Restore Lost Hair Review – Reverse Hair Loss Plan


The Reverse Hair Loss Program Truth

Restore Lost Hair is a recently-released book created by prominent hair restoration doctor Jerry Williams. As the name of the book suggests, Restore Lost Hair promises to provide a proven solution that naturally helps men and women successfully regrow their hair.

What is Restore Lost Hair About?

Reverse Hair Loss Program

Restore Lost Hair is a book available for purchase online. The book was written by Jerry Williams, MD.

The book claims that that the vast majority of balding “cures” on the market today are useless. Jerry claims men and women around the world are wasting their money on dietary supplements, special shampoos, and scalp treatments. None of these remedies work.

So what’s Jerry’s solution to one of the oldest problems in the world today?

Well, Jerry says his cure has been “known to the hair cure industry for over 9 years.” The secret, if it got out, would put many hair product manufacturers out of business. Jerry claims his book is filled with so much controversial stuff that his website could disappear from the internet at any minute.

Who is Jerry Williams?

According to the official website, Jerry Williams is a medical doctor who lives in Dallas, Texas. He has a wife and two kids.

Jerry claims he was once one of the foremost hair care specialists in New York. He claims athletes and celebrities repeatedly visited his practice asking for advice.

Jerry wasn’t practicing some miracle cure: he was simply performing hair transplant surgeries. Jerry says that hair transplant surgeries are an imperfect solution to hair loss because they leave noticeable scarring after the first 10 years.

After running a successful business in New York City, Jerry had an “a-ha!” moment and decided to move outside the city to pursue his passion: providing genuine hair recovery treatments to people.

That a-ha moment came when an Asian man came into his business complaining about balding. Jerry realized he rarely saw balding Asian men, and then realized that something in the Asian diet must be helping their full heads of hair.

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How Does Restore Lost Hair Work?

Jerry, the creator of Restore Lost Hair, realized that hair loss is concentrated in certain geographic areas around the planet. It’s prevalent in North America, most parts of Europe, and some parts of Australia and Brazil.

Jerry claims these differences aren’t purely about genetics. Instead, there’s a secret hormone at work.

That hormone is known as Hormone X and it’s more prevalent in certain ethnic groups around the world. By targeting Hormone X and raising levels of it in the body, you can “make balding impossible.”

Hormone X works by counteracting the effects of DHT, the compound known as the follicle killer. With “just a few applications”, you can naturally reset how Hormone X interacts with DHT, which instantly reverses balding.

Those “few applications” involve drinking a “super cocktail”. That super cocktail has the foods, herbs, and unique supplements needed to reset Hormone X within your body.

Ultimately, all of this knowledge is revealed in a book called The Reverse Hair Loss Study Course. So if you see people talking about The Reverse Hair Loss Study Course online, then they’re talking about the Restore Lost Hair program.

There are three main advertised benefits of The Reverse Hair Loss Study Course. Those benefits include:

— It Gets To The Root Of The Problem
— It’s An All-natural Solution
— It’s A Permanent Solution

How to Buy Restore Lost Hair

The Restore Lost Hair book, also known as The Reverse Hair Loss Program, is available for $37. You can pay online using all major credit cards.

The book is sold through an online portal called Software Projects, which sells a variety of different eBooks.

The book is not an eBook. It’s a real, physical book. The company claims the book is shipped immediately and will arrive at your home within 3 business days.

Your purchase comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. That means you have 60 days to read the Restore Lost Hair book, put the lessons into practice, and then decide whether or not you want your money back.

Who Should Read Reverse Hair Loss Program?

Restore Lost Hair claims to be effective for both men and women of all ages. As evidence for that fact, Restore Lost Hair points to the dozens of before and after pictures featured on its website.

The book contains simple dietary guidelines. By eating the right foods, you can activate a unique hormone in your body that turns off DHT. I can’t tell you the name of that hormone without spoiling the entire book, but suffice to say there is some medical evidence in support of Restore Lost Hair’s claims.

In any case, you can buy the book, read everything in it, and return it within 60 days for a full refund with no penalty. That takes all of the risk out of your Restore Lost Hair purchase.

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Supplement Police
Supplement Police
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  1. I read this paragraph fully about the resemblance of most up-to-date and earlier technologies, it’s amazing article.

  2. Hair Loss can be caused by both emotional and physical stresses such as a serious illness. It is possible that stress induces hormonal changes that are responsible for the hair loss. Genes play a vital role in hair loss , there are usually other reasons as well, including, hormonal imbalances, an under-active thyroid gland, nutritional deficiencies and insufficient blood circulation in the scalp. Hair loss is a mammoth problem that many people are suffering from.

  3. Honestly, a good shampoo will always offer a money back guarantee and the best will not put a time limit on it. Ideally there should be no time limit to request a refund. If you can’t find this, avoid the product.

  4. This is a total scam!!! I recognize 2 for sure of his so called hair regrowth pictures from different hair transplant websites.

  5. Seriously, dateline did a show on 5 men over 1 year that used different products. Look it up. Transplants, laser combs, and rogain (one other type of oil starts with an s) all showed to show some positive results. Follicle 5, find that and make your own choices.

  6. estas personas son unas estafadoras hijos de perra todo es una putada pero que pendejos somos por comprarlo

  7. Look, Rogaine is Truly the Only Proven cure..I have been using it for 8 yrs..I use the liquid. I do have Rock Star hair and if it weren’t for Rogaine I’d be crying..I have NOT used it as directed thou.I scratch my scalp when I shampoo and conditioner.After towel dry, I use the liquid Rogaine.Scratching it in my scalp..At nite before bed I scratch to stimulate and Rogaine again…STIMULATION then Rogaine.My hair is 16/inches long and at the crown where I was loosing it is now 5/inches=8 yrs of use…I have been speratic with my routine ..Hit and miss on treatments.. But at least 4 to 5/times a week.I don’t like my hair weighed down so I don’t use after morning shower.The foam does dry lite but I was worried it didn’t saturate like liquid so I liquid. Look me up at Anotherfaze on Twitter and you will see the PROOF…I’m 50 and Look 40.Body builder, Rock Star and Foremost, Servent of God.Minoxidil 5% is the Max active ingredient for MEN & WOMEN…PROVEN…NOTHING Else..EVERY picture of me on Twtr was taken in last 6 months.My Twtr acct is only 5/days old as of today1/2/16.U don’t need luck, you need repetitiveness… Longevity. peace and God Bless

  8. I purchased your product, but have not been able to down load it after 2 tries. It just says web site not available. Either refund my purchase or help me please.

  9. This is a total scam. I thought it was obvious from their “text video,” but a lot of reviewers on actually purchased the e-book and confirmed that it’s a scam. Those folks have not been able to get a refund or even a response from the “company.” I put “company” in quotes because I’m betting that this hair growth scheme was concocted by some very clever and enterprising young folks (not US-born based on the spelling of some words in the video), who are laughing all the way to the bank. Don’t fall for it.

  10. I don’t know if you have seen “wolf of wall street” movie.
    if you think this product is real please watch that movie and how people get rich using absurd methods
    answer me this question how long does a normal hair cut being restored.
    couple of weeks right ….
    how can a hair lost like that be restored in that time.
    I watched the video and the only thing I could see was some psychological enforcement for naive people
    I know a man who can cure hair lost. he can even cure LSD and MS with some natural pill he creates. he has devoted his life curing people ( he makes good money too). he has been doing this over 50 years and he is about 80 years old. HE LIVES IN IRAN

    • :D :D ….. cooool…. who’s that special man Mehrdad???!!! where does he live exactly? I live in Iran, too, and I’d like to have an appointment with him

    • Can you put me in touch with this Iran guy I need some help really bad am only 20 and have so little hair I need to find something to help .

  11. Loosing hair is insulin resistance. Go on a low carb/ketogenic diet with high (unsaturated fat) and you will be fine. The hair loss will stop, and maybe (if you are lucky) some of it will grow back.
    Don’t buy into all this bullshit hair loss programs and saw palmetto and other DHT blockers comes with serious side effects, like loss of libido, menstrual cycle screw up, and brain fogs.

  12. they said that this will be an actual book. I happened to be going through bank statements and found that I had been charged for the book, but never received it.

    Purchase Information:
    Order Number: 381401
    Order Date: July 4, 2015
    Total Charged: $39.00
    Customer Name: Michael j. Gurrieri
    Customer Email: *******************
    Product: Restore Lost Hair
    Vendor’s site:
    I would like a refund please or I will be forced to get my bank involved.

  13. Can any one tell me if he/she has tried? I want my hair back. I hope this is not a scam. If some has tried or purchased the book and followed the method and if there is any improvement, then please suggest me too. And also, is there any contact of the said firm. Verbally it satisfies more.

  14. I am sorry in my last post below in the last sentence I meant to say “I wish anyone well who gives this a chance.”

  15. About 20 years ago I went through a hair transplant procedure, now there is only hair transplants the other follicle stopped growing hair around the front of my scalp. I am 58 years old now and can not shave my scalp because of scaring from the transplants. I started doing some research about DHT. I found out that saw palmetto is a DHT blocker. I decided to take some saw palmetto gel caps and take the fluid out of the gel caps and rub it on my scalp at night before I go to sleep. I did not believe it at first, but regrowth is starting occurring. I have only applied saw palmetto on my scalp 7 or 8 times so far. There is growth occurring where no hair has been for a least 10 years!! The only reason why I am sharing this information is because I know how frustrating it is for men to lose there hair. I hope someone will benefit from this information. I wish anyone well how give a chance.

    • Can you please tell us what palmetto gel caps they were, it would be very useful for us to go ahead with the same brand?? Thanks in advance

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. May i know what is the result now after almost 2 months since you shared about the palmetto application direct to your scalp. Appreciate a lot.

  16. The only hair loss remedy I know is JESUS CHRIST. About 17 years ago I noticed I was losing hair around my hairline and on my crown. I was reading the Bible and notice in Luke 21:18 it says “there shall not an hair on your head perish”, and in Luke 12: 7 but even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore, we are more valuable than many sparrows. I prayed to the Lord about these Scriptures and from that day to this my hair loss stopped. The hair I did lose hasn’t reappeared yet but I’m still believing for that.

    • jesus christ boumerdes 521 gladiator russel crowe sousse and kouachi hair killaz…know wad i mean jesus christ christmas+77days canada311noc japan sendai 31111…over and out ´old !

    • That is the most idiotic thing I have ever read, everyone knows that only The devil is the only mythical entity to help with matters of vanity. The devil wants you to get laid, LOTS. Christ may help you catch some fish or heal your std’s but, only the devil will make you look good so you can catch them (women are better than fish) sinning in style.

    • I agree. The Bible, people fail to recognize, is the word, the spirit, the Azoth, or Philosophers Stone. Which, through proper application, one is transformed, or can cause magic in his life. (Secret of the Ages) After finding this secret, taking oaths in high Masonic, Rosicrucian, (illuminati) degrees, I was given the secrets, after the correct knocks, which are puzzles that when put together reveal the spirit of God, as that stone, by which everything in the world has come to be, is, etc. Also, let it be known, I have reached that level, well beyond and above, Masonic/illuminati levels, which one is initiated in only in the stars (as the emerald tablets of Thoth suggests, and the 33rd degree knows about)! Illuminati -because initiated and illuminated by the sons of God. Thus, I believe, as Thoth Hermes did, I’m here to be a friend to the world. And, as your friend, what worked for me is the following;
      1. According to Exodus God loves the smell of burning flesh. (Sacrifice an animal to him every morning. Whe you pray, say the following;
      “Dear almighty God. King and ruler of this world, system of things. The kings are in your right hand. And, through the law of compensation you pay back what man sows. I am here, before your throne today, sacrificing this animal to you, as my forefathers before me. You asked of Abraham to sacrifice his only child. And, likewise, I’m sacrificing you what you love; the smell of burning flesh. Please take this, and I ask you bless my scalp with a set of hair. If there is anything else I must do, please accept this sacrifice, let me know, I’ll do it, and I close this contract between you and me. Mote It Be
      2. Read Luke 21: 18
      3. Read Mathews. “Whatever you ask, ask as you recieved it. And it shal be
      4. Look at the mirror. See self in new hair. After looking at this crystal. Make another prayer.

  17. If you are interested I will happily share a new line of hair care that is truly increasing hair growth. NO chemicals, FDA approved, freely lists ALL ingredients and made in the US. You can purchase retail, get a 15% by becoming a VIP or if you would like to join the team I will talk to you about your options. I am an Independent Market Partner with Monat Global.

    • @Annette Am nelson. lam 24 years old. l started loosing my hair on my head on the crown when l was 22. suprisingly, nobody in my family lineage is bald. l want to restore my hair coz am afraid l may loose it soon. How can purchase ur product? your product proven to be effective?,,,lam l assured of gettng positive results?

  18. Hello, If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. I have been an RN for 38 years and recently have become a Market partner for a fantastic company called Monat. We provide anti-aging health care products along with products to return/or keep your hair healthy. It is made in the US, is FDA approved and is referred to as Modern Nature as it uses natural ingredients. It has been shown to restore hair growth. NO not in 3 days, that is just not possible.

    • FDA approved <<< does that even mean anything anymore? i mean think about it, they pass a new med or drug (whatever you want to call it). it is supposed to cure 1 thing, but it has 25 possible side effects, and a year later has 100 lawyers advertising that it is a bad drug and if you took it, you can get a hefty settlement,

  19. I really should have researched this guy and product before clicking the order. This kind of scam is just cruel .Anyone,is there a way I can get my money back? Any way at all?Because their contact appearantly doesn’t exist

    • Like all products sold through Software Projects, Inc., Restore Lost Hair comes with a 60-day refund policy.

      While there isn’t any contact information provided on the Restore Lost Hair website, SPI’s main office can be reached at 800-218-1525.
      i found this info online. Good luck.

    • Eric, I realized it was a scam right after purchasing the download version of the book and got ads for 10 other “miracle” cures for aging etc! I wrote “Software projects” which handles the account and asked for an immedicate refund. I got this postitive response. Tho I have yet to check my credit card balance. Good luck

      Hi Karen Downey,
      This email is confirmation that your order for “Digital eBook: Restore Lost Hair” was just canceled and all charges refunded in full.

      Please allow 3 business days for the refund to show up in your account. The refund will be posted to the original card you used when placing this order.

      We appreciate your business and truly sorry it didn’t work out this time!
      The Team at SoftwareProjects,
      Phone: 1-800-218-1525

  20. Seriously nobody can disclose the ingredients, something is up here, I’m 52 now started with the bald spot on the back of my head in my late teens I was able to cover it up for several years and when I couldn’t anymore I felt so bad and hopeless, but after awhile it bothered me less and less, you have to come to grips with it, I would love to have my hair back, but it really comes down to self esteem, how you feel about yourself not how others see you or feel about you. Don’t base your significance on how much hair you have. I almost purchased this stuff but stopped myself need to do more research, Isn’t the internet grand,

  21. It’s all a scam and a very elaborate one. Here is a link to a similar video with the same narrater but a different back story and a different doctor’s name (Jared Gates in this case)

    • Unfortunately these people never get prosecuted for there actions. They should put them in jail and through away the key….

  22. The website P.O. box is located in Panama City. I would advise anyone who purchased this PDF file change there card number immediately.

  23. I found contact information for abuse for on who is who site if anyone wants to report this jerk. The info is below.
    Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
    Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4252982646

  24. Hello everyone I’ve noticed my hair fallin of a lot so this Is what I’ve done and I’m doing. In the morning I take a spoon of natural organic fish oil this is before breakfast and in the afternoon I take saw palmetto with vitamin D all of them for skin hair and nails. And I’m using a shampoo wich is peppermint with aloe vera from eBay. Hope I’ve been useful thanks everyone god bless you with plenty of hair:).

  25. I wonder if that’s his real name , city, and state? Probably not… But just thought it would be nice that if someone lived close…..stop and pay the good Dr. A visit and personally thank him for the huge discount on this fine life changing scam. What a freaking turd. I would love to have one the lotto so I had limitless time money and recourse to track down these parasites and introduce them to something called karma… Anyway,parasite types really bother me.

    • The site states that Jerry Williams is a pen name because he does not want his privacy compromised. Most people put way too much faith in doctors. It is called a “medical practice” for a reason. They are given much information regaring the workings of the human body. They are then given a license by the government to “practice” on humans. What separates what they do from down right experimentation is that they can only work with what a whole lot of people have found to be successful. That is the “outcome” standard. Researchers have to follow a different protocal. First, they must know the basics, meaning they have to be licensed physicians, then they basically separated and not allowed to just go crazy experimentation. They submit info to the FDA, and then many evaluate it. If it sounds just too far out there, they are stopped. It’s a process, but it is all based on trial and error, using an established body of knowledge and building on that.

  26. buy a wig for $37.00 or have rabbits tatooed on your head and they will look like hares from a distance

  27. I was going to purchase this for my husband who is becoming quite despondent with his hair loss. Is this a scam, or is this legitimate? Has anyone purchased the book/online pdf and tried the treatment? Did it work? My hubby was also considering going to a hair loss clinic, but I have been discouraging him because I am concerned about side-effects. I would rather have my husband healthy and bald, than suffer for the possibility of growing back his hair. he just needs to come to that realisation as well.

    • I have been using their products for 1 year now and there is quite a difference, it’s not $37, so far I’ve spent over $3,000.00, I was told when I started it would be a 2 year process, bottom line, so far so good. If I thought spending $37 was the answer I would do it, I’m spending a lot of money, it takes about 15-20 minutes 6 days a week,

      • Hey Matt. Is it really causing the supposed dead follicles to regrow hair? Even from the original hairline you had before any receding?

      • Why don’t you share those ingredients with everyone, if you used it.? Come on….lets have those ingredients !

      • I just listen to the promo speech today (9/21/15) and can’t believe what was talked about because there is another promo, from Gates and they are both saying the same thing. Gates talk about eating the right food, which combats the DHT. This I tried and within the first 30 days, did have some new hair growth but a lot less than I expected. Does anyone have knowledge of J. Williams cure ? If so, have you tried it and what is the extent of restoration?

    • the pictures he uses are from hair restoration surgeries, and those not even his own. This is a scam, do your research and save your money.

  28. I’ve seen several of these types of videos pop up within Yahoo news and other various news sites. Basically the guy keeps saying how it will get your life back together. More girls will like you and basically try and sell from your insecurities. It’s no doubt a scam. If it was a ‘cure’ of sorts it would be easily be accessible. Especially with the amount of resources around the net. I’ve browsed through pages and pages trying to find an actual PDF download of this ‘ebook’ and can’t find it anywhere. Anyways….. Don’t fall for this. It’s the same stuff with different title. And I agree with Jim. The pictures don’t look at all natural.

  29. Fly-by-night scam artist. You can smell it. The video is filled with sales hooks and plays on people’s insecurities and short-comings, like all scam-artists. It sickens me that people like this are alive. The video warns that the big hair restoring corporations will shut down their site at any moment. NO, after they have scammed $37.00 from unsuspecting, trusting soles, they will shut the site down themselves and move on. Check out the reviews on from poor people who lost their money, and have no prayer of refunds.

  30. all I have to say is in the pictures not everyone got all their lost hair back and mostly they really look like hair transplants, look carefully.

  31. This is just another of the typical scams on this type of advertising method. All abstract, testimonial type malarkey with grandiose promises of a miracle cure. It screams scam from the word giddyup. Oh, and is there anyone out there who believes that he isn’t into it for the money- just wants to help? If you do, you are just the sucker he is targeting. Save yourself some time and anguish, and just go flush $39 down the toilet.

    • Adeline,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Just in case you didn’t see, this isn’t a physical book, it is an eBook that you can download on the internet after your purchase. Normally they would send you the link to your email after purchasing or it may be on the Purchase Complete page. I’m sure you can email them for the eBook if you have a confirmation code.

      — Supplement Police

  32. I didn’t read this book and I won’t because it’s obviously a scam. The only and I mean the ONLY natural product that can maybe help male pattern hair loss is FENUGREEK. You can buy the seeds or the supplement at most health stores and it doesn’t cost much. I’ve taken tons of stuff over the years including propecia. Even if they work the side effects are terrible. The only natural herb that has been found to block DHT is fenugreek. It’s confirmed in most studies. I can’t confirm it will grow your hair back. My hair loss has seemed to stop and that’s about it. Fenugreek has other health benefits so it’s worth taking. I’m tired of these snake oil merchants draging this ancient scam forever and profiting from it.

  33. The real cure is as absurd as it is kind of gross. But it’s manure. Grated down to powder, blended down with coffee into a paste, and applied to the scalp for 10 days. And that’s it. Why else have you never seen a bald Indian.

  34. it’s all bullshit. I stumbled upon Jerrys site last night. and it’s all FUCKING shit. A lie a scam….. When I made the order the website never asked for my address to sent it. Just my name and my card info…then it said to check your email for more info… So I was trying to be hopefully thinking. I hope I wasn’t ripped off… But there was no info in my email… There was an order number…. And when I tried to context custom care… I got an email saying that address doesn’t exist… I clicked the link for email in the contact information that they gave me. So I did NOT TYPE IT wrong.. Now I have to dispute it and close for my card for a week til I get a new one..I’m extremely PISSED… I was getting for my husband…

    • Thanks for sharing….what a bunch of scumbags. Hope you used a credit card.

      Guys I am a biochemist and my father is GP. I can tell you the only way to restore hair loss in men, male pattern baldness due to excess testosterone being converted to DHT, this can in theory be reversed with estrogen but can cause side effects such as growth of breast tissue, erectile dysfunction etc.

      There is also drugs like propecia, but that can also cause sexual problems and erectile dysfunction. The best thing to do is not worry about it and try and come to terms with it. You can also try transplant but its not always successful and cost a lot of money.

      Good oil like, gingerly or argan oil can prolong what ever hair is left and keep your scalp healthy, apply 2-3 a week but doesn’t improve hair growth unfortunately. #I am suffer

      Best of Luck

      • I as well thought he was a bit cheesey and the photos look like hair was removed in the ‘prephotos’ and they were sent camping without a tent so I thought I would look directly into the return policy, threw some flags up n got curious on how much damage this (scam?) has caused.

        MATT: With results I would be very very upset with that price and I recommend you find something to spend that on besides, um, cosmetics; such as things you enjoy and gifts for your loved ones. A happy person with no hair is more loved than a moody furrball.

        Seriously tho my brother has extreme hair loss since he was 24, he is 30 now. I’m not sure the cause I have theory’s about excessive hat wearing and too much hair spray. It could also be due to severe head trauma or iud birth causing minor mental disability. He is very upset about his hair and nobody in my family has had the problem i am slightly younger than him with thick shaggy hair, our older (45-55) brothers have hair like mine just not so thick, and my father is ancient with 0 hair loss (it has been white since I can remember remembering) if anyone knows of anything that can make him happier I will make it up to them.

        All I have found is rosemary oil made him grow blonde curly hair on top of brown straight sides and back. It took some fixing but this did work slightly for him & he does this daily i think.

        Appreciate you all, any information or questions may be sent here
        Thank you

        • A few pics looked familiar from other sites. I listened outbox curiosity. .what a long boring video. Then immediately Google to check out if scam and what others had to say. BINGO my instincts were right.

    • mine worked Samantha… its an online read.. not a physical book… you go to the website then it will ask what email you used then it will give you access to the book online.. I hope it works for me! If not it was worth a try for only $37.

      • Would you please like to tell us the page of this site that ask for the email ?? I searched the site and there is’t any page. Excluding disclaimer and refund pages, all pages contains nothing but the same shitty video. So i wanna ask you what will you achieve by misguiding these people ??
        Shame on you.
        P.S. guys i am software developer by profession and this site is sure a scam.

    • This product So Called Secret Nature Cure is being sold on 3 websites, and God only knows how many more!!!!! If you have a facebook, twitter, or any social site account….PLACE A WARNING TO PEOPLE…These Sites Are A SCAM and RIPPING PEOPLE OFF EVERY SECOND!!!!!

      • Best idea: if anyone sees him the rest of his life shave his head. This will bring you good luck. ;)

    • I was going to order it but realized they only were asking for card info and no address. Who can this guy be reported to?

  35. Hormones are nothing to mess with. DHT is extremely important to men. I am one of the thousands that used Propecia, (Finasteride), that shuts down DHT. Some men are able to take these hormone altering drugs and not have any side effects. For others, it is horrifying. I took Propecia for two weeks and it destroyed my life. There are thousands of men that took it and all have the same problems. There are huge lawsuits and University studies going on to try to figure out how to restart our endocrine systems. No luck yet. Be very careful.

  36. I also almost purcahced the book but was afraid of not using Paypal and this could be a scam. I’m hoping that one time I can find the book on eBay or Does anyone know what’s in some of the drinks?

    • The book is supposedly virtual NOT an actual hard copy ! But I wouldn’t bother if I was you, you buying a Bluff !

    • Well of course! first you take 10 fresh mint leaves, then a 1/2 lime, cut into 4 wedges. Two tablespoons white sugar, 1 1/2 fluid ounces white rum, 1/2 cup club soda and some ice! That’s how you make the mojito cocktail. Any questions?

  37. I ordered the book and you sent a message telling me it had been sent by e-mail. I have tried to bring it up unsuccessfully. Could you please put it in the mail to me?

  38. I am still waiting to hear back regarding my comments and questions. I purchased two manuals.

    • The real cure is as absurd as it is kind of gross. But it’s manure. Grated down to powder, blended down with coffee into a paste, and applied to the scalp for 10 days. And that’s it. Why else have you never seen a bald Indian. (sarcasm)

    • I bought the ebook and basically it’s all about vitamins, rubbing gels on your head (like aloe vera) and meditation. I was also dumb enough to purchase how to reverse gray hair.

  39. Ok so here is the deal. Completely ignore the video. What you receive is not written by the dr. Nor will the e book mention clinical trials or tests or people who have taken the treatment. The e book is just someone’s compilation of natural remedies for hair loss. Eating right and a few suggested natural ingredients of essential oils and products you can find locally to make scalp treatments. It might by worth something to some of you. But it’s no miracle cure

    • Did you actually purchase the book for $39 offered and what is the secrets in the book if any?
      Is this a scam?
      Thank you
      Ben Vicini

    • So is it a scam then? I purchased an eBook called “Restore Your Hair” which ended up being a list of meals to that contained nutrients that would battle DHT, but the book sounded like it was written by an 8 grader, not a Doctor. And there was no supporting evidence that it worked, and the ideas it presented were commonly known things that would not on there own create re-growth. The book was a money grab, fortuneately you could get a quick refund from click bank.

      This new program, if diet based, is probably from the same people, just re-named. They probably figured out that it was too easy for people to get a refund on their garbage product that they decided to now send you a hard copy that you would now have to spend money on postage to return… making it more work for people to get their money back when they discovered the deception.

      If I am wrong then Jonathan or anyone else is welcome to contest this… but Jonathan did just say it’s a compilation of natural remedies so where is the “secret cocktail that encourages Hormone X”? It’s amazing how fantastical these online videos are, making a promise that you will see growth in 3 days, etc, even if you’re completely bald… I have no problem spending $39. to try something out if it’s thru clickbank or paypal where I know I can easily get a refund if it’s a scam but not sure I would be willing to pull the trigger on this one.

      Jonathan, do you have any more comments on this?

    • Robert,

      From what we have found, it seems the online portal called Software Projects is one that seems to be legit. They offer a 60 Day money back guarantee as well.

      I would think you should be safe. If all else fails, you can always contact your credit card company and they would be happy to dispute the charge on your behalf.

      — Supplement Police

          • Good marketing that caters for the emotions hair loss creates…but hey men and woman who have hair loss, could do with this information. I will check back here some time soon for any positive purchases.

          • Thank you all for your input, you saved me $39.00 and a lot of frustration with trying to get a refund. I was at first fooled by this until I read all of your comments. Thank you God I took the time to read them before ordering. I hope all of you who were scammed get your money back. I’ve been scammed before myself and what a mess it was. I had to cancel my credit card and get a new one. What a pain in the butt. Good luck to you all!

          • Agreed. I have yet to read of any success stories. Clue #1 – So all the “selling” hype in the video was the first “scammer” clue to me. I was close to buying and that’s what keeps these scammers going. They know they are not going to win them all .

          • Hello everyone I’ve been suffering a little bit from hair Los but I can share my experience how my hair got stroger.
            I’m taking saw palmetto 1 a day with vitamin d all of them:) and I got myself a shampoo on ebay organic peppermint and aloe vera and in the morning before I have breakfast I have a spoon of fish oil natural one. And it works very good and after a month I just noticed that my hair Is not falling at all:). Hope I was useful thanks everyone god bless.

      • Bs. Credit cards say if you give out your information you take the risk if it is a scam. They only protect you if you did not make the purchase.

        • J, if you make a credit card purchase but do not receive the product, you can dispute it with the credit card company and they (after review) will fully refund you including any interest incurred. I’ve had to do this before.

    • I ordered it three week ago and have not heard from them since, all my trying to contact them is of no results…
      I believe this is a scam….

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