TouchPoint – Wearable Neuroscientific Technology For Stress?


Touch points include noninvasive wearable devices that uses neuroscientific technology to relieve stress and anxiety by over 70% in just a few seconds. Two touch points devices can be worn on the wrist or clipped to clothes which alters the body flight by transferring alternating vibrations to return the homeostatic functioning of the nervous system. The devices which are designed as watches have been reported to help patients cope with various neuro diseases such as autism, Parkinson, and general stress.

The Touchpoint solution was founded in 2015 by a neuropsychologist Dr. Amy Serin and a child advocate Vicki Mayo with the aim of relieving stress and anxiety to the many people who suffer from the condition all over the world.

Over the years the neuropsychologist discovered that a component of post-traumatic stress disorder could be used alone in the management of gifted kids whose performance is affected by their level of stress.

Components of a Touchpoint Set

  • A single set of touchpoints includes the following to be complete:
  • Two individual devices for each to be worn on each side of the body
  • Clips to attach the touchpoints on clothing which can be socks, or shoes
  • Couplers to connect watch bands and charging cables
  • Touchpoints App, both android and IOS versions are available

How Does TouchPoint Work?

Reducing Body Sensations

Touchpoints help to reduce the stimulation in the body upon being exposed to a stressful event. Usually, a stressful event is followed by associated body stimulation such as queasiness in the stomach or increased heart rate among others. The wearable devices enhance reduction of the noxious stimulus by reducing the stimulation within 30 seconds. The touchpoints allow one to think clearly and efficiently concentrate.

Promotes Shift of Fight or Flight to the Normal Rational State

When one is stressed the sympathetic system in the brain is stimulated which produces the fight and flight effect which are harmful to the body if the stimulation last for long. The touch points aids in shifting the body from the flight state into the stable parasympathetic state and therefore promoting calmness.

Creating New Neural Pathways

The Touchpoints ensure that one think of a stressful event in the rational part of the brain without the harmful body sensations. Through the process, a new neural pathway is created which is neutral and favorable to the body instead of the noxious sympathetic stimulation. The process enhances calmness, focus and sleep which improves performance of an individual.

Favorable Features of a Touchpoint

  • It is controlled by an App
  • The batteries are rechargeable
  • There is ability to customize setting
  • Has six presetting which include calm, focus, anger, sleep, performance and craving.

Who Can Use Touchpoint?

Any person can benefit from using the touch points devices. The devices are affordable and straightforward to use since you just have to wear them on the wrist or pin them on the clothing.

Touchpoints have been reported to enhance coping for people who have Parkinson disease, autism or ADHD. Besides, research shows that using the touch points at least 5 minutes in a day leads to improved concentration and performance in general.

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