Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller – Recover From Workouts Faster?


The Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller is a distinctive yet soothing product that is sure to bring massage therapist like results without the ridiculous prices associated with them. There has never been a product like such that has been proven to help relieve body soreness and other pains. Consumers will have hit the nail with this one, read on to find out more!

What is the Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller?

Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller are of a patented multi-density design, that been recognized for its ability in helping consumers recover from injuries, heal muscle and joint pain, enhance one’s circulation, improve upon one’s flexibility and promotes a sense of balance and mobility. Similar products like this can also be found at the gym to sooth muscle cramps and other pains after having completed a workout.

What is the Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller Made of?

The Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller is consists of a patented foam roller design that has a rather dense exterior, which is made over an inflexible and heavy core. This product has been constructed in a way to prevent break down or loss of shape from continuous use. In addition, it has been created to support those up to 500lb of weight.

Who Will Benefit From The Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller?

As the sole purpose of this product is to relieve body pain, physical and massage therapists, coaches, trainers, athletes and fitness fanatics will benefit from the use of the Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller.

In addition to this product, access to a free online instructional video on foam rolling has been made available to consumers that way they make an efficient use out of the Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller.

What Makes The Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller Different Compared to Average Foam Rollers?

People might be wondering what makes this product any different compared to its competitors because it is constructed in the same shape as a typical foam roller. There’s more to it than what can be seen, don’t trick the mind by what can be seen. Here is a list of reasons why the Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller is the ideal foam roller for total body wellness:

  1. The shape will be maintained regardless of how many uses it undergoes
  2. It is rather high, firm, round and hallow compared to average foam rollers
  3. Is created to hold a maximum of 500lb, which allows majority of consumers to try it out
  4. Comes in three different sizes (26”, 13” and 4”)
  5. It is a long lasting product

How Much Is The Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller?

Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller costs approximately $36. On average, traditional foam rollers cost somewhere between $25 and $30, therefore this product costs slightly higher than traditional foam rollers. Although the price might not be convincing, consumers should realize that this product need not replacement like traditional foam rollers because it will neither break down nor tear with multiple uses.

In addition, it is created to sooth heavy people as well and will not sink unless someone exceeds 500lb. This is especially important to have for those with bodily pains and for those who train, as the body needs a way to release the tension rather than storing it. Generally, the price definitely reflects the quality of the product along with its benefit, thus paying a few bucks more will have consumers at an advantage.

Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller For Total Body Wellness

In order to achieve a total body wellness, consumers should take the Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller into consideration, as it is long lasting and helps the body to feel stress free and in full form. For more information, go to:

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