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Theravent Snore Therapy Review

Theravent Snore Therapy is a stop snoring solution designed to treat light, moderate, and heavy snoring using nasal strips. Here’s our review of whether or not Theravent actually works.

What is Theravent?

Theravent Snore Therapy is an anti-snoring aid priced at $23.99 for a set of 20 nasal strips. The strips fit over your nostrils during sleep to prevent snoring.

Unlike many other nasal strips, Theravent is available in three different strengths designed to treat light, moderate, and heavy snoring.

The Theravent nasal strips work in a similar way to EPAP machines. They create gentle resistance when you breathe out at night, forcing your airway to widen, which prevents vibrations against the back of your throat. When those vibrations don’t occur, snoring stops.

The strips are single-use. You buy them in packs ranging from 20 to 365 strips. You can wear them every night, or only on nights where you anticipate snoring heavily or when you’re sleeping with a partner.

How Does Theravent Work?

Theravent has a novel approach to preventing snoring. You place the device over your nostrils at night before going to sleep. The device lets air in through the filter without resistance, which means you can breathe in as you normally breathe.

Then, when you breathe out through your nostrils, the “Micro Valves” create a gentle pressure that naturally opens your airway to prevent and relieve snoring.

This is the same technology used in Provent Therapy, which is a prescription device used to treat obstructive sleep apnea. The Micro Valve technology used in Theravent is patented and designed to create expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) to prevent snoring at the source.

Basically, these nasal strips use the power of your own breathing to target and treat snoring. They go to work immediately after being fitted over your nose.

The makers of Theravent claim that their device is the first and only FDA-cleared EPAP snoring device clinically proven to reduce snoring up to 76%.

Theravent Pricing

Theravent is available in 30 pack, 60 pack, 90 pack, and 1 year supplies. As mentioned above, there are three different strengths of Theravent, including Lite (for light snorers), Regular (for moderate snorers) and Max (for loud snorers).

You can purchase a trial package containing 2 Lite, 2 Regular, and 2 Max nasal strips for $7.99. Once you’re ready to pay for the full package, you’ll pay the following rates:

Theravent Lite

  • -30 Nights: $29.99
  • -60 Nights: $55.79
  • -90 Nights: $74.99
  • -365 Nights: $295.99

Theravent Regular

  • -30 Nights: $29.99
  • -60 Nights: $55.79
  • -90 Nights: $80.89
  • -365 Nights: $295.99

Theravent Max

  • -20 Nights: $23.99
  • -60 Nights: $67.99
  • -120 Nights: $129.99
  • -365 Nights: $359.99

The Max, by the way, claims to offer twice the EPAP resistance as Theravent Regular while still remaining comfortable – so that’s why it’s priced slightly higher.

All of the above prices include shipping across the United States. You can also purchase Theravent online from, where you’ll find packages with different numbers of strips (there’s a 14 strip package for $14.99, for example).

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee. If the stop snoring device doesn’t prevent your snoring for any reason, then you can return it for a full refund (minus shipping charges).

Does Theravent Actually Prevent Snoring?

Theravent has mixed reviews on Amazon. With 290 reviews, the strips have an average rating of 2.8 stars out of 5. The majority of reviewers rated the strips as 5 stars or 1 star – which indicates that they either worked or didn’t work for most people.

One five star reviewer recommended cleaning your nostrils before applying the strip, as any oils on your skin will prevent the adhesive from sticking. That’s where many of the 1 star reviewers experienced problems.

Another 5 star reviewer had this to say:

“If you or someone you know/live with sounds anything like me (or a Grizzly) when they sleep, I am telling you, this is absolute gold. Not only does it look discreet, but IT WORKS!”

Meanwhile, 1 star reviewers typically complain that the sensation is “similar to partial suffocation”, and that they experienced troubles breathing while using the strips. Some of these individuals cut small holes in the strips to ensure easier air flow.

Most other 1 star reviews simply state that the device didn’t work for them for any number of different reasons. Some tried it for 14 nights and never noticed a significant decrease in snoring. Many found them uncomfortable to wear. Others stated their partners noticed that they snored differently – but the loudness of their snoring was pretty much the same.

Ultimately, what we can surmise from these reviews is that your mileage will vary. It’s good to see that Theravent offers a refund guarantee because the strips clearly don’t work for everyone (the same can be said for pretty much any snoring solution).

About Theravent

Theravent is an American company based at the following Bay Area address:

2033 Gateway Place Suite 500

San Jose, California 95110

You can contact the company by phone at 1-855-265-SNOR (7667) or by email at [email protected]

Should You Use Theravent to Prevent Snoring?

Theravent is a proven way to prevent snoring. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for everyone. Some people find the device restricts their breathing too much. Others find that it doesn’t prevent snoring at any strength. Fortunately, like most anti-snoring solutions, Theravent has a generous refund policy that gives you a complete refund (minus shipping) within 30 days of your purchase.

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