TheraBotanics Profemin & Profemin Ultra – Menopause Blends?


You’ve likely never met a woman who was thankful to be experiencing menopause. Between the lists of side effects including emotional health, hot flashes to hair loss (or gain) there is nothing lovely about the process. In many cases, women will even opt out of procedures that may risk them heading into menopause earlier than usual.

What Is Menopause?

Menopause is part of a woman’s life cycle that they experience as they get older. In simple terms, it is when a woman goes through hormonal changes and typically happens when a woman stops menstruating. Menopause is essentially the ending of her reproductive time in her life.

In the women’s reproductive system, they are born with eggs, that are stored throughout her life in the ovaries. The ovaries are what create the estrogen and progesterone which control menstruation and ovulation, typically monthly.

Menopause will start when the ovaries no longer release an egg (ovulation) and ultimately menstruation will also stop.

Women can expect to enter menopause sometime after the age of 40 or earlier if they have had a full hysterectomy or other surgical procedure to the ovaries, or complications or damage.

Three Stages of Menopause


During this phase, ovaries will slow down the production of estrogen and typically occurs several years before the menopause stage. There aren’t likely any real side effects in this stage, outside of the aging effects one might feel. With estrogen levels declining, it’s possible to see small changes in weight gain or increased hair growth in areas.


This phase is official once it has been one full year since a woman has had her menstrual period. This is where the ovaries are finished releasing eggs and the production of estrogen has virtually stopped. This is where many women experience a long list of side effects, physical and emotional changes, and we will discuss them a little later.

Post menopause

During this phase, the side effects, such as hot flashes for example, will slow down (thankfully!) but it is important to be conscious in this phase because the loss of estrogen can bring on its own health risk.

Symptoms of Menopause

Many women as they are approaching menopause will experience episodes described as hot flashes which is when there is a sudden onset of extreme warmth throughout the upper body. There are varying degrees of these hot flashes, mild for some and more severe for others.

Other symptoms include (but are not limited to)

Relief of Menopause and Pre-Menopause

Thera Botanics, offers a supplement called Profemin and Profemin Ultra. These products are designed specifically for women who are entering the pre-Menopause phase or are currently experiencing menopause. They offer a natural supplement designed to relieve the symptoms mentioned above.

Thera Botanics completed a double-blind study clinical trial (results are available online) where 96% of the women who were taking either Profemin or Profemin Ultra disclosed a significant improvement in four (4) or more of the major side effects and symptoms of menopause.

What is TheraBotanics Profemin & Profemin Ultra?

They are a natural, gluten-free, supplement that contain patented natural blends of three herbal extracts that are common among traditional Asian medicine. These herbal extracts are;

  1. Angelica Gigas – used for gynecological health
  2. Phlomis Umbrosa – used for anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits
  3. Cyanchum Wilfordii – used to improve circulatory function

These herbal ingredients are extracted and when combined, provide a formula that is powerful in its exclusive aid for the symptoms of menopause. And, most importantly, without the use of hormones.

They are described as safe and effective with no harmful side effects reported. They have been tested for their purity and verified to be as such.

Both products are manufactured in the United States of America at a GMP certified facility.

The Science Behind Profemin and Profemin Ultra

Dr. Marcus Laux is the doctor behind this menopausal relief product. He is an expert in natural medicine and has served on numerous advisory boards for leading natural medicine companies. As a licenced naturopathic physician, he maintained a full time private family practice for two decades located in Beverly Hills, California.

Throughout his extensive travels while researching native medicines and healing practices he has co-authored several books surrounding topics of natural menopause.

Although there are a variety of other menopause treatments available, the most common is simply a prescription for estrogen. Although it might seem like the most logical thing, it can actually pose risks of breast cancer, heart disease, blood clots and stroke.

Hardly seems logical to treat a natural moment in a woman’s life with something that could ultimately become more catastrophic.

Directions for Use

Profemin and Profemin Ultra, should be taken by one (1) capsule, taken twice a day.

Women have expressed a significant improvement in the above-mentioned symptoms of menopause in as little as six (6) weeks. In some cases, relief was noted as early as the first week of use.

How to Order TheraBotanics Profemin & Profemin Ultra

Profemin comes in a 60 capsules container (one month supply) and can be ordered online for $59.99.

Profemin Ultra comes in a 60 capsules container (one month supply) and can be ordered online for $69.99.

Overall, Profemin and Profemin Ultra are safe, natural and effective supplements and are ideal for any woman who is experiencing any discomfort from mild to severe, as a result of menopause. Maintaining your overall health and wellness should always be a priority, and having the ability to do so naturally is even more important.

They very well could be part of your daily health strategy that’s been missing. Get back to feeling better about yourself during this time, physically and emotionally. Menopause will never be a walk in the park, but it doesn’t need to be a stroll through hell either.


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