagen and elastin by activating skin tissue at the lower layers of your skin. This forces your skin to enter “repair” mode, which then encourages dead skin cells to be replaced by newer, more radiant skin cells.

— Second, the serum lifts and plumps your skin to remove all signs of aging. This can lift sagging skin and smooth out fine lines or wrinkles.

The skin produces collagen and elastin to repair itself. As the body ages, our natural production of collagen and elastin declines. That’s why our skin develops fine lines and wrinkles.

How to Use True Derma Lift

Using True Derma Serum is fairly straightforward. The manufacturer recommends applying it to a fresh, clean face. Here are the specific instructions:

Step 1) Apply a gentle cleanser to your face and neck and then pat it dry

Step 2) Apply the cream across your entire face and neck, making sure to cover the whole facial area.

Step 3) Give the skin cream “proper time” to penetrate the outer layers of your skin. The manufacturer doesn’t list the exact time, but leaving it on for 10 to 15 minutes should suffice.

The manufacturer also recommends using the cream daily for maximum results.

How to Buy True Derma Lift

True Derma Lift is currently only available from, where it’s priced at $60 + $3.99 shipping and handling.

The official True Derma Lift website is also expected to launch in the next few weeks. That site will likely offer a free trial that lets you sample some of the True Derma Lift before paying the full price.

Like with most free trials in the anti-aging industry, the True Derma Lift will likely not be as free as it seems. The free trial typically requires you to pay a small fee for shipping and handling. You need to enter that credit card to pay that fee. Then, once a 15 day or 30 day period is over, your credit card is charged the full amount for the cream. Watch out for autoship programs and hidden fees when ordering True Derma online.

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  1. I want this cancelled. Called, E-mailed, everything I can think of so once again cancel this subscription that I did not authorize!!!!!

  2. I agree with most of you, I cancelled and returned 3 packages to them, waited for a credit to my account which was charged $97.41 three times. They received the items and told me they could not adjust the account because I did not write a number on the boxes, have a good day and hung up on me. I called again and the next person did the same thing. I don't think I will order anything else online unless it a Deparpment Store.

    • Mrs. Stewart
      I was tricked into this trial thing. Havent received product yet. Would like to call and cancel but their tele no. did not come up on my statement. Can you possibly tell me where you found number. I would be greatful. Thank you

  3. They are just plain thieves. My story is the same as all above. They promised a free trial and then stole money from my credit card. I am going to get FBI involved. This is just scum and they have to pay for this.

  4. I bought this product thinking that it's a trial and worst case scenario, I lose a few dollars for shipping. The “14 day trial” was really 14 days after you order the cream. This is very misleading and they say to call them if you don't receive the items in 5 days because they will extend your trial time so you really have 10 days to use it. Then, they charge you almost $100 after the trial is over for each cream and enroll you in monthly shipments. They say it is written in the agreement clearly, but this is deceptive in the fact that most people skim through this agreement. They don't make it clear and they earn their money by misleading you. The first customer service rep quickly got off the phone with me telling me he can only cancel my future orders. The second rep was more helpful, but I did not get all my money back.

  5. This was a total scam. I ordered the Derma Lift and Cell Serum for the S&H prices of $3.95 and $4.95. NOWHERE did it state that I would be billed $97.41 and $98.41, in addition, in less than a month. The products did not work any better for me than the L'Oreal line which I buy at the CVS or Walgreen's at a much more reasonable price. I offered to send the products back (Vendors can claim a loss on such products), but they said they did not accept returns. I, too, was then offered a 60% discount on future orders. How ridiculous is that when I have no desire to make a purchase!?!
    BUYER BEWARE. This is a sham company only interested in your $$$.

  6. After reading all these comments and finally going back to read to terms of the product which I had already ordered is getting me a little crazy. I received this product 5 days ago and I absolutely love it. Wish i would have took picture from the day i started till now. I am actually using it on my stretch marks and loose skin after having a child and can't believe I'm already seeing results. But I think its crazy that they are getting away with recharging when the product is not ordered again. This is a bad look for the supplier.

  7. Sorry! So many people have had such poor experiences….

    Unfortunately I have had none of the experiences everyone here has posted. I received my sample and paid shipping. It arrived in a couple weeks and I like the way the product makes my skin feel. I have run out of my sample and I was trying to find out where I could order more. The sample is not enough to really get a clue as too whether or not it's working they way it was intended… If it took years for my skin to get this way it's gonna take a little more time using the product to begin referring the effects of what has been damage…

  8. It is an absolute SCAM!! I have had the exact experience as the the majority of these revewers and warn others not to fall for it! Truederma is dishonest and doesn't do what it promises! I was charged almost $200.00 on my credit card and immediately called to have it cancelled! Never again will I do this sort of thing! It is a shame there are companies/people out there that are so dishonest and disreputable! It was a costly mistake and you I won't do again!

  9. I just received my serum last night. When I ordered I emailed their customer service asking uf it was an autoshipment program. I received an email back today which sounded rude but professional telling me that I somehow agreed to an auto shipment and they are “not in the business of giving out free samples”. I immediately responded demanding them to cancel. I then did look on Amazon and the serum is available from the exact same company for $45.00 a bottle. Why they would charge double that I have no idea.
    There is no company information on the packing slip but the box label says it was mailed from zip code 33710 and an address of P.O. box 41542. St. Petersburg, Florida 33743. Hopefully this helps for anyone seeking legal actions towards refunds. I hope my cancellation works. It's only been 4 days since I ordered it and have only used it once.

  10. Unfortunately I have just had a conversation with the Chris from customer service with the same concerns as other people, I placed the order 28 Sept. It was delivered 5 October. Today, 13 October they charged me full price. I discussed the fact that, apart from my face breaking out in tiny white pimples, The I had only had 7 or 8 days to use the product and not the 14 days. Chris explained that the company could not guarantee when the shipment would arrive ( 3 or 5 days) and therefore charged 14 days from order date. He said that the clients had an opportunity to call within the 3-5 days to request an extension if the product had not been delivered. My argument was that if they afforded the minimum of 3 days for shipping, then I would at least have until the 15th to test the product. He just kept on repeating the same argument. THEN he went ahead and offered me a 60% DISCOUNT on future shipments! How does that even make sense when they almost charged me $100 for an 1oz bottle. I went ahead and cancelled my MEMBERSHIP. I do not believe they care about their customers, or reputation, and probably make a fortune on one-time deals like what happened to me. This makes me question their ethics AND their product!

  11. I also feel I was treated unfairly..On July 9th I was charged 294.23 on my credit card for the trial serum and lift which I didn't call in 14 days as I wanted to try a full month.. I was charged 98.41 and 97.41. one for serum and one for the lift. On july 25th I had a charge of 98.41 for a serum which I didn't want as I already had 1 of each , so I sent the serum back. and have corresponded by phone 5 times and by email at customer service 5 times. The serum I sent back was never opened I paid 5 dollars to return it..They keep saying it was part of the order and it was not.It was an extra i mailed back as one of the phone girls told me to do.. They gave me 60% discount on the product as they said I waited so long to get it..I used it and liked it and my makeup was easy to apply over it.But I will never buy it again. Had they refunded my 98.41 for the product i didn't want I would have been happy. I am now glad I didn't

    .I went on a site and am now using the facelift serum and I got 2 bottles(twice the amount of the other from true derma..The cost was 23.00 and that's it.It is not a trial that you have to call back in 14 days ..That is full price but a value of $175.00..I love it and feels just like the true derma..My makeup looks great over it and it is not greasy..I also ordered a stem cell serum valued at $198.00.I am waiting for.I got 1 bottle of it for 16.00.I am going to use the two together..The stem cell first and the instant face lift over it. I got my order quickly. I just ordered another doub)le pk of the face lift serum (the large size )and in this one you get 2 eye serums with it for $45.00.

  12. This is nothing but a scam, I don't see where the product is doing any good for me. They rope you in with only paying the shipping charges to receive a product that does not work and then charge your account for $97.00 within 14 days which is not enough time to know if it is working. BEWARE!.Never again.They also will not accept any returns that have been opened.

  13. I want my money back aniald want you to take it off of my card…and i want to cancel my
    trial….you have no phone number.888-598-0354 is not a working number…email is not a valid email address……

  14. I cancelled my trial within the time frame given but still got billed! They even sent me a confirmation that they received my cancellation notice. I called them and they kept trying to give me a discount to “satisfy” me but I stuck to my guns and said I'm not paying ANYTHING. He finally backed down and said he got “permission” to refund the full price within 2 days, which they did. (Whew.) Won't do this again! Based on my experience I would NOT order from them.

  15. CUSTOMER BEWARE!! I ordered a trial for which i paid $4.95 shipping. Before I even received the trial product my account was debited $98.00. I cancelled the trial per instructions on the TrueDerma shipping receipt which was in the box once I finally received it. A week later my account was debited an additional $97.00. Once again I emailed the company and got no reply. A week later my account was debited AGAIN in the amount of $98.00 and still no response to my second email. (Keep in mind i had only received the trial product at this point) Again i contacted TrueDerma, to no avail and my account was debited a FORTH time to the tune of $97.00 and a day later I received another shipment!!! I am getting absolutely no communication or resolution from this company at all and now I must cancel my debit card, contact the BBB and the state attorneys office- if I can figure out where the company is located. Don't get involved in this scam, the product does not work….you'll only get more wrinkles from the stress involved with this company using your bank account as if it belonged to them!

  16. This might be a good product, but who has 30 days to decide for sure without paying the $90.41 charged to your account just 14 days after you receive the product? Who can make an honest decision in 14 days? Then you have 30 days and two weeks to return the product if you don't like it, AFTER they charged you the $90.41. I wouldn't give back something I just paid that much for! My, but such a come on to only pay shipping of $4.95 before they rope you into the almost $100 a bottle! Return the products (see Terms of Service)? I only received one product. I'm not impressed. I will never order a product online for shipping cost only again. This to me is poor business tactics. Shame on you!


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