ToneGym – AbSurfer’s Instability Core Exercise Workout Board?


The core is one of the hardest areas of the body to target during a workout routine. Consisting of the abdominal muscles and the lower back, the core region of the body is usually targeted only by repetitive low-impact exercises such as sit ups, which required repetitive and boring training sessions to perform effectively, or high-weight compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts, which carry a high risk of injury.

Almost everyone that works out with the intent of creating their goal physique desires a firm, fit midsection with six pack abs, but without the correct training techniques, this appearance is difficult to develop.

The ToneGym, a new full body workout solution from popular exercise equipment brand Absurfer, promises to revolutionize the process of working out the core and deliver a toned, aesthetic body through a groundbreaking new exercise platform.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the ToneGym solution and provided a detailed breakdown of its design and functions to help you decide whether it’s the right exercise platform for you.

What Is The ToneGym?

The ToneGym is a new style of all-in-one workout platform that incorporates the highly effective practice of resistance band training with a patented instability board that requires the user to engage the core muscles while exercising.

Combining the best and most effective techniques from proven workout systems such as pilates, resistance training, weight and balance training, and more, the ToneGym challenges every muscle of the body in an intensive workout while activating the core muscles.

The ToneGym allows users to perform over 50 different individual exercises that target the entire muscle spectrum of the body in the comfort of their own home. The ease of use, small form factor and easy to pack up design of the ToneGym makes it ideal for home use, saving users thousands of dollars a year in gym membership fees.

According to recent statistics, over 67% of people that pay for gym memberships don’t use them, citing reasons such as busy schedules and long travel times for their wasted investment.

This vast imbalance between actual gym attendees and those that pay for memberships and don’t use them results in a 50 billion yearly income for gyms without ever having anybody walk through their doors.

Working out in the comfort of your own home with the ToneGym provides a way to avoid these excessive and superfluous fees, as well as fitting exercises into your schedule without travel time or lengthy commutes.

ToneGym Design & Construction

The ToneGym consists of an adjustable-height instability platform on which users stand or sit while performing exercises. Attached to the durable aluminum alloy frame of the ToneGym are two resistance bands that can be clipped to increased resistance, providing the ideal intensity level for fitness enthusiasts of all levels and ages.

No special equipment or gear is required to use the tone gym- just comfortable clothes, a small amount of free space in the house, and motivation to exercise. A major advantage of the ToneGym exercise platform over other home gym equipment is that it arrives fully assembled when delivered with no need for fussing with tools or bolts.

Measuring just 54cm high, 120cm long and 52cm wide, the ToneGym is suitable for almost all living spaces. The cable pulley bar also extends a further 78 cm in total, increasing the workout range of the device.

Capable of holding up to 113 kg, or 249 lbs in weight, the ToneGym is a tough and durable workout device that won’t bend, fold or break when used in intensive workouts. Another cost-effective feature of the ToneGym is the free training DVD that comes with the product.

Traditional personal trainers can cost upwards of $50 hourly, making a serious dent in the wallet that deters many people from engaging in physical training.

The comprehensive training DVD provided with the ToneGym provides expert advice on the best methods and techniques for getting the most out of the platform, and is complete with both an instruction manual and printed workout guide that acts as a handy quick reference guide when using the ToneGym.

The Benefits Of Resistance Band Training

Resistance band training, the method used in the ToneGym, has been demonstrated in multiple clinical trials to offer a number of advantages over traditional free weight resistance training.

A 24 week long clinical trial performed by the Loyola Marymount University in California on the benefits of resistance band training in 2011 found that they are able to significantly increase strength and power, burn fat, and present a far lower risk of injury than other workout methods[1].

Another clinical trial performed in 2014 found that resistance bands are just as effective in resistance training as traditional methods, and even advised that they are a “budget friendly” workout solution that maximizes effectiveness while minimizing space[2].

Additionally, an earlier 2008 study performed by the University of Valencia in Spain demonstrated that resistance band training significantly reduced the BMI of 45 overweight middle-aged female participants, proving that resistance bands can indeed cause rapid weight loss[3].

ToneGym Review Summary

If you’d like to build your goal body and develop core strength but don’t want to spend thousands on a gym membership, the ToneGym is a comprehensive all-in-one training solution that is backed by clinical evidence and can be used in the comfort of your own home.

Far cheaper than a personal trainer or gym, the ToneGym is the ideal core fitness solution for fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

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