Therma1 – Hot Cold Therapy Roller Massager For Fast Pain Relief?


With rising awareness in regards to ‘therapeutic pain relief devices’, many individuals have found that antibiotic routes may not always be the best means of treatment. This is primarily due to the fact that many people have reported feeling various side effects through the use of prescription medication.

Therapeutic devices on the other hand target our physiologies externally, and hence do not contribute towards any chemical interactions within our bodies. They are also easy to use, and do not require highly skilled professionals to make full use of.

For example, compression sleeves become immensely popular amongst athletes of many sports in the early 2000’s. This was was in part due to the ability of these garments to increase blood circulation and also provide pain relief. Similarly, tights and armbands also serve similar purposes and are therefore used by many professionals globally

About Therma1

Therma1 has been described by many famous trainers and athletes as ‘a revolutionary, easy-to-use, portable therapy device’ which when used regularly, helps an individual recover faster from injuries. Also, when used regularly, it can also prevent mishaps from happening in the first place.

From a technical standpoint, Therma1 delivers unto our bodies, the four most important natural, scientifically-proven treatment methods. It does so by combining four specialized elements into one powerful thermal roller (these include heating, cooling, compression, and massage).

Thus these powerful healing aids can be used whenever a person feels the need to recoup and rejuvenate before/after a tiring training session.

How Therma1 Works

As mentioned earlier, the Therma1™ provides 4 proven therapeutic treatments for alleviating injuries and pain issues that are related to our muscles and joints. However, when looked at in more detail, we can see that Cold therapy is a natural ‘anti-inflammatory treatment’ method.

It has been clinically studied and found to work by reducing blood flow to the injured area. When this happens, there is a visible reduction in swelling and an instant alleviation of stinging pain that might be present in the region.

On the other hand, Heat therapy has been shown to loosen muscles and help our body by bringing healing nutrients to injured areas. Studies have shown that using ‘heat therapy as a warmup to exercise helps increase muscle flexibility and increase joint range of motion, which helps improve performance and prevent injuries’.

Lastly, compression and massage have been shown to help rid the body of damage and toxins, which speeds the recovery process after intense exercise sessions. When used before any strenuous activity, compression and massage allow for the gradual loosening of our tissues and muscles so that the range of joint movement can be greatly enhanced.

This also improves performance and prevents injuries. Studies have shown that when compression and massage methods are used in conjunction with hot or cold therapy, the treatment goes deeper into the injured areas, resulting in faster/ more efficient recovery.

About the Creator

The Therma1 is the brainchild of Dr. Riley Williams who says that the device was born out of a clinical need to combine various treatment methods into a singular therapeutic system. At the time of creation, Dr Williams saw that there was a massive demand amongst doctors, physical therapists, athletics trainers, patients and athletes for a convenient, all-in-one treatment that combined the healing potential of ‘heat, cold, massage, and compression – the four most powerful natural healing therapies for the muscles, joints, and tendons.’

Is It Backed by Science?

The simple answer is yes. There are many scientific studies related to human injuries and healing that point to the fact that this product actually has the potential to help many training professionals. Scientific data clearly demonstrates that the treatment provided by Therma1 leads to faster recovery and can help prevent injuries.

Therma1 Reviews

There are many satisfied customers who have written highly praiseful reviews online about the product. Some of these people include Tim Walsh (NBA trainer) who says ‘Pro basketball players get lots of injuries. Therma1™ works great and gets them back in the game faster.’

Similarly, Kevin Wilk another pro athlete trainer says ‘I’ve used a cold and heated Therma1™ on my patients & athletes and the experience has been outstanding. Patients love it! It combines soft tissue massage with heat or cold…It’s really awesome.”

Lastly, Bryan Kelly (Pro Football trainer) says ‘Many pro athletes like deep massages before practice and games but this can tire out a trainer’s hands, making the treatment less effective. The Therma1™ gives trainers and therapists a new, hand-sparing tool that makes deep massage easy.’

Therma1 Pricing and Availability

The Therma1 can be bought from the official web page of the company. (

The basic device can be purchased for a reasonable sum of $49.99, and other peripheral devices can be bought for $19.99.

Payments can be done using safe means like PayPal, Mastercard and Visa.

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