Legal Lean – Safe Natural Stress Relaxing Syrup & Nootropic Drink?


There are many different legal alternatives to scheduled substances available on the market today. Technological advancements in herbal extraction processes and the creation of natural, side effect free natural bioactive compounds has made a wide range of powerful relaxants, stimulants, and other neuromodulating products available to the public.

One of the most innovative new legal alternatives to hit the market recently is Legal Lean. Formulated to provide consumers with an alternative to lean created from scheduled substances, Legal Lean provides the same relaxing buzz without the negative health impact or pharmaceutical ingredients. Legal Lean have recently launched a product line that includes Legal Lean as well as Coco Loko, a natural cacao snuff energy blend.

In this article, we’ll check out the Legal Lean formula and find out whether it really works to help you decide if it’s the right mood-enhancing beverage for you.

What Is Legal Lean?

Legal Lean is a 100% legal alternative to lean that uses a complex combination of potent high-concentration botanical extracts that deliver the same benefits without any negative side effects. Formulated to help consumers relax after a stressful day, Legal Lean uses a balance of completely natural ingredients that have been proven by clinical science to deliver powerful relaxant effects.

The Legal Lean formula has been available in retail stores across the US for some time now, and has already won multiple awards throughout the industry. Although the Legal Lean formula is completely legal, it’s currently available only to 18+ individuals due to its potent mood-altering effects.

The Legal Lean Formula: Does It Really Work?

The Legal Lean formula is a completely safe alternative to recreational lean, and provides consumers with a full breakdown of the active ingredients it contains. In order to determine whether Legal Lean actually works, we’ll proceed to break down the ingredients it contains and check out the science that backs them up.

The first ingredient in the Legal Lean formula is a highly concentrated extract of the chamomile plant. Chamomile has been used by many cultures around the world for thousands of years for its ability to deliver relaxing and stress-relieving benefits. Also known as the common daisy, chamomile is subjected to a high-tech extraction process to draw out the neuromodulating bioactive compounds it contains, which are then added to the Legal Lean formula.

Clinical investigations into chamomile extract have found that it contains bioflavonoids that enhance the neurotransmission of several key neurotransmitters. Chamomile extract is able to increase the production of GABA, noradrenalin, dopamine, and serotonin in the brain, delivering a powerful hypnotic and anti-stress effect[1]. These neurotransmitters, specifically dopamine, are the same ones that are activated by traditional lean, giving Legal Lean the same properties.

Legal Lean also contains an extract of the lavender plant. Scientific investigations into the benefits of lavender essence extraction have found that, like chamomile, lavender extract functions as a GABA agonist, increasing the levels of this mood-altering neurotransmitter in the brain.

The neurotransmitters generated by the consumption of lavender extract have been observed to bind to the same GABAA receptors as benzodiazepine, which are the same receptors that are targeted by Xanax, further enhancing the relaxant and anxiolytic properties of the Legal Lean formula[2].

The third ingredient in the Legal Lean formula, valerian root extract, is one of the oldest mood-altering sedative herbal extracts known to man. This powerful natural compound contains a substance called valerenic acid, which binds to GABAA receptors in a similar fashion to lavender extract. Unlike lavender extract, however, valerian root extract targets non-benzodiazepine receptors, providing a different mechanism of mood stimulation[3].

The fourth and arguably most powerful ingredient in the Legal Lean formula is L-theanine, a potent amino acid. L-theanine is found in trace amounts in many different tea leaves, and is responsible for the calming effects of tea. When taken in larger amounts, however, L-theanine has a different effect. Many nootropic supplement enthusiasts take large amounts of L-theanine in order to create a zen-like chill and wind down after stressful days.

L-theanine has been demonstrated in hundreds of different scientific clinical investigations to function in an almost identical manner to alprazolam, which also found in the Xanax formula[4]. L-theanine has been observed to dramatically elevate serotonin, dopamine, and GABA levels in the brain, with a specific affinity for the AMPA receptor, delivering a potent relaxant effect.

Finally, the Legal Lean formula contains Kava Kava extract. Kava is used extensively as a recreational substance in the Polynesian islands, and is able to cause GABA transporter polymorphisms in the brain that induce a significant reduction in anxiety and stress on the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale[5].

Legal Lean Review Summary

While the concept of a herbal extract based alternative to lean may seem novel, the formula offered by Legal Lean is backed up by a massive amount of clinical evidence, proving that it can deliver a powerful relaxing buzz. If you’re interested in a completely legal, healthy, and safe alternative to lean, Legal Lean is a great choice.

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