Walkout Hanger – Healthy Decluttering Closet Organizing System?


It’s often said that in order to stay organized in daily life, people need to be organized and neat in their living spaces. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done.

This is especially true when it comes to closets. Whether they’re too small or people have a lot of clothes, closets can very easily get overstuffed, making it difficult to find just the right outfits.

The Walkout Hanger was created to make bringing order to a closet easier than ever. By offering a compact solution to increasing space in a closet, the Walkout Hanger brings organization to closets, so users can get their clothes and get out the door faster than ever.

What Is The Walkout Hanger?

The Walkout Hanger is a closet organization system that can hold four separate items of clothing on one hanger. Instead of going out and across a closet, the Walkout Hanger supports descending hangers, with four of these hangers being attached to one, strong hook.

By using this unique method, the Walkout Hanger is able to provide four times more space in packed closets, bring a little order to the chaos.

What makes the Walkout Hanger so unique isn’t just that it provides extra space for users, but that it still allows them to see all their clothes even when they’re packed tightly together. This allows users to hang, view, and choose their outfits with ease.

Perfect for those suffering from an overstuffed closet, the Walkout Hanger is an organization solution everyone will love.

Benefits Of The Walkout Hanger

The biggest benefit of the Walkout Hanger is that it provides a little order to crowded, overfilled closets. It is extremely easy to become overwhelmed with how many clothes a person has.

However, these clothes can’t just be thrown away, especially if they’re worn regularly.

The Walkout Hanger makes it easier for those with overfilled closets to organize, giving them four times more space than typical hangers.

Another benefit of the Walkout Hanger is that while it does provide more space, it doesn’t do so by obscuring any clothes. The whole point of hanging clothes is to make it easier for people to pick out just what they need for the day.

Even though the Walkout Hanger can fit four different garments onto one hook, each garment is still very visible when hung up, even when the clothes are packed in tightly to a closet.

For those who have spurned other closet organizing options because it made it difficult to view their clothes, the Walkout Hanger will be a welcome difference.

Pushing and pulling through shelves packed with clothes is annoying and time consuming. However, another benefit of Walkout Hanger is that it allows users to pull the clothes and hangers away from the hook so they can view and hang their clothes with ease.

The stretchy pull that connects the hangers to the hook of the Walkout Hanger allows users to remove their hangers from the rest of the clothes so they can pick what they want to wear without elbowing, pushing, and wrinkling their clothes. With this convenient feature, users will finally be able to pick their clothes with ease.

Purchasing The Walkout Hanger

The Walkout Hanger is available for purchase on the company website (www.WalkoutHanger.com), where additional details and product videos can be found. Another benefit of Walkout Hanger is that it is currently offering a special discount for those purchasing the device.

Customers who buy four Walkout Hangers for $19.99, plus shipping and handling, will get two Walkout Hangers for free.

Plus, for an additional $4.99 in shipping and handling, customers can get two free motion sensor bright lights, perfect for dark closets.

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  1. Neither the 800 number nor the website for this product is working! Are you aware of any problems with the product or company?!? I really wanted to buy the item.

    Thanks, Cheryl


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