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Tornado Shaker Review

Protein powders and powder supplements are extremely important for those who want to lose weight, gain muscle, and get fit. While these powder and supplements have evolved with time, getting more proficient and offering more benefits, one part of the protein powder system has stayed the same for years: The Shaker Cup.

There has been very little change when it comes to the cups that are used to make protein shakes. They’re usually made of plastic and contain a small wire ball inside that is supposed to break up the powder and mix it properly with the liquid. However, most of the time, this powder just ends up clumped together or stuck between the spaces of the little shaker ball. Unfortunately, very few people have taken the time to think about what can be done to improve this process. Until now.

The Tornado Shaker is a protein shaker cup that has completely changed the protein cup industry. Instead of depending on a small ball at the bottom of the cup or spending several minutes shaking the cup back and forth, the Tornado Shaker makes mixing protein shakes easy, clean, and effortless.

What is the Tornado Shaker?

The Tornado Shaker is a protein shaker cup, but minus the shaking. Working almost like a portable blender, the Tornado Shaker has a battery powered base that mixes the liquid in the cup, creating a tornado-like vortex. Once the shaker has been turned on, protein powder of any texture and of any amount can be added to the cup. Without touching the cup, the Tornado Shaker will completely mix the powder and liquid together, quickly and effortlessly.

The History of the Tornado Shaker

The Tornado Shaker was started by two friends fresh out of university. When they decided to work for themselves instead of getting a corporate job, they used their passion for fitness to find their first product. Because both friends often complained about the problems they had with lumpy protein shakes, they decided this was where their life as entrepreneurs was going to start.

Once they founded the Tornado Shaker to take care of their own protein shake problem, they discovered it served so many more purposes. The Tornado Shaker isn’t just useful in the gym, it can also be used in the kitchen for anything that needs to be mixed quickly.

Benefits of the Tornado Shaker

It can be easy to brush off the idea of the Tornado Shaker, thinking that it’s just a fancy cup for making protein shakes. However, its many benefits prove that it goes above and beyond being a regular shaker cup. And, because it can serve multiple purposes, it can be used in more than just the gym.

It Mixes Effortlessly

As already mentioned, having to hand mix protein shakes can get old, fast. Instead of having to shake and shake until the drink is somewhat mixed, the Tornado Shaker works with the push of a button. The cup just needs to be filled with a liquid, then the button needs to be pushed. The button will get the cyclone going in the cup.

Once the Tornado Shaker is running, the powder can be added. The powder can be of any thickness and of any amount. No matter how lumpy it is to start, the vortex that the Tornado Shaker creates will break it up and disperse it evenly throughout the liquid. This means no more annoying shaking and, more importantly, no more lumpy protein shakes.

It’s Easy to Clean

Another pain about regular protein cups is that they can be annoying to clean. Because the powder never seems to mix into the liquid completely, there always seems to be a layer of powder at the bottom of these cups. And because most protein cups are narrower at the bottom, it can be hard to get a hand that’s larger than a child’s down to the bottom of these cups to clean it.

Thankfully, the Tornado Shaker takes little to no effort to clean. Once the protein shake is finished, the shaker can be filled with warm water and then turned on. When the tornado starts going, a little bit of soap can be added to the cup and the Tornado Shaker washes itself.

If this still sounds like too much work, it’s fine. The Tornado Shaker is dishwasher safe. The battery powered motor at the bottom of the cup simply twists off and the rest of the cup can be tossed in the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean.

It’s Portable

It might sound like carrying a protein cup with a motor attached to it might get heavy, but it’s actually extremely light-weight. In addition to being light and easy to carry, the Tornado Shaker is also about 20% slimmer than most other protein cups. This means it no longer has to be a struggle to hold the cup while driving and trying to get it to fit into a locker or cupboard. Due to its thin body, the Tornado Shaker fits in cup holders and slips easily into lockers and cupboards.

It’s Beautifully Designed

Most gym goers think that a protein shaker is a protein shaker. However, going to the gym with the Tornado Shaker will make people realize that cups matter. Due to its slim body, attractive colors, and distinctive look, the Tornado Shaker is one of the most beautifully designed shaker cups on the market. And people notice it, complimenting users and even asking where they purchased the cup.

It Mixes Everything

The problem with regular shaker cups is that they tend to only be effective if the protein powder is thin enough or not a lot is added to the cup. Because the Tornado Shaker has such a powerful engine, it can thoroughly mix any protein powder or supplement. No matter how dense the powder is or how much is added, customers will be glad to find that all their protein shakes are now lump-free and delicious.

Other Uses for the Tornado Shaker

As already mentioned, the Tornado Shaker isn’t just for the gym, it can also serve several purposes in the kitchen. Mixing eggs into the Tornado Shaker will give users light and fluffy omelets, without the hassle of needing to use a whisk or fork.

Customers with children will be glad to know that the Tornado Shaker can also be used to mix baby formula. Just like with protein powders, the cyclone in the cup will thoroughly and completely mix the formula into the water, so that there are no lumps causing problems for the baby.

Finally, the Tornado Shaker can be used to mix up salad dressings, glazes, and sauces. Smaller than a blender, but just as effective, the Tornado Shaker makes it easy to mix ingredients thoroughly. And the best part is that there’s little to no cleanup afterwards.

Purchasing the Tornado Shaker

Currently, there’s a deal on the Tornado Shaker website. The regular, black Tornado Shaker, which is usually $25.99, is now on sale for $19.99. And the white version of the same shaker is $17.99.

For those interested in the dishwasher safe version with the detachable motor, it is now on sale for $24.99.

Orders are shipped within 2 business days of the purchase, though not on weekends or holidays. While shipping time depends on the distance and product, customers will be told when to expect their order when they check out.

Refunds are offered for unopened products. The refunds are processed within 5-7 days of the return being received.

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