Your appearance is the first thing that most people notice about you, which is why it is so important to maintain healthy, smooth, and beautiful skin. As you age and experience many of life’s hurdles, your skin may wear down, develop stretch marks, wrinkle, and become damaged due to environmental factors. These types of issues can significantly reduce the quality and appearance of your skin, but they don’t have to.

To best protect your skin and maintain a healthy appearance, you may just want to invest in a high-quality and reliable skincare brand. One well-known option is called TriLastin. Before you commit to any product though, here is an overview of the brand so that you can make the right decision.

About TriLastin

TriLastin is premier skincare brand that has a diverse array of products available. All of the brand’s skincare products are crafted with your needs in mind and the importance of implementing visible changes that transform the appearance of your skin to reveal the beauty beneath. As the brand explains, its products are focuses on the results – which is why when you purchase a TriLastin product, you can be confident in its abilities to provide you with a long-lating solution.

The skincare brand was founded in 2003 by EC Research. TriLastin has a knowledgeable and expert team of scientists that work hard to implement real and effective solutions for your skin. One of the brand’s most famous products is the TriLastin Stretch Mark Inhibitor and in addition to this option, TriLastin sports an array of other wonderful products for all of your skincare needs.

Proprietary Technologies

TriLastin is very focused on developing and implementing its proprietary technologies that provide you with the effective skincare solutions that you deserve. The technologies offered are what ultimately make TriLastin so unique, as no other brand offers the same options. The main technologies that the brand utilizes in its products include:

SDDS – Sequence Diffusion Delivery System

SDDS is a technology that operates as a protective mechanism. The system creates a virtual skin patch that protects the skin from environmental damage. The patch also promotes the absorption of actives over a period of time. With the patch system, the product releases functional ingredients to the skin so that it may derive the benefits of a wholesome skincare solution.


LipoTrisome is the second effective technology that the skincare brand utilizes in its products. The system features a complex system of 3 different compounds that burn fat and activate the body’s natural mechanisms to metabolize fat. Once the fat is metabolized, it is replaces the cellulite with tissue that is firm, elastic, and effective at providing a smoother and suppler appearance.

In addition to these two main technologies, TriLastin is constantly working hard to develop new options that work for you and your needs. The brand also regularly updates its webpage so that you are aware of everything that is being offered.

Categorical Offerings

Currently, TriLastin offers two main categorical offerings that focus on skincare. The two different categories are:

While the brand mainly produces skincare products, it has also recently entered into the supplement market and now offers a popular supplement option called Belly Buddies Probiotics – 60 ct. This product is a probiotic that promotes positive digestive health so that you can get the long-term relief from upset stomach, constipation, bloating, gas, and other issues.

While the probiotic is a popular option, TriLastin’s main products are stretch mark creams and pregnancy skincare products, which is what the bulk of the rest of this review will focus on.

Stretch Mark Creams

As the brand explains, stretch marks result from tears in the dermal layer of your skin. While both men and women experience stretch marks, they are still most prominent among women and normally occur during pregnancy, adolescent growth spurts, and weight gain. The brand’s premier stretch mark products ensure that the skin has the adequate support that it needs to maintain positive elasticity so that the appearance of stretch marks is significantly reduced.

Currently, TriLastin has three different stretch mark products available and a fourth “combo product” that includes two of the creams as at a discounted price. The product options are:

  • TriLastin SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream
  • TriLastin HT Hydro-Thermal Accelerator
  • TriLatin Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

While each of these options is great, the most popular is the Maximum Strength Stretch mark Cream. The cream works to visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks in just 3 weeks and better yet, the stretch marks do not need to be new.

You can apply the cream to existing old stretchmarks and experience the same results. The formula is paraben free, non-scented, and hypoallergenic. Finally, it is made in the United States and comes with a 90-day money back guarantee to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Pregnancy Skincare

The second category of products offered by TriLastin is the Pregnancy Skincare line. This line of products helps you cope with the demand of a rapidly expanding belly and the toll that it takes on your skin. The products focus on protecting your skin throughout the pregnancy so that you can feel so much better once you give birth.

The products offered in this line are:

  • TriLastin Maternity Stretch Marks Prevention Cream
  • TriLastin Maternity Hydrating Body Wash

You’ll notice that the maternity cream is a dual-product, as it is both a pregnancy skincare product and one that eliminates stretch marks. It is also one of the more popular options in this category. The paraben-free formula is made from 15 natural extracts and oils that work on moisturizing your skin to build up its resiliency against stretch marks and other skincare issues. Similar to other products, it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, it is made in the USA, and  the formula is completely safe and gentle on your skin.


Overall, TriLastin is a highly recommended brand. The array of skincare products provide you with a solution for your stretch marks, whether they are generated from a pregnancy or weight gain. With TriLastin, you can feel confident in using scientifically-based solutions to improve the appearance of your skin and to protect it for years to come.


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