ABLE Home Gym Training Set: Full Body Rolling Workout Equipment?


The ABLE Home Gym Workout Training Set is a pair of devices that consumers can integrate into their workout for cardio work or to improve the muscle tone in their core, arms, legs, and more. The easiest way to buy the former Kickstarter product is from Amazon through the Prime program.

What Is The ABLE Home Gym?

Finding the best workout for someone’s goals is difficult, especially because every person has a different goal. Some people want to tone their current muscles, while others are all about losing weight. Furthermore, a gym membership can be expensive every month, but it can also be difficult to afford a home system that can help in multiple areas. The creators of ABLE home gym may have found a good balance for consumers.

ABLE, or “Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment,” basically changes the way that consumers perform their floor workout. The twisting handles require more muscle engagement from the user’s arms and core muscles at the same time and can even be used to help with the lower body. However, some consumers probably recognize that kind of design from other products that are usually advertised on television.

The way that the ABLE equipment can move in every direction is one major advantage. However, rather than being designed solely for the hands, the convenient rollers are also wide enough for the user to engage their feet, engaging the core muscles again as the user extends and brings in their extremities. Consumers that want a bigger challenge can get two sets of the ABLE accessories to challenge both their arms and legs at the same time, though this advanced-level routine should only be attempted by consumers that have complete comfort with the training set.

Pricing For ABLE Home Gym

If consumers want to purchase this set, the retail value is $149.99. However, it can be purchased from for $59.99, with free two-day shipping for Prime members. There is presently a redeemable coupon on the website for an added 10% off the purchase.

Unfortunately, there is no indication that this product is covered under a refund policy.

Contacting The Creators Of ABLE Home Gym

The original home gym was developed on a Kickstarter campaign by a company called Fitness Hardware, so they are probably the best ones to answer any questions that the individual may have. They can be reached by sending an email to [email protected].

ABLE Home Gym Workout Training Set Summary

The ABLE Home Gym Workout Training Set is helpful to all skill levels, since it challenges the user to push their routine to a greater difficulty. There is not a set regimen, but the kit comes with instructions and access to an online app to track the progress that they make in their routine. Only 30 minutes of use will burn up to 300 calories, which makes a big difference in the efficacy of the workout routine.


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