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Nature Grow Review

Nature Grow is a new hair growth system that comes in the form of an oral supplement and downloadable eBook training guide. Find out if Nature Grow actually works today in our review.

What is Nature Grow?

Nature Grow is a new hair growth product that promises to help you regrow lost hair “overnight”. Nature Grow comes in the form of an encapsulated Forskolin supplement as well as a downloadable eBook guide.

The idea here is that you take the supplement twice per day while reading the lessons described in the Nature Grow eBook.

By the time you’re finished with the oral supplements and completed the training lessons in the Nature Grow eBook, you should have a full head of hair – or at least that’s the idea.

How Does Nature Grow Work?

Nature Grow claims to use a 100% certified organic formula made in the United States to regrow your lost hair overnight.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, the supplement claims to be backed by real science. Nature Grow claims to work by neutralizing one “hair killing steroid” that’s inside your body right now. That hair killing steroid is constantly sapping your hair’s life, slowly killing it and forcing hair to fall away from your head.

That “hair killing steroid” is called DHT. According to Nature Grow, the body produces more and more DHT as we get older. Both male and female DHT levels rise with age.

Doctors have observed that high DHT levels are linked to a higher risk of prostate cancer and lower testosterone levels in men. In women, high DHT levels can cause mood swings, depression, and hot flashes.

Ultimately, once you get past all the sales copy for Nature Grow, you get to the point: this supplement promises to stop the dangerous steroid called DHT and neutralize it throughout your body.

So how do you stop DHT?

According to the creator, you stop DHT by targeting the enzyme that creates DHT. That enzyme is called 5-alpha-reductase, although the name is frequently shortened to 5AR.

Nature Grow was created on the belief that you can prevent the growth of 5AR by eating the right blend of minerals, vegetables, herbs, and vitamins.

You can get one of these vitamins – Pure Forskolin Extract – in the Nature Grow supplement. You can also read about certain foods proven to block DHT by reading the Nature Grow eBook.

Who Made Nature Grow?

Nature Grow was created by a guy named Jared Gates with the help of his doctor, who he calls Dr. Blount.

Jared Gates claims he’s a normal guy who started going bald in his mid-20s. He suffered major self-esteem issues because of it. He tried dozens of cures, herbal extracts, and formulas, only to be repeatedly disappointed.

Then Jared talked to Dr. Blount, where he learned about DHT. Then, Jared set out to try to find foods that blocked DHT.

Jared claims to have personally tested thousands of different foods and beverages in an effort to find ones that lowered DHT levels. He’s collected all this knowledge into the Nature Grow eBook.

What is the Nature Grow Supplement?

Nature Grow comes in two parts: the online eBook and the actual Nature Grow supplement.

That supplement is simply a Forskolin extract standardized to 20%. The supplement is made by a company called Life Essentials Nutrition and contains 60 capsules in each bottle.

Forskolin is one of the herbs purported to stop the spread of DHT and 5AR in the body. It’s also a popular natural testosterone booster.

You take the Nature Grow supplement daily as directed: taking one pill with breakfast and one pill before bed.

Jared claims that the supplement regrows hair in “87.5% of cases” and that “your bald spot is as good as gone.”

How to Buy Nature Grow

You can currently only buy Nature Grow from the official website at

Like many online eBook authors, Jared Gates claims that selling his eBook “isn’t about the money”. He claims he could have easily sold the eBook and supplements for thousands of dollars, but he’s nice enough to sell it to you for only a fraction of that price.

Whether you believe that story or not is up to you. But here’s how much Nature Grow costs:

— 1 Bottle + Nature Grow eBook: $49.99 plus $9.95 shipping
— 3 Bottles + Nature Grow eBook: $99.00 plus free shipping
— 5 Bottles + Nature Grow eBook: $148 plus free shipping

As you can see, the more you spend, the more you save. When you buy the three bottle package, the supplements cost $33 per bottle. On the 5 bottle package, they cost $29.60 per bottle.

You can also save more money on Nature Grow. The retailer is currently offering a special promotion that lets you get $10, $30, or $50 off your produce using a mail in rebate form. You get $10 off for the 1 bottle package, $30 for the 3 bottle package, and $50 for the 5 bottle package.

Who Should Use Nature Grow?

Nature Grow is a popular – albeit expensive – way to restore lost hair. Despite what the product claims, it isn’t guaranteed to work on everyone, and it certainly won’t regrow your full head of hair overnight.

If you’re one of the baldness sufferers who lost your hair because of high levels of the DHT steroid in your body, then using the Nature Grow supplements might help you – especially when combined with the techniques listed in the Nature Grow eBook.

If you’ve heard of (or used) The Hair Loss Protocol, then Nature Grow will sound very familiar to you: it’s a similar training system that also claims to reduce 5 Alpha Reductase in your body, which is the enzyme that purportedly raises DHT steroid levels, which then causes you to lose your hair.

If you want to try every possible method to stop hair loss – and you believe that your hair loss is linked to high DHT steroid levels – then Nature Grow may be worth a try.

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  1. I only bought a 30 day supply of this hair growth and I have been bald for a great many years. However, I see some growth coming back. I would also point out that this supplement was taken off the market within about 30 days from its Inception and its claim. Since then comma a market has opened up on, claiming that they had the pills that stopped the DHT, but it was a lie. Funny, the supplement police didn’t stop from making the claim.

    I would point out that there is one more major benefit to the elimination of DHT comma but I will not give it out, because of the pharmaceutical companies that have squelched this DHT elimination.

  2. I’m live in Malaysia….
    I want to try it…..
    Do u have any branches in Malaysia?
    If the nature grow really worked I will
    introduced to my frenz and help them to prevent
    From this disorder….

  3. hi what is the difference between hair loss protocol and Nature Grow Hair Growth System.
    can anyone explain it to me .reba please guide me how to proceed . you can email me. waiting for your reply
    i am from mauritius

  4. I have used the Nature Regrow~purchased 5 bottles and it is just wonderful~BUT where to buy it now?????? I see NO PLACE to order

  5. Hi ,I’m Michael Dale Smith from Lake Charles ,La. .I had watch the video a couple months ago and today .I live on S.S. and get a check once a month. The first time I found the add on the computer I didn’t have the extra money to order anything. This time I really wanted to order but don’t have the money today .so I couldn’t hang on the site to receive the order buy one and get one free. I will get my check on the 9th of this month which is a few days from now using my card .Will the site be back on the computer on the 9th again. I don’t mine waiting the ten minutes to receive the discount .Thanks for your time Michael

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