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Choosing the right supplement provider is one of the most important elements in achieving your health and fitness goals. The supplement industry is one of the largest markets in the world, and is consequently saturated with low quality manufacturers that provide cut-rate supplements that are packed with fillers, synthetic ingredients, and potentially harmful chemicals.

Ensuring that the supplement provider you choose provides high quality products that are backed by peer reviewed clinical science is essential. Ideally, a supplement manufacturer should be founded by sports and fitness enthusiasts, and provide products that use scientifically proven ingredients to deliver a demonstrable, fast acting effect.

Trec Nutrition is one of the biggest supplement manufacturers in the world, offering a vast range of fitness equipment, supplements, vitamins, active wear, and innovative performance enhancing solutions. In business since 2001, Trec Nutrition has a reputation for providing effective and reliable supplements that provide targeted solutions, designed by leading nutritionists, dietitians, and health experts.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Trec Nutrition, their company philosophy, and the range of products they offer to help you decide whether they’re the right supplement provider for you.

What is Trec Nutrition?

Trec Nutrition was founded in Poland in 2001. Created by a team of passionate fitness enthusiasts who found that their local sports supplement solutions were less than effective, Trec Nutrition set out to create an effective, healthy, and high quality range of nutritional solutions for athletes and sports professionals.

Growing from a small team of just three individuals, Trec Nutrition has grown into an international supplement manufacturer that employs hundreds of people, adhering to a company philosophy that holds the qualities of honesty and transparency in product formulation in high regard. All of the products in the Trec Nutrition range are approved by stringent Polish food and nutrition quality laws, which are some of the strictest quality control laws in the world.

Trec also sponsor a huge amount of professional athletes in the bodybuilding and sports communities. More than 200 athletes are now associated with Trec Nutrition as brand ambassadors, spread out over 25 different countries. Trec sponsor some of the biggest names in sports, supporting Olympic champions, World Champion powerlifters, and region bodybuilding competitors.

Trec Nutrition Brand

Trec Nutrition split their range of products into a series of brands that deliver a number of different product lines. The first brand line that Trec Nutrition is their Trec Wear line, which was launched in 2012. Consisting of a huge range of clothing that has been custom designed for use in high impact fitness environments, built around recommendations made from practicing athletes. The Trec wear is manufactured entirely in Poland, and is distributed worldwide.

The second line offered by Trec Nutrition is Cross Trec, a comprehensive line of innovative products that are designed specifically for functional athletes. The Cross Trec line is customized to meet the demanding needs of functional training, offering a selection of supplements, clothing, and training solutions.

The formulas offered in the Cross Trec line are composed of the most effective formulas available on the market, tested by specialists and packaged in order to provide convenient and easy-to-use application.

The performance clothing options in the Cross Trec line are slim fitting and constructed from durable materials, with an aggressive design that incorporates a unique textile technology called CoolTrec, which delivers optimum pass-through ventilation.

The Beltor brand offered by Trec Nutrition, like Cross Trec, is a comprehensive training gear and supplement line. Instead of focusing on functional fitness, however, the Beltor brand line is intended to provide support for individuals that participate in martial arts training. Designed by fighters, for fighters, the Beltor range consists of performance supplements, accessories, and performance clothing for the martial arts industry.

The fourth brand offered by Trec Nutrition is their Action Line, which provides a number of innovative and unique products for outdoor athletes and sports enthusiasts. Some of the most distinctive products in the Action Line are Trec Nutrition’s original topical application energy boosters, Hydro Gel and Nano Colloids. These products are applied directly to the skin and bypass the digestive system, minimizing metabolic load and providing an unparallelled speed of action and rate of efficiency.

Trec Nutrition also operate Vitamin-Shop, which was the first retail store in Europe to offer a dedicated vitamin and supplement source in Europe. As the largest nutritional supplement and dietetic foodstuff distributor in Europe, Vitamin-Shop delivers a constantly evolving, consistent, and innovative range of products to fitness enthusiasts in more than 10 different countries.

In addition to their five different brands, Trec Nutrition also manage a massive educational arm, offering fitness enthusiasts around the world comprehensive, detailed, well-researched, and highly actionable fitness and health information. Ranging from their “Ask a Coach” platform to several martial arts Youtube channels that include Martial Arts Zone and the BeFit Project, Trec Nutrition are one of the most trusted sources of fitness information in the world.

Trec Nutrition Products

Trec Nutrition, over their five different brands, offer one of the largest product lines in the world. The Better Choice range of health foods offers healthy food alternatives to power the body, while a series of energy, stimulation, and concentration supplements help fitness enthusiasts remain focused during intensive physical exercise.

The Trec Nutrition product line includes carbohydrate supplements, combination carb-protein supplements, whey protein powders, thermogenic agents that boost metabolic function to burn fat quickly, and unique, clinically proven fat reducing dietary aids. Popular training aids such as amino acids, BCAAs, and peptides are included in the Trec Nutrition produce line, as well as creatine supplements, pre-workout performance boosters, and testosterone muscle boosters.

Trec Nutrition Verdict

Trec Nutrition are one of the largest and most trustworthy supplement and sports product manufacturers in the industry. Whether you’re training BJJ or long distance running, Trec

Nutrition offer a targeted activewear and sports supplementation solution that will help you reach your fitness, health, and sports goals faster. Trec Nutrition products are available from a huge network of online and offline retailers globally.

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