Flat Belly Challenge

Train with Lyzabeth:The Flat Belly Challenge

If you are like most people, then you have unwanted belly fat that is a serious challenge to get rid of. Like most, you have probably tried workouts, videos, diets, and supplements to rid yourself of the stubborn belly fat.

What you may not realize is that belly fat is one of the most difficult forms of body fat to get rid of, especially for women. To clear away your belly fat, you need more than just workout videos and diets, you need educational tools and other resources that point you in the right direction and to inform you why your belly fat is so resistant.

One great program that recently came on the market is Train with Kyzabeth: The Flat Belly Challenge. Before you jump to make a buy, here is an review of what you can expect.

What is Train with Lyzabeth?

Train with Lyzabeth is unlike any body fat eliminating program that you have encountered before. Here, rather than overwhelm you with useless supplements, workout guides, crash diets, and courses on how to lose belly fat, the program works to provide you with the necessary educational tools and online membership area that help you understand belly fat and the steps you need to take to eliminate it.

With this program, you receive the power to understand body fat and what it takes to make significant changes that lead to great results. As you can imagine, the old adage “knowledge is power” is a great way to describe this program.

Developed by Lyzabeth Lopez

You know you have a legitimate and worthwhile product in your midst when the creator for the product works in the same industry and has a range of experience in the area. The Flat Belly challenge was developed by Lyzabeth Lopez, who is a certified personal trainer, gymnastics instructor, cheerleader, professional dancer, and well-known and recognized figurehead in the fitness world. Her experience with fitness and her work in helping people achieve their fitness goals has enabled her to create a program that is geared towards helping men and women achieve their fitness goals.

In addition to her personal training work, Lyzabeth is also a holistic nutrition specialist with 13 years of experience. Her work has enabled her to train over 3000 athletes looking to improve their fitness and bodybuilding skills. Through her years of experience and knowledge in the field of fitness, Lyzabeth developed the Flat Belly Challenge for men and women everywhere.

How the Flat Belly Challenge Works

As with any fitness program, you only gain the full benefit of the program by understanding how it works. Here is an overview of what the Flat Belly Challenge provides you with so you can notice effective and long-term results:

What is Preventing You from Reaching Your Goals

The first part of the program is a thorough overview of what prevents you from losing your current belly fat. Whether the belly fat results from children,  a poor diet, or pure genetics, the in-depth information enables you to understand the causes of your belly fat so that you can take the action necessary to remedy those issues.

The program does more than a brief overview – it instead delves deep into information that you can use for a lifetime in preventing the body fat for returning. For example, one of the areas that it covers is diet. By pinpoint how the foods you eat impact the accumulation of body fat, you not only will start avoiding those foods, but you will also understand why such foods should be avoided and how their negative impact  causes you to accumulate body fat.

How to Fix Existing Bad Habits

The program recognizes that most people are unable to fix their fitness regimen successfully because they do not have the tools and resources necessary to alter existing habits. Most people are so steadfast in the way they eat, diet, and exercise that they fail to see the error and fix it. The program recognizes this and instead of allowing you to stay fixed in your bad habits, it gives you the resources necessary to take charge of your diet. It uses explanation, psychological tools, and a plethora of information to help you get on the right track for a better and healthier you.

The Knowledge for Life

Finally, the third aspect of the program is that it gives you knowledge for life. With the information and the tools necessary to change your bad habits, you can implement change no matter what season it is.

The great aspect of the program is that it helps you keep weight off and it also prevents the “yo-yo” effect, which is when your weight goes up and down over a small period of time. The small changes that this program encourages you to take lead to big and effective impacts.

A “Different” Diet

Most diets that you undertake are geared to simply helping you shed the pounds. What is great about this program is that since it is developed by a holistic nutritionist, the diet is geared at improving your overall health. That is to say, it reduces inflammation, increases your energy, and prevents bloating, acne, fatigue, disease, and gas.

The diet is extremely easy to implement, it tastes good, and it is a system that enables you to eliminate troublesome belly fat for years to come. You will end up not only loving the program, but who you become when going through it.


The program currently costs $17, which is down from the initial $47. The price is currently cut for a limited time, so if you are interested, you should make a move now.


Overall, if you are ready to change your life in a big way, then this program is a great place to start. With the holistic and effective tools that the program provides, you will be able to eliminate unwanted body fat in no time. Finally, there really is no going wrong with a program that supports you before, during, and even after you have lost the weight.



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