Tim Harris Lose Man Boobs in 30 Days: Chest Fat Burning Program?


Lose Man Boobs in 30 Days is an e-guide that teaches men different techniques and changes to their routine that they can use for a more sculpted chest. The content for this regimen is only available electronically and can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer upon receipt of payment.

What Is Lose Man Boobs In 30 Days?

When men think of how they want to get in shape, there are many different aspects to their plan. Many men want to get bulkier arms, while others target the condition of their abdominal muscles.

However, the pectoral muscles on the chest play just as prominent of a role in achieving the broad-shouldered look. Most consumers just focus on different types of push-ups, but the layer of fat over the pecs can make the man look like they have their own breasts. Instead of succumbing to this unfortunate possibility, men may want to consider Lose Man Boobs in 30 Days.

Lose Man Boobs in 30 Days has techniques that have helped many different body types before it was published. The participant that wrote the guide even mentions that this regimen works for men who have had man boobs for decades, and even men that do not have the same elasticity in their skin as before.

During this regimen, consumers will take on many lessons, which cover the following topics:

  • What potential hormones men may be ingesting to cause the appearance of “man boobs”
  • How to reduce exposure to chemicals that cause increases in hormones
  • New eating techniques that reduce weight gain on the chest
  • A simple exercise to incorporate into the user’s everyday routine
  • How to balance testosterone and estrogen in the body
  • How to improve weight loss by staying on an eating schedule
  • What consumers may be eating to cause their testosterone to drop
  • How to use acupressure to control overactive appetite
  • How to increase testosterone with certain foods
  • How sleeping for 8 hours can interfere with the slimming of the chest
  • What all-natural food can do to a man’s body

To create a sense of mystery, consumers are not given much detail about any of these actions, so its difficult to say if it will work out. Instead, consumers will have to buy access to the content to find out the techniques described, before they can perform their own research and testing to see if it works for them. The creator claims that the use of this 30-day program can help either achieve a flat chest or a chiseled chest, depending on the user’s goals.

Pricing For Lose Man Boobs In 30 Days

To purchase the Lose Man Boobs in 30 Days guide, consumers will only need to invest $27.00. Once the payment goes through, the user will instantly be able to access the content online so there is not any waiting to start the regimen.

Even though this program is supposed to help a range of consumers, there will be some people that do not get the desired benefits. There is a return policy in place for this regimen, giving consumers up to 60 days to relinquish their rights to the content for a refund.

Bonus Materials

The Lose Man Boobs in 30 Days guide should be enough to change the way that the user’s body handles the distribution of fat cells. However, with the purchase, consumers will also have access to two bonus guides, which are:

  • Super Fast Fat Loss
  • Get Lean, Ripped & Defined in 6 Weeks

Super Fast Fat Loss helps consumers shed the most weight that is safely possible within seven days. Most people experience a loss of 10lbs or more.

Get Lean, Ripped & Defined in 6 Weeks offers a collection of over 40 videos that help to trim down the rest of the body.

Contacting The Creators Of Lose Man Boobs In 30 Days

Even though there is a link to bring consumers to the contact details available, it reroutes the user back to the main page. The only place to find an email address and/or a phone number is within the content that the user receives, so there is no way to reach someone before the order is placed.

Lose Man Boobs In 30 Days Guide Summary

Lose Man Boobs in 30 Days is made for every man, but consumers will have to buy the guide to find out any specifics about the program. From the details listed, he can gather that there will be a specific list of foods that they cannot eat, and a description of important exercises. However, since the return policy lasts for 60 days, consumers should be able to get a refund if it is not for them.

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