Thrive Naturals Super Brain Renew – Memory, Focus & Mood Aid?


Nootropic supplements have become extremely popular in the past decade or so. This is because these neural agents help penetrate our Central Nervous System (CNS) and allow for a wide variety of benefits like increased memory retention, enhanced focus and elevated mood states.

Other than that, there have been many clinical studies that have shown that nootropics can also help improve cognition, executive functions, creativity and even motivation levels in healthy individuals.

At this point it is also important to mention that nootropics are healthy for long term use and do not contribute to any dullness or other physical ill effects.

About Thrive Naturals Super Brain Renew

Thrive Naturals Super Brain Renew is a ‘cognition enhancer’ that allows for the heightening of our inner neural efficiency. Through the delivery of certain compounds within our CNS, we are able to experience a wide variety of potent health benefits.

In terms of its potency, the supplement is highly efficacious and is made through the use of 5 essential brain supporting ingredients. These compounds have been added in optimal doses and allow for improved cognitive function, memory, focus and mental clarity.

Thrive Naturals Super Brain Renew Compositional Data

The core ingredients which make Thrive Naturals Super Brain Renew so potent include:

DHA Omega 3:

This is one of the vital omega-3 fatty acids that are needed by our bodies for optimal brain operation. Other than that, it can also help pregnant and nursing mothers by delivering key nutrients to the brain of their little ones.

Huperzine A:

This potent compound is widely used in many brain enhancers these days. This is primarily because it contains active agents that can reduce symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Apart from this, it is also useful in improving memory, learning.

Lastly, Huperzine can also help treat a muscle disease called myasthenia gravis that is known to decrease alertness and energy.


This cognitive nutrient is widely used in western medicine in relation to age-related decline in mental function.

Not only that, this phosphate derivative also helps in improving our thinking skills, reducing attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), alleviating depression and preventing exercise-induced stress.


This compound is derived from a plant called Bacopa Monniera. It has been traditionally used by many societies as a choice for enhancing memory, learning, and other cognitive functions. Some recent studies also show that Bacopin can also help ease anxiety and concentration.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine:

This is an important amino acid that can be commonly found in dairy products like meats, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, oats.

When used widely, it helps in the production of noradrenaline and dopamine, two compounds that allow for amazing cognitive and stress relief benefits.

Other Important Details

  • Certified: the product has been tested for its quality and potency by a third-party GMP-certified independent inspection lab. In addition to this, the facilities used for manufacturing are registered with the FDA.
  • Natural Ingredients: as mentioned earlier, the added nutrients are herbal and can be used for extended periods without any issue.
  • No Additives: the supplement is made via the use of vegetarian capsules. Additionally, there are no synthetic fillers, binders, gluten, animal by-products within the mix.

Dosage Details

  • A single unit contains 60 capsules and can be used for at least a month.
  • 1 capsules should be ingested in the morning and then one in the evening.
  • The two doses should be ingested along with large doses of water.
  • For people with prior medical complications, it is recommended that they consult a physician before adding the supplement into their daily regimen.
  • Like all dietary supplements, this product is not intended for use by young children.

Where Can I Buy Thrive Naturals Super Brain Renew?

All orders for Thrive Naturals Super Brain Renew can be placed on the manufacturer's official webpage. A single bottle is available for $43.95 and can be paid for via safe means such as PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

Users will be interested to know that if they purchase 3 or 6 bottles, they can obtain free shipping.

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