Thrive Naturals – List Of All 14 Natural Health Supplements?


Thrive Naturals was started by a father of three who was a prior Emergency Medical Technician. Although he witnessed many health issues first-hand during his career, after retirement, he stepped on the scale one day to see he was 30 pounds overweight. It was the shock of his weight gain and the need to get back in shape for his family’s sake that sent him on the path to starting Thrive Naturals.

Today, the company prides itself on many factors, such as only using pure and natural ingredients, having a strict quality control system in place complete with testing to adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines, and a satisfaction guarantee that accompanies every product they sell.

Thrive Naturals also offers excellent customer service based in the United States to help consumers with everything from choosing a product to using it to its fullest extent. The company won the Natural Health Customer Service Excellence Award in 2017. Their incredible money back guarantee is available up to one full year after purchasing a product, a sign that they truly believe in what they do. Thrive Naturals also runs a blog where they cover health tips, cooking tips, and a variety of other aspects that tie into a healthy lifestyle.

About Thrive Naturals Products

Thrive Naturals offers everything from Super Vision Complex to a Stress & Anxiety formula. Using essential oils, vitamins, and plant-based ingredients, Thrive Naturals researches a variety of blends to figure out which complex works best for different uses. In addition to these products, they offer:

  • Raspberry Ketones: Each pill contains 1200 MG of pure ketones, derived from raspberries. Ketones have been promoted for weight loss for years now. They also offer a couple other weight loss products, including White Mulberry Ultra and Green Coffee Bean Extract.
  • Liver & Kidney Cleanse: Designed to support healthy detoxification, this comprehensive formula will support good cholesterol and digestive enzymes.

Along with selling individual products, they offer “Specially Curated Bundles” aimed at different types of shoppers. They have the Beautiful Mind bundle with Krill Oil Complex, Super Brain Renew, and their Stress & Anxiety Formula along with their Triple Threat Weight Loss bundle, which includes the Coffee Bean Extract, their Colon Cleanser, and Garcinia Cambogia. In addition, they offer a Holiday Detox bundle, a New Year New You Bundle, a Digestive Health Bundle, and a KickStarter bundle.

Top Sellers – Al 14 Supplements In Their Product Line

Some of their top selling products include Forskolin Advanced, which is a metabolic fat burner, along with Advanced Probiotic Complex, designed to support digestive health. Their Natural Colon Detox is another best selling product that’s designed to eliminate toxins naturally. Garcinia Cambogia is another weight loss product made to promote fat burning. Additionally, they include their Advanced Sleep Formula, Turmeric Curcumin, and Super Brain Renew products in their top sellers category. The following are all 14 supplements in their product line.

  • Advanced Sleep Formula
  • Super Brain Renew
  • Turmeric Curcumin
  • Advanced Probiotic Complex
  • Forskolin Advanced
  • Garcinia Cambogia 95% HCA
  • Natural Colon Detox
  • Super Vision Complex
  • Stress & Anxiety Formula
  • Liver & Kidney Cleanse
  • Super Thyroid Complex
  • White Mulberry Ultra
  • Pure Green Coffee Bean
  • Raspberry Ketones

Thrive Naturals Benefits

The benefits of these products are controversial since there are no official clinical studies to back up the benefits, however, the benefits that Thrive Naturals and happy consumers claim to result from their products are extensive. For instance, Forskolin Advanced is promoted to help burn stubborn belly fat and build lean muscle.

Some products have more scientific backing than others, but the main benefit is that the majority of their products are vegetarian, natural, and made in “maximum strength” formulas so consumers don’t have to take multiple pills a day. All products are made in the USA in a GMP-certified lab registered with the FDA.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all though is the 1-year money back guarantee that reassures consumers they can return any product they don’t love. This gives people the chance to get their money back if they don’t see the results they want. Thrive Naturals promises a no-questions-asked money back guarantee over the phone or through email. Thrive Naturals also offers fast order processing and safe ordering directly from their website. If consumers have any questions before or after they place an order, customer support is easy to reach.

Overall, Thrive Naturals is praised for its excellent customer support, which will guide people in choosing the best products for their condition, even if it’s not necessarily something Thrive Natural sells. They are known for sharing their knowledge and being extremely helpful to new customers, old customers, and potential customers. Above all, it’s their service and money-back promise that has led so many people to trust them.

The Negatives

There are no known side effects according to Thrive Naturals, although allergic reactions are possible. The biggest negative is the fact that nothing is absolutely proven to work. While some products are worth giving a shot based on preliminary studies and the results of some consumers, people should be prepared for a potential flop with whatever product they try.

Additionally, as with any health product, consumers should be careful to read ingredients lists and to ask their physician before adding a supplement to their plan, especially if they’re trying to drop weight or remedy some health condition. Reviews are mixed on Amazon and other online outlets. Pricing starts at around $50 a bottle for most products, which can be on the expensive side if they aren’t effective.

Where To Buy

Thrive Naturals products are available directly on the company website along with a few select items for sale Amazon from Thrive Naturals. Buying from their website assures a money back guarantee, helpful customer service, and fairly fast shipping and processing. The company is based in Los Angelas, California but the items may ship from a warehouse located somewhere else in the United States. USPS is the only shipping option currently available when purchasing from their website, but they assure that means quick and affordable arrival of every order.

Thrive Naturals Review Summary

Thrive Naturals has been around for a few years, but reviews are mixed. While there is no doubt they will stand by their money back guarantee thanks to their award winning customer service, their products won’t work for everyone. Those willing to spend the money and find out may be pleasantly surprised, but they shouldn’t get their hopes too high. If worse comes to worse, they can call or email Thrive Naturals and request a full refund.

Thrive Naturals is based in the USA and they do put the time into making sure that everything they produce is manufactured in a high-quality and clean facility, but that doesn’t necessarily change or improve the effectiveness of their products. Ordering online is a simple process. No signup is needed and free shipping is included for those ordering 3 or 6-bottle sets. They claim all products are third-party tested and pride themselves on offering vegetarian friendly capsules, but consumers should still be wary about the claims made.

Rush shipping options are available and most orders go out within one business day. Again, consumers have 365 days to get their money back if they aren’t happy, no questions asked. Additionally, those ordering outside of California won’t have to pay sales tax.

Thrive Naturals has been a company in good standing since being founded in 2008, but the general effectiveness of their products varies depending on the person, condition, and goal in mind. Consumers who shop with caution will have a great experience thanks to this company’s incredible customer care.

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