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Raviderm Skin Care

Raviderm is a new anti-aging skin care product which claims to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.

The company has generated some buzz on social media over the past few weeks due to its attractive free trial offer: only 1,000 Raviderm free trials are given out every day, and some people have been known to refresh their browsers at midnight to ensure they get into the free trial.

So what’s with all the hype about Raviderm? Does it actually make you look younger using a natural, safe, high-quality formula? Let’s find out today in our Raviderm review.

What is Raviderm?

Raviderm is a skin cream which claims to use natural ingredients to soothe and heal your skin. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of Raviderm haven’t disclosed what exactly those ingredients are.

Here’s how Raviderm describes its product and its ingredients:

“Our ingredients include peptides which help eliminate wrinkles, promote collagen production and plump and firm the skin. Raviderm Trial ingredients produce immediate lifting power.”

Peptides are naturally-occurring biological molecules. Chemically speaking, they’re short chains of amino acid monomers linked by a peptide bond, which is why they’re called peptides.

Peptides can be found in many different beauty products, where they’re prized for their ability to heal the skin and repair wrinkles and lines. They’ve been shown to improve the plumpness of the skin and boost skin elasticity, firmness, and collagen production.

Of course, we don’t know exactly which peptides Raviderm uses, or in what amount. That makes it difficult to judge Raviderm at this point in time.

Benefits of Raviderm

Raviderm claims to offer all of the following benefits:

— Significantly Fill In Deep Creases And Lines
— Decrease Wrinkle Depth
— Restore Youthful Firmness To Skin
— Provide A Painless Alternative To Botulinum Toxin Injections
— Avoid Re-formation Of Deep Wrinkles With Continued Application

The manufacturer of Raviderm describes these benefits as “Botox-like results” without painful injections or surgeries.

How to Use Raviderm

The manufacturer of Raviderm claims that using the skin cream is easy: simply apply the cream twice per day – once in the morning and once before you go to bed. Within 15 days, users typically start to see wrinkles fill in and smooth out. Within 28 days, deeper wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other age-related skin problems may be totally gone.

It’s important to note that Raviderm has not been tested by any independent body, so the above claims are based on the manufacturer’s own in-house testing.

Buying Raviderm Online

You can’t find Raviderm in any store. It’s also not available on Amazon or other online retailers. Instead, the product is only available for order on the official Raviderm website.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The product is in its early stages of release, so it’s not unusual to just have one retailer.

That being said, Raviderm does have some weird pricing and ordering conditions which you absolutely need to know about before you buy. I’ll explain those pricing and ordering conditions below.

How Much Does Raviderm Cost?

One of the most attractive parts of Raviderm is its free trial offer. Raviderm gives out 1,000 trials per day. It doesn’t exactly call this trial “free” – which is good, because it’s not free.

Raviderm doesn’t advertise pricing information on the front page of its site. Instead, you have to go to the Terms & Conditions to learn how much your credit card will be charged. Once you do that, you’ll learn that this is how the pricing breaks down:

Trial: You order the trial online and enter your credit card information. Raviderm claims that it will not charge your credit card anything at this point.

12 Days After the Trial: You have 12 days to receive Raviderm, try it out, and make a decision. Exactly 12 days after you clicked that “order” button online, your credit card will be charged $99.15. A few days later, you’ll receive a full 30 day supply of Raviderm at your door step.

Monthly Autoship Program: You will continue receiving monthly shipments of Raviderm until you cancel.

Once you’ve signed up for the Raviderm trial, you’re basically signed up for life until you cancel. Your credit card will continue to be charged $100 every 30 days, and you’ll continue receiving a package of Raviderm at your doorstep every 30 days.

This is a convenient option if you’ve noticed the powerful effects of Raviderm. However, if you find that Raviderm isn’t healing your skin the way you wanted it to, then this $99.15 charge on your credit card can be shocking.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Raviderm?

I hate to end a review saying things like “wait and see”, or “the jury is still out on Raviderm.” Unfortunately, that’s how I have to end this review.

At this point, there’s just not enough clinical evidence or scientific support behind Raviderm. That doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t work. Instead, it just means that more research is required before I can definitively recommend it.

That being said, anecdotal reviews online and on social media are largely positive. Hundreds of women are praising Raviderm for its ability to wipe out wrinkles, fill in creases, and ultimately, make them look younger.

Right now, it’s too early to tell whether or not Raviderm is a good anti-aging skin care product. I recommend waiting for more scientific evidence and clinical trials to be completed on Raviderm before you make a purchase.

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    IT’S A SCAM.

  2. If you open the product to try, you already will be charge almost $190. Tis is scam.
    This is the way some people getting riche. Frist time I order this product sample and it cost me a lot of problem, that I have to close my credit card.

  3. OMG Do not fall for that trial add , it s a trap , you sign for the free trial , it is not free they charge you shipping and said you got 14 days to try , like a dummy I try it , the product did not get to you in time for you to try the free trial , it took 11 days to get to you , when I got it omg the stuff smell so bad , it gave me allergic reaction just from the scent , so I call the next day to cancel the account so they would not charge me the full price , don’t even know what is the full price , they did not post it , well come to a shock to know they already charge me $99.16+$86.15 for 2 , I only sign up for one! Did not know they charge me until I got the credit card statement , I told her I did not finish my trail yet , she told me it over.(what)they count from the date u sign up,not when u got the product , she would not credit me back my $185.30

    I told her if she wont I just call my credit card they will deal with her… finally she said she did , it would take 3 to 4 days … after 45 min ,,,, you guy need not to sign up anything online for a trial . They are a scam …. So beware

  4. This is such a scam.i found t number n cancelled in 2 days.they still charged my credit card. I told them they stole from a government card n they finally issued me 75 doll back instead of t 100. Report this to better business Bureau

  5. When you call to cancel your “account” BE SURE to get a cancellation number and make notes of the date and who you spoke to. That will be essential to dispute any charges made to your credit card.

  6. This is a SCAM. There is nothing free about any of this companies products and they do not work!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! I have reported this company to the credit card fraud department and refused payment. I received the product only one day before the 12 days cancellation policy expired. Day 1 begins the order conformation and not from when you receive it so don’t make the same mistake I did. I really don’t know how this policy is legitimate. How can you try something in 12 days, (as in “free trial”) if you don’t have the product? THIS IS A SCAM! THIS IS A SCDAM! THIS IS A SCAM!

  7. I finally again found the phone # to cancel. It is 1-800-481-2609. They did NOT want me to cancel, and we went round and round until I lost my patience and raised my voice in anger. It took all of seven minutes before I got a cancellation number. Good Luck ! This product did nothing and when I tried to cancel the first time, I was questioned and advised to use the product (4) times a day, not the advertised (2) times. That did nothing either, except get them another month of my money.

  8. Sylvia
    I too ordered the free trials, but to my dismay when I went to cancel I couldn’t find anywhere to go. Now today then sent me another order so that makes $600 out of my account that I cannot afford. Why do they make it so hard to get in touch with someone when you want to cancel. I am getting in touch with my bank about fraud charges on these people

    • I too order it and four days later they took 99.15 out my account it took ONLY less than ten to get it all back they tried to give back half or some of my money but I said it didn’t take half for you to take it I need all or the bank gonna go threw fraud department I didn’t authorize it….and the return the money so please watch out it’s a scam and a Damn shame it don’t work

  9. I had ordered the Puravol and Raviderm pre-trails. Should have read the reviews on them. Just received them a day ago and called to quickly cancell any future orders. Talked to a Rep named Amber and she keep on and on about reducing the next payment the products are new on the market and etc.. It took me 10 times to get my cancellation number. I wanted one for each but she said it was for both. I told her you have a lot of dissatisfied customers and one of the reasons was the prolonging of giving a cancellation number, telling me about the product, asking me why I wanted to cancell. I told her I got my pre-trails and I don’t want to be charged $99.15 for the products. They are impossible. Anyway I cancelled them out got my number and now going to tell my bank and give them my cancellation number. Should have listened to my bank as well. They put my account on hold because of this. My bank is always looking out for me.

  10. I did the same thing as most of you. I ordered the free trial of the Raviderm and Puravol for the $4.95 shipping and handling for each. As soon as they came in I happened to look at the fine print at the bottom of the shipping invoice and noticed that it said in 12 days after ordering, not receiving, ordering, I would be charged $99.15 for each product and each month thereafter, so I called and I told them I wanted to cancel the free trail so that I didn’t get charged for anything else and she asked when I got the product. When I told her that I had just received them that day, she said I didn’t have enough time using them to know if they worked or not and that I should try them for a couple of weeks first. I told her no to cancel right then. She wanted to argue with me over this. I couldn’t believe it. I made sure I had proof that I canceled. I have used the free trail product, I am so glad I canceled because it isn’t any better than plain lotion.

  11. I just got off the phone with this company–25% refund on a product I am allergic too, cannot use and want no part of — they would not cancel it or refund anything but 25% and I did obtain a cancellation code. I threatened to stop payment but was told that I had signed a legal contract and they would provide that to my bank, it’s a long process and I’d lose out anyway. I cannot believe this happened to me, the Queen of carefully reading the fine print! According to them, I paid the $4.95 for shipping and received a 30-day supply, so that what the $99.15 was for.

  12. This company is selling this product using different names on different sites always using Dr. Oz — same ingredients and claims word for word — just changing the names of the product. At the bottom in very small print they have the extra charges listed but do offer a refund. Just try and get it. I am out $186.30. I have ms and live on $760 a month. I reported it to my bank but don’t know what will happen. Just click on any similar ad and maybe if enough people find this out we can really do something about this!!!

  13. Do Not Fall For This SCAM!!!
    Their “free trial” is actually a 12 day from date of purchase scam. Not only do you not have enough time to even try out the product…they charge you 99.15.
    Try talking to someone in customer service…it is complete rip off!!!

  14. I received Provavol and Raviderm when it was offered as a free trial for $4.95 each which covered shipping. I saw nothing about trying it for 12 days before being charged $99.15 for the Provavol and $86.15 for the Raviderm which I originally ordered as a “free trial”. As soon as I saw the charges on my credit card I called to stop these orders and get a credit. A very snotty woman explained that I agreed to pay for the products if I didn’t call to cancel within the 12 days and since I didn’t call they get to keep the money. The first charge of $99.15 was charged exactly 13 days after I ordered so I never had 12 days to even try the products. Beware!!!

    • Hi I to got caught in to this scam, I hope to have my bank reverse the charges, I just hope it works out for me. Many companies are doing business just like this one and trying very hard to rip the of the hard working middle class people off. I hope to never get pulled into another scam like this one it will stay in the back of my mind for a long time, If they need your credit card info up front I will opt out.

      tired of being taken \ ps how can a person get onto their site to complain to warn others of this scam before they get caught up into this scam?

      • Same just happened to me! Do I have to make separete calls to cancel other one (raviderm) I cancelled my card they were put on

  15. Thank you for your honest review. Especially about the claims of only $4.95 for a trial. I got swindled by Cindy Crawford’s trial order and won’t do it again.


  16. I received raviderm, provavol and vitayouth. I do not remembe ordering any of these items. When the charged appeared on my bank statement I hadn’t received anything yet. When each item came I called and told them I did not remember ordering them. They would not refund my money. After I called I noticed i had ordered from meaningful beauty on same day. I have been ordering this for almost a year and I love it. I remember some pop ups while I was on meaningful site. Why would I order four more different products on the same day? I thought I was losing my memory. I dont know how this happened They will not refund my money. I have over $300.00 in charges. I told them I would call bbb. Theysaid I checked the box agreeing to their terms. Has anyone else have similar problem. There is no address on the packages.

  17. Do not get coned by this company. Be careful or you will be charged for returned product. Free trial is in no way free.

  18. when I ordered this trial on a facebook add there was no mention of a cost of $99.15 each that would come off the credit card I used within 12 days after I sent for the trial of Raviderm and the Puravol. that gives me no time to try it, I just received it.

  19. I received a trial size of Raviderm and want to CANCEL… I can’t find an email or phone contact to get in touch with this so-called company. Have I been scammed? Please advise asap.
    Thanks so much

    • Fredda,

      I tried to look up their information online, it seems they have an email address that you would need to contact in order to cancel your order:

      Our operators are standing by to assist you 24 Hours a day 7 days a week.

      Typically, we will respond within 48 hours of receiving your message.

      ** To cancel your order please email us anytime at clientservices [@] vitalitadermatrial [dot] com

      Or I found this phone number: Toll Free: 800-481-­2609

      Hopefully that helps you.

      — Supplement Police

      • If you check the number on the Raviderm jar it will get you to customer service (1-800-481-2609 )

        When you call they will attempt to sell you their product at a 35% discount, then a 65% discount and continue to talk as if they don’t hear your complaint.

        Once I calmly told the lady let me speak to your supervisor she quickly gave me a cancellation code as proof that it is officially cancelled. She said they would also send an email as varification .

        I was fortunate cause my bank sent me notice when it came in as suspicious and ask if I wanted to stop the payment .

        So again that number is 1-800-481-2609

        Good Luck

        • DO NOT ORDER Puravol or Raviderm. This is a complete shyster RIP OFF. To cancel, call the number (1-800-481-2609). You will have to repeatedly tell the “customer service” person you are CANCELLING while they keep offering it to you for a lower and lower price. When you say you want a REFUND, they try to negotiate that! “We’ll give you a 35% refund, a 75% refund.” When I raised my voice, they made it a 100% refund of the last charges – – and I could not even get them to discuss the earlier shipments. I will never order anything on-line again through an advertisement, and if I visit a website with this type of promotion, I will close out of it and never go to that website again. Unbelievable.

      • Sammye,

        Thank you for commenting. But as you will see in the article, we don’t actually sell this product. You need to go to the people you purchased from and get a refund.

        — Supplement Police

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