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Elysium Health BASIS Review

Elysium Health is an anti-aging supplement manufacturer which recently released a pill called BASIS. BASIS claims to turn back the signs of aging by literally repairing your DNA.

Normally, this is the part where people click away, thinking Elysium Health is another anti-aging supplement scam.

But it’s not: Elysium Health is a legitimate company founded by one of the world’s leading anti-aging researchers. Oh, and he’s being advised by five Nobel Prize winners.

Yes, Elysium Health’s BASIS is an anti-aging supplement based on real science from legitimate researchers. Find out how this new anti-aging company works today in our Elysium Health BASIS review.

What is Elysium Health?

At the official Elysium Health website, the company describes itself as having one mission:

“To help people access, understand and benefit from scientific breakthroughs in health.”

To back up that goal, the company supports four distinct values: Transparency, Access, Progress, and Validation. Basically, Elysium Health wants to give average people like you and me an honest glimpse into modern anti-aging technology with no hype, no fads, and no shady ingredients.

Of course, even the shady supplement companies say stuff like this, so here’s more validation for you: the company was created in Silicon Valley by two gym buddies who saw an emerging opportunity in anti-aging supplements.

Those two gym buddies – cofounders Eric Marcotulli and Dan Alminana – knew that they didn’t have the scientific background to build such a company. They were tech investors, not biologists. So they started calling anti-aging researchers across the United States.

That’s when MIT biologist Leonard Guarente picked up the phone and expressed interest. And he wasn’t alone: five Nobel Prize winners also jumped on as advisors along with over 20 other top researchers in their fields.

That’s why people are paying attention to what Elysium Health is selling.

What is Elysium Health Selling?

Elysium Health just released its first product. It’s called BASIS – or BASIS in the official marketing. It’s a simple softgel tablet which costs $60 for a one month supply (or $50 per month on the subscription program).

Each package contains 60 capsules. You take two capsules per day to achieve the full benefits.

How Does Elysium Health BASIS Work?

This new supplement is based on work that was pioneered in Guarente’s lab. Specifically, Guarente studied sirtuins, a group of enzymes which play a critical role in cell metabolism and energy production.

All living organisms have these sirtuins inside their body.

Here’s the interesting thing about sirtuins: scientists have shown that by boosting the activity of sirtuins, they can extend the lifespans of worms, mice, yeasts, and other living creatures.

For the past two decades, scientists have been trying to develop drugs that elevate sirtuins. There are also two known natural compounds which boost sirtuins activity: resveratrol – found in red wine and sold as a dietary supplement – and NAD.

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and it’s one of the biggest anti-aging discoveries of the last decade. Research has shown that NAD levels are directly correlated to aging: an old man will have about half the NAD levels as his body did when he was young – regardless of exercise, healthy eating, or disease.

You may have already heard about NAD. In December 2013, Harvard researchers published a study describing how they made the cells of 2 year old mice look like the cells of 6 month old mice simply by “administering a molecule naturally produced by the human body”. That molecule was NAD.

Whew, so given all that information, how exactly does BASIS work?

BASIS contains two building blocks for NAD: it gives your body the tools it needs to produce NAD on its own. Yes, there are just two ingredients needed to stimulate NAD levels in the body. Those ingredients are:

Nicotinamide Riboside (250mg)
— Pterostilbene (50mg)

These two ingredients are absorbed by the body and ultimately transform into NAD. Then, that NAD goes to work performing critical tasks throughout the body, including:

— DNA repair
— Energy production
— Cellular detoxification
— Protein function

All of these functions lead to powerful anti-aging, health-boosting benefits.

Elysium Health BASIS Ingredients

Up above, I mentioned that there were two active ingredients in BASIS. In addition to nicotinamide riboside and Pterostilbene, there are a number of other ingredients. Here’s the complete ingredient list as posted on the Elysium Health website:

Elysium BASIS

But BASIS Doesn’t Call Itself an Anti-Aging Supplement

The funny thing about Elysium Health BASIS is that it’s not calling itself an anti-aging supplement manufacturer. Despite enlisting the nation’s top anti-aging researchers as advisors, Elysium Health is calling itself a dietary supplement company.

In a recent interview, Elysium Health cofounder Marcotulli said, “We have no interest in being an anti-aging company and extending lifespan. For us this is about increasing healthspan, not lifespan.”

Why? The founders wanted to avoid the “charlatan feel” of the countless other anti-aging supplements on the market today. Too many low-quality manufacturers claim they’ve found the secret to turning back the clock and reverse the effects of aging – despite having no scientific evidence to back it up.

Elysium Health wanted to stay far, far away from the problematic reputations of these companies. That’s why it’s advertising itself as more of a health and wellness company than an anti-aging company.

Future Elysium Health Products

Elysium Health has ambitious plans for the future. America’s population is getting older – as are the populations of most developed countries.

That’s why the opportunity for future products is just going to get larger. Here are some of the products and targeted areas Elysium Health has suggested may be in its future lineup:

— Brain health
— Musculoskeletal health

These new products are expected to tap into the network of “more than 30 scientific advisors” currently signed on to the company.

How to Buy Elysium Health BASIS

Elysium Health doesn’t plan on releasing its products anywhere but the official website. Once again, this is a strategic decision by the company designed to protect the Elysium Health brand: you can walk into Whole Foods and see dozens of faceless pharmaceutical companies selling their own anti-aging tonic. Elysium doesn’t want to be like that.

Ordering from Elysium Health is easy (especially since they only have one product, BASIS, in their current online store).

There are two ways to buy BASIS:

— One Time ($60)
— Monthly ($50)

Both of those prices include shipping. If you buy the monthly subscription of BASIS, you’ll receive a shipment of BASIS in your mailbox along with a $50 charge on your credit card every month.

How to Use Elysium Health BASIS

BASIS comes in packages of 60 softgel tablets. Each “serving” includes 2 softgels.

Elysium Health recommends taking two softgel tablets per day or as recommended by your health care professional.

It only recommends BASIS for healthy adults 18 years of age or older. It also recommends talking to a health care professional before beginning treatment.

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  1. I have been taking nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene for about 10 months. Got it from various suppliers always looking for the cheapest price. I was suffering from chemo fatigue before I started taking it. A good day was a one nap day, a bad day was a three nap day. This lifted that heavy weight. There have been other effects that have been too numerous to go into completely. More energy obviously, but better sleep, clearer mind effects, a great lot of things. For older people or people who were suffering as I was, this stuff is ideal.
    At this point, I am not sure I would buy from Elysium as the company is selling product that is not made by Chormadex the only approved maker of nicotinamide riboside. Tests on the new formulation that Elysium is selling have apparently shown that it contains toluene, likely part of some new process to avoid the patents used by Chromadex to make NR. Any one taking Basis might do well to investigate and check this out.

  2. I took Basis for one solid year without missing days. I found zero difference other than feeling sleepy at times which I am not certain is related to this product. I think that it has a great marketing plan and I am certain people are gaining profits from all of the hype. I did not find this to do anything for me and feel suspicious of the way it is being promoted by a bunch of old dudes making it their last ditch effort to make a ton of cash before hanging it up. Do some research on the backers of this and it does not offer comfort.

  3. I’m 47, don’t exercise, sit behind a computer all day and have had very bad eating habits for the past 10 yrs. I was in a horrible relationship for those past 10 yrs . Now that I’ve been out the relationship ( 6 mos) I’ve focused on getting healthy.

    I did get multi-nutrient testing done by spectracell 10/16 as well as magnesium rbc testing via requestatest.com to seek some ground truth as to what was going with my health.
    The testing basically confirmed that i was in poor health … deficiencies in Mg RBC ( so low I was having heart palpitations, anxiety and a few ER visits ) , Vitamin E, inositol and cytesine. And most of my anti-oxidant levels were borderline .

    I did my research as well as reviewed the summaries of the chromadex and elysium studies . I’m put off that they’ve not released the actual papers to date. I’ve read nih.gov research papers on magnesium supplements as well as listened to anyone I could deem somewhat credible on youtube ( ER doctor , etc ) about magnesium as well as NAD/basis/NR/NMN and NAD via IV therapy.

    I took this for the first time today and had immediate improvements in energy levels 1 hour after two capsules. My enery levels were to the point almost of euphoria . I’ve not felt this good since I was in the military ( and in much better shape ) . For me, as I type this, the results are astounding! I’ve not taken any other supplements for the past 48 hours due to some stress testing my (new) dr wants me to get.

    My takeaway from all of the above comments is that it appears that the older and more out of shape you are the larger and more immediate the impact and results. For those that felt nothing , I would wonder if they are under 40 and workout as it appears the already young and mostly healthy would not benefit as much.
    However, for me this thing has been a freaking miracle!!

    In addition to taking supplements to get my deficient levels back to where they should be I’ll continue to take basis as well. I’ll do testing again in 6 months to see where my levels are and perhaps post back results. Though I’m not sure how I would quantify NAD results other than my subjective comments about how my body feels.


  4. I have been taking BASIS for 5 weeks now. I can’t say for certain if I notice anything or not – some days I seem to have more energy, some days I don’t, some days I seem to sleep better, some days I don’t. I read a comment on another site where the person summarized what he had read from other comments – it seems that people experience more dramatic results if you are older, overweight and don’t exercise much; whereas people that are younger, in shape and exercise regularly seem to notice less results. This is just an observation. People that are in better shape supposedly start to notice some results later on (2-3 months)
    As has been mentioned numerous times – BASIS is more of a maintenance supplement and is not designed to boost your performance.
    I plan on giving BASIS a good 6 months to a year to determine if I notice any benefits. From my perspective – worst case it doesn’t do anything, best case it improves the health of my cells and allows me to regain some of the benefits from my youth.

  5. I’ve been taking the recommended dosage of Basis by Elysium faithfully for 2 months now. I’m a healthy, fit 29 year-old (almost 30) and do feel something is different. I have a subtle increase in energy. My body and mind are just “working” a bit better and more effeciently. My body feels more resilient and my mind just a bit sharper. I am having crazy, vivid and intense dreams every night though, which is interesting! I take no other supplements and no medications, and it started about a couple weeks in I would have a crazy dream every once in awhile to having them more frequently about a month in and just gradually increasing. I’m two months in and I’m having these vivid, detailed, and intense dreams every night, all night long, one after the other… and waking up remembering them! There is no doubt in my mind that it is indeed the Elysium. I just find it a fascinating side effect!

    • You just described my own experience to a T. I am a very active and healthy 63 y/o and have been taking basis for over a year now with the exception two months, January and February of this year. I stopped taking it for these two months to see if my memory and energy level would return to pre-basis levels, and to see if my vivid dreams would stop. Indeed my recall and late-afternoon energy diminished and dreams were once more no longer available for recall.

  6. I have been Taking Basis for 5 months or so and have have more energy and have healed astoundingly fast from some injuries including fractured arm and oral surgery. I have recommended it several friends who notice a difference and even got my mom on it, who seemed to heal from broken ribs quickly despite her age. After 2 months of auto ship I bought the yearly which is $40 a month. I’m totally convinced it does what it claims. I’ve had no problem contacting them and putting my mom’s monthly auto ship on hold.

    I can’t wait till they develop thier new products. I’m sure new treatment for Dna degradation of cells will emerge but I’ll be way ahead of the game by that point.

  7. I would like to order some. I live in New York. Can I please get directions as to how to order or where to buy?

  8. I would like to buy from Hungary. Do you ship in HUNGARY? How much would the shipment be?
    Please let me know and thanks a lot in advance.

  9. I first read the results of the basic benefits and why in the January 2012 issue of “Scientific American”. I wonder why it has taken 4 years to start human trials? It is such a breakthrough IF it works on humans, especially us older persons. David Crockett.

  10. 66 years old; working out every day; taking BASIS for 30 days; In my case it does seem to increase my energy levels slightly and it does help with recovery from weight lifting. For me it works best when I take it before I go to sleep. I take no other supplements. Yes, it is unproved in clinical studies. If you have time, wait 30 years for results of those studies. I do not.

  11. I’m trying to buy this product but they keep asking for a personal Referral Code how and where do I find one.

    • don’t buy it.Their phone does not work and there is no way to communicate with them. I had to cancel my credit card to stop payments. WARNING it’s a scam.

      • I first bought a one month supply almost a year ago and received it in a timely manner. I then purchased a yearly subscription beginning the next month through their online store. The purchase through the store worked perfectly. I receive the product I purchased in a timely manner each month. I am a very happy and satisfied customer.

  12. I have been taking this supplement for years now and it seems to counter the pesky effects of this darn ring that is stuck on my finger. Side effects..hairy feet and pointy ears.

  13. Where are all the comments for 2016 did everyone stop taking this I don’t understand why Arnt more people talking about this today is June 25 2016 I took my 2 pills and I’m dozing and feeling tired I hope this isn’t that type of pill and the fact that it say something about Red Wine similar to well I don’t drink any wine or anything for that matter because alcohol beverage’s make me tired so anyone on here anymore have any good or not so good things to tell us on how your doing with this supplement.

  14. I have been taking Basis for a few months. The capsules I take are
    white. I read that they are supposed to be blue tablets not white
    capsules. Am I taking a scam version that is saying it’s Basis?

  15. I’m almost through my second bottle. I know it should take a long time for any noticeable effects, but I’ve felt more tired, have less stamina, stomach ache, and sleeplessness. Going to stop taking it and see if these symptoms clear up.

  16. King David addressed this issue over 2000 years ago:
    “Who is the man who desires long life, who longs to see many good days? Guard your tongue from speaking evil…Avoid evil, do good and pursue peace.” That is the answer, not necessarily swallowing a “magic pill.”

  17. I took Niagen for a month, & got no effect. A couple of weeks later they (Live Cell I think) called to see how I was doing. I told them, & they suggested that I take double doses with the second bottle. I went through that in two weeks, & still nothing. Recommendations anybody?

  18. We have a product that has absolutely no evidence of working on people. If the product worked it would be over the long term & no one would feel the benefits. We have 5 Nobel Prize Winners that are on our advisory board & they all agree, no benefits are proven in Humans. We will do anything to make you feel as if there is promise in the potential of our product including mentioning its proven effectiveness in mice, which to any expert means nothing. There are so many cures that work on mice & not on humans that it would take a book to list just those. Who here thinks the people behind this company feel shame?

    • I have a degree in Molecular Biology from a prestigious US research university; all of the research and information I’ve read about this product makes sense to me based on everything I learned in school. I don’t say this to try to say that you should change your mind. I think it is up to each of us to decide whether to use this supplement based on current information that is available. I do say this to raise my hand and say, hey, this all makes sense to me personally and I’m happy to say I take these supplements daily and I do think you should stop trying to make other people change their minds. I think each of us should read the available literature and make our own decision whether to take this supplement or not.

      • Thank you for adding intelligence to this blog. Everyone who is interested in Basis should read the literature on all the ingredients in Basis ( a metabolic repair & Optimization product); then make your decision whether to subscribe.

    • It’s not a nutritional supplement so if that’s what you’re referring to then yes, just add it to your normal intake of supplements. It’s not a substitute for anything. You should still take your medications. Still take the supplements you take. There aren’t any negative interactions that I’m aware of.

  19. Do you ship to Norway?
    Tried to enter an order on Your site, but Norway wasn’t on the list.

    • If you were wondering whether the sales approach based on no evidence, worked on anyone, here is your answer. You could be on a deserted Island on the far side of antartica & if there are vulnerable people there, I am certain this company will find a way to find them, get them in touch with their desires, have them convince themselves based on cruel hopes & deliver to them.

  20. There are a lot of comments about feeling a big difference or not. Cellular health isnt about that at all. This isn’t Red Bull. Cellular health alludes to things that affect us positively (or negatively or not at all) that are not evident by mere observation. Years of trials will need to be done on this and until then everyone who takes the product is acting on faith (myself included)

    • Lawrence,
      I just started taking this today and while I’ve been reading the comments I keep dozing off have u Hurd anything about tiredness ?? Well I guess I’ll try again tomarrow it’s seems the very few people experienced energy and profound clearness in any way so that is disappointing to me to say the least , keep me posted hope your doing well with this . Sincerely Nancy

  21. I ordered one sixty doaller supply and have been taking two capsules in morning now for about three weeks . What I have been experiencing is increased energy and sometimes a jolt of uncontolable energy burst around mid morning . This seems to Acurr after a morning run . I also feel that I have experienced an heightened mental clarity . I plan on finishing this supply and ordering another . I will not do the prescription plan as I don’t want to be locked in . I do feel that the website and the whole delivery of the product is very well thought out maybe even more then the effectiveness of the product which makes me a little skeptical . But let see what happens .

    • Today is the second day that I’ve taken my 60 day supply of Basis. What you refer to as an ‘energy burst’ I am experiencing as feeling uncomfortably hyper, maybe like when I accidently took 4 Sudafed instead of 2 for sinus congestion. My ‘clarity’ too is more visual than mental again like my first reaction to taking Claritin for allergies…….

  22. We took Elysium’s product for a couple of months and did not experience any detectable differences.

    Be careful signing up with a subscription – we cancelled with them and although they confirmed the cancellation in writing, they continued to charge our credit card and have yet to issue a refund. Furthermore, they are trying to get us to take responsibility for the return of the unsolicited item.

    Just an FYI, folks.

    • This is about cellular health. It is not a stimulant or performance enhancing drug. You may not notice anything at all except that, possibly in the long term, you remain healthier in many ways. For instance, if you don’t get cancer…how will you know if that’s a result of the NR and Pterostilbene of Basis? Will you really notice better cognitive function as you age? how would you? You would have to be able to switch back and for between the non-Basis version of you and the Basis version of you. The science is very sound but you have to make an effort to understand what they’re saying and take it on faith as Lawrence (above) noted. It’s not some cure all for everything. It’s more like taking your car in for regular maintenance all the time. Your car runs perfectly for 20 years. Is that because it’s an amazing engineering job and you just got lucky? Or because you spent the money maintaining the car in optimum shape?

    • I’m in it for the long haul, and I firmly believe that what I am putting into y body will give me a longer healthier life. There will always be people who “feel” something from any particular supplement and those who “feel” nothing.

  23. I received my Basis supplements this past week. I take the second pill just before bed. I have now been having the most AMAZING dreams! Am wondering if this is a side effect. Dreamt I was flying! Swooping around with iridescent blue butterflies and brilliant yellow hummingbirds! Each night a vivid dream. Worth it just for these terrific dreams. Not sure when any other effects will kick-in.

    • The other guy said this isn’t a red bull and it’s not a stimulant so I’m sitting here reading comments and dozing off as if I’m totally exhausted has anyone had this experience like this ??

    • I had crazy dreams as well! But not necessarily as enjoyable as yours. They started in the first day or two. I normally remember my dreams but these were just so vivid and crazy, coming night after night, that I emailed them about it and they said they had not heard of this before. I got sort of scared to go to sleep, but they eventually went away. I stopped taking Elysium but now have a few more left and thought I should just finish them. But I wanted to google around to see if anyone else has experienced this. You’re not alone!

  24. I’m reading an interesting mix of comments that appears to weigh on the positive side with the 50 plus crowd and not so positive on the under 50 crowd. I’m 62 and have been taking Basis for almost a month now. I workout 5 to 8 hours a week depending on my busy schedule. I do feel a subtle change in positive energy both at work, recovering after workouts especially the next day. I’ve also noticed a bit more mental clarity in my day to day communications and ability to absorb information. I’ll likely try it for another 6 months and see how it goes.

    • I’m 64 and just a week in…would like to touch base with others in our age bracket…I’m doing the ketogenic diet as well and that alone has helped my recovery time from workouts. I used to come home and just crash after a workout…now I’m up studying and lively til’ bedtime…

      • Bruce, i am 65 and thinking of buying Basis. Can you give me an update on how it has worked for you since your last post.

  25. I tried this supplement for a week, hoping to feel some benefit. I am a 39 yr old male in good condition. Eat healthy and workout 4-5 x’s a week. Unfortunately, I did not notice any additional energy. If anything I felt more tired and not my usual self. 2 days after I stopped taking it I came down with the flu. Probably just a coincidence, but who knows. I would like to try and get my money back. I would not recommend.

    • As i’ve said to others…It’s not a performance enhancing substance. Think of it more like this. You can take this or that supplement and you will notice an increase in performance. The same as if you modify your car with a new part and you now have a higher top speed or more torque etc. Basis is about cellular health. It’s more analogous to you make sure your car is properly maintained at all times. every dent is repaired. it’s protected from rust. you treat the leather etc etc. Your car will not be faster, more powerful or any better looking…It will just be in great shape. You take care of yourself now and maintain your health just fine? That’s great. Keep it up. HOWEVER, Basis addresses the issues that diet and exercise cannot stop. Your body will produce less NAD+. Your SIRT1 activity will drop. Your body will suffer oxidative stress. you can’t avoid those through diet and exercise alone. They help definitely but Basis is designed to return your NAD+ and SIRT1 activity to “younger” state. Pterostilbene is a more potent form of resveratrol and will help to counter the oxidative stress. It’s about body maintenance rather than performance enhancement.

  26. Took first dose this everning, stomach upset don’t know it is the BASIS or not. Did anyone have a problem at first?

  27. Does anyone know how Basis compares to VitaPulse?

    Created by Princeton Nutrients, VitaPulse is a natural supplement that’s claimed to provide advanced antioxidant support to help maintain healthy cardio function and cholesterol levels, protect against cellular damage, decrease inflammation, and boost mitochondrial health and cellular energy.

    According to Elysium, after decades of research by leading scientists and clinicians, the Basis nutritional supplement was designed to repair cells damaged by the aging process and environmental toxins, while keeping healthy cells healthy.

    How would you compare the two products? Should both be taken? If no, why?

  28. I am a 62 year old male that has been lifting weights off and on my whole life since I was 14 years old. I started taking BASIS around the same time that I was starting to lift weights again after being off for two months. I always dread starting back up again due to the extreme soreness that I experience when lifting weights again after an extended off time. I started taking BASIS with my first workout which lasted just under two hours and the first thing I noticed the next day was that I didn’t have the extreme soreness. I worked out on Monday, took a 30 minute walk on Tuesday, worked out again on Wednesday, another walk on Thursday and finally another workout and walk on Friday. I felt excellent!!! In the past, I would have been off the rest of the week after that first workout due to extreme soreness. I can only attribute this energy level and quick recovery to BASIS which I will continue to take.

  29. I am 42 yrs old, and been taking Basis for a month. I just started the 2nd month. I really haven’t felt much of a difference. Is that because of my age? I am hearing that Basis may not be as effective in younger people. Also, I went into the press release area of Elysium, and all of their press is in first half of 2015. With a supplement that everyone claims is so revolutionary, I am a bit surprised their hasn’t been any news in more than 9 months. Any comments?

  30. I order basis on line, and I received a package in 5 days.which I am happy for that.but the pills in the web side
    Look like blue soft gel.instead I received a white capsule.I am confused which is really and which is counterfeit.

    • The white capsule doesn’t have the blue coloring but is the same product otherwise. I think Basis switched several months ago as some supplement takers don’t like coloring dye.

  31. My wife and I have been taking it for 2 months, we both notice more energy, better sleep and clearer minds. We are both in our 70s

  32. Have seen absolutely nothing as far as changes except extreme desire for more carbs. Don’t think I’ll be reordering because it really hasn’t shown me any benefits.also seeing the same ingredients at local health stores for less than $10. Do your research and maybe save some money.

  33. Here’s how you know it’s working: you stop taking it and feel crappy (again). I’m blown away by the effect and I’m a total cynic (I’m also very knowledgable about supplements and good health). See for yourself. It blew my mind. Mood lifter, had energy, a clear head, could finish sentences w/o searching for words… I just sent the company feedback, I never do that. Or this. But the product works for real and I have no idea what I’m taking really. ps I’m 50, female and an athlete (former).

    • Hmm. It seems to me that if the product is actually doing what it says it should do, i.e. repair dna, then you shouldn’t feel crappy after not taking it. Repair is repair, no?

      • But we live in a world of instant gratification we want to feel and see an affect of taking a pill that is suppose to be good so I don’t know the mice can’t talk and there hasn’t been anyone on here that had a profound daily accruence while taking this just 1 guy saying he sees colors in his dreams witch that doesn’t sound like seeing colors would add years to my life ! What do you think about this supplement ?

    • Heidi, I can’t believe it. I have been taking one a day for three months. Just last week I was thinking about how my word selection came easier when talking. I don’t feel like I need a nap in the middle of the day. I am old and have increased libido which I was confused about. All coincidence? I don’t know. I was going to chalk up the sentence making to a “good” day but , after what you said, not so sure.

    • I think that it’s possible, over time, that your body integrates it into it’s physiological homeostasis. Then, when you stop taking it, you have, once again unbalanced your homeostasis and it has to readjust. So, you feel tired as your body is working to readjust. For example, the thyroid glands of people who take thyroid supplements, in time, become dormant because the body no longer needs to make its own thyroid hormones. That’s why, people who take thyroid supplements, usually, never get off of them

  34. Could you please put my auto-fill order on hold for two months?? I’ve gotten stacked up.

    I’m enjoying the product but I’m not sure what to look for in terms of effectiveness. Any suggestions?

  35. Bottom line, the product has NOT been tested on humans, even Elysium says “there is no scientific evidence yet that the pill would produce the same beneficial effect in humans as in mice.”. You can already purchase both compounds independently, no information given on the efficacy of them. I’ll wait until human studies are released before spending $60/mo.

  36. Been reading up on this and work of Dr.David Sinclair. Looks like the real thing and the next big Health product. Think it might be a good product to try.is there proof of body absorbing and using Nad. Would like to know more. Is this a safe product? Would like to know

    • ChromaDex is the sole supplier of NR (at least where patents are protected) and Elysium uses that. A ChromaDex study showed earlier in the year that taking 100mg of NR boosted NAD levels of 12 adults by 30% whereas 300mg boosted NAD levels 50%. 1000mg also boosted NAD levels 50%. This is likely why Elysium recommends 250mg of NR a day, plus 50mg of the blueberry extract they think has a synergistic effect since like resveratrol but much more bioavailable.

      Also, Elysium’s price has dropped to $40/month of you buy a 12 month subscription.

      Their human trials are expected any week now unless there has been a delay. I’ll consider it after the trial results are announced.

  37. “BASIS contains two building blocks for NAD: it gives your body the tools it needs to produce NAD on its own. Yes, there are just two ingredients needed to stimulate NAD levels in the body.”

    Is there evidence that a person has more NAD after taking a couple of months of BASIS? This seems like a simple test. We should pressure Elysium to release their finding.

  38. When BASIS is available, I will buy it and give it a try for 3 months. I believe it is great and… I’m hoping it can reach or extend beyond the grand plateau of the ORIGINAL LIQUID SEASILVER SUPPLEMENT… That SeaSilver went to work on my body (and countless others) and I felt brand new!! Too bad the government shut SeaSilver down… I will be fair to BASIS, and give it time to work, because I sense “honesty”, “sincerity” and a Deep Compassion for human wellness by ELYSIUM.

    • Me too. I emailed them a while ago and they said that the production isn’t meeting demand and that it could take up to 2 months to receive it. They also said that they were working hard to fix the issue

    • If this supplement works, it doesn’t matter how long you wait for the order. You’ll be young again in no time! lol

      I’m still waiting on my snake oil order… it’s been 20 years and I wait by the door every day.

    • I had the same request from a friend of mine in Italy. They do not send there. Even finding someone who may try to send it would be some risky. Once I sent my mom some ordinary supplements from the USA to Italy. She had to go through a stack of papers and statements. Even if she stated it was personal use at the end the pills were returned to me since they were “not registered”.

  39. I emailed a question regarding my “Basis” order to Elysium Health. Eric, the CEO and co-founder answered me personally. Probably the best customer service ever. I chose the monthly auto-fill option and I’ve been taking Basis for a couple weeks now. Look forward to seeing what a few months does. Thanks Eric!

    • Forse ti hanno gia’ risposto, ma loro non spediscono direttamente in Italia.
      Penso che anche trovare qualcuno che te lo spedisca da qui sia un po’ rischioso: ho mandato da qui (USA) una volta dei supplementi a mia mamma e me li hanno rispediti perche’ “non approvati” anche se per uso personale. Qui ovviamente non ci sono problemi: vai online e ti arriva a casa.

    • I live in Italy (Roma) and would like to buy Basis pills online.
      Is it possible? How much would the shipment be?
      Please let me know and thanks a lot in advance.

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