Fitness Reality X Class 310SX – Smart Recumbent Exercise Bike?


Have new goals for the upcoming year? Need to focus on becoming a healthier, happier and active self? Many studies have suggested that one’s physical appearance and fitness levels are more likely to induce a sense of positivity, boost one’s confidence levels and further help one to set reasonable goals that require hard work and extreme planning.

Fortunately, consumers do not need to wait until the new year to become a better version of themselves because of the Fitness Reality X Class 310SX.

By regularly exercising on the Fitness Reality X Class 310SX, consumers are believed to challenge themselves to work twice as hard compared to the previous day. Furthermore, one can exercise without putting strains on other parts of the body. The purpose of this review is to highlight the intentions, features and price factors of the Fitness Reality X Class 310SX.

What Is the Fitness Reality X Class 310SX?

The Fitness Reality X Class 310SX is a bluetooth smart technology and magnetic recumbent exercise bike that has been designed on the basis of ergonomics. Factors like one’s comfort, posture and ability to push themselves in the most efficient manner possible have been considered in its overall design.

Like an exercise bike, consumers simply take a seat and pedal, but the key difference is the fact that the entire body is provided with support. Let’s take a look at its features to better understand its overall design.

What Can Be Said About the Features Embedded in the Fitness Reality X Class 310SX?

First, the Fitness Reality X Class 310SX claims to support up to 325lbs and those who range between 5 and 6 feet 3 in height. To ensure that consumers can work upon their strength and endurance, one can choose between 24 levels of magnetic resistance that best reflects their capacities.

Second, it is believed to contain 20 pre-programmed workouts that may focus on factors like calories, distance and time. In terms of information, consumers are believed to be provided with numerical data including one’s distance, time, rpm, calories burned, speed and others similarly offered by traditional exercise bikes.

The major feature worth mentioning is that of the exercise bike’s design. Its seat resembles that of chair where one’s back has optimal support. Simply put, consumers can lean back in the Fitness Reality X Class 310SX, whereas a traditional exercise bike tends to stimulate one to arch their backs while pedalling.

Moreover, it has the ability to prevent pain while sitting, as it claims to contain air chambers that allow free air flow to maximize comfort. While leaning forward has its perks, especially in targeting one’s abdominals, back and core support are far more superior as injuries are less likely to occur.

How Much Does the Fitness Reality X Class 310SX Cost?

The Fitness Reality X Class 310SX costs approximately $499. Depending on the features and accessories, a standard exercise bike can cost anywhere between $189.99 to a little over $869.99.

This being said, it is clear that the Fitness Reality X Class 310SX is fairly priced. Other physical components that make its price all the more worth it are its water bottle and electronic compartment as well as an additional compartment to keep important things closer in range.

Fitness Reality X Class 310SX Review Summary

Overall, exercising no longer needs to be a strain, as the ergonomics based exercise bike, the Fitness Reality X Class 310SX appears to provide support and comfort. Looks can be deceiving, as the seat is placed fairly away from the pedals, however those who want to push themselves to incorporate as many parts of the body as they can in their training can do so by shifting the seat closer. Even when one is not particularly interested in training, he or she can warm by setting at a lower resistance and sitting further back.

It is clear that the main objective with respect to the Fitness Reality X Class 310SX is to prevent any type of injuries from occurring, and it has been achieved at a significantly inexpensive price. For more information, check out:

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