The Spa Dr: Naturally Soothing 4 Step Daily Skincare Regimen?


The Spa Dr. is a company that offers a variety of skincare treatment to protect, nourish, and prepare the complexion for whatever the user faces. There are also educational programs to teach consumers about the best ways to care for their skin.

What Is The Spa Dr?

Skincare is something that consumers must keep up with their entire life, so the products they choose are important. Each formula has something different to offer, but some of those ingredients could be more toxic than not taking care of the skin at all. Dr. Trevor Cates came up with her brand – The Spa Dr. – to take care of this issue.

Dr. Cates was the first woman that became licensed to practice as a naturopathic doctor in California. With her skills and knowledge, she was on the California’s Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine Advisory Council and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians’ board. However, since those ventures, she has developed a wide inventory of products for better skin and better overall health.

Read on below to learn more details about her products.

The Spa Dr Products

Consumers will have access to three different types of products with The Spa Dr. – skincare, supplements, and written programs. Read on below to find out more information about some of the featured products in these categories.


The Skincare section is the biggest collection of products that the company offers, and every product is perfectly formulated to help consumers get the support that they need for a clean complexion. Some of the featured items include:

  • Daily Essentials 4-Step Skincare System ($229)
    • Includes Gentle Cleanser, Antioxidant Serum, Enriched Moisturizer, and Glow Boost
    • Get a subscription for $199 per shipment
  • Pearl and Rose Petal Facial Exfoliant (Sold Out)
  • CLEAR: Gentle Cleanser ($39.99)
  • NOURISH: Antioxidant Serum ($69.99)


The Supplements can be used with or without the use of the topical remedies. However, the goal of these treatments is to eliminate the toxins in the body that cause blemishes and other issues in the complexion, replacing them with nourishment. Some of the featured supplements include:

  • All-In-One 14 Day Cleanse Kit ($160.00)
    • Includes 28 – single serving All-In-One 14 Day Cleanse drink mix packets, 28 capsule packets with three Amino Cleanse capsules and one Proteinzyme capsule each, and a program guidebook
    • Get a subscription for $139.04 per shipment
  • All-In-One Daily Shake ($52.90)
  • Astaxanthin + Omega Krill 60 Capsules ($59.00)
  • Collagen Complete ($53.00)

Sun Care

Even with nourishing the current complexion of the skin, consumers need to protect it from the harmful UV rays of the sun. These toxins can cause the skin to age prematurely and can even put consumers at risk for skin cancer. Choose from the following featured products:

  • Daily Solar Protective Moisturizer 30 ($25.95)
  • Moisture Tints Tube available in dark and light tones ($32.58)
    • Available in dark, medium, and light tones
  • Solar Body Moisturizer 30+ ($27.95)

The Spa Dr Programs

The programs from The Spa Dr. offer entire care systems that cater to the needs of users, depending on what package they choose.

The first program is Clean Skin from Within Book by Dr. Trevor Cates for $22.99. The guide shows consumers how to take control of their complexion with the use of the right foods in their diet.

The next program is the Clean Skin from Within 2-Week Program for $297.00. This program helps to correct many different issues in the complexion, from wrinkles and age spots to hormone imbalances. This regimen is not solely about skin – it also helps with headaches, bad breath, joint pain, and more, making it well worth the price tag.

The Younger Skin from Within Package is available for $180, and it has tons of helpful information and guides. Along with the written content, consumers will also get an infused Konjac sponge with red clay.

Contacting The Spa Dr

Even though there’s extensive information on the website that consumers need to consider with each treatment, there will always be questions that need to be addressed. Reach out to the customer service team on weekdays between 8:00am and 4:00pm MST by calling 1-866-377-4404.

The Spa Dr 4 Step Daily Skincare Regimen Conclusion

The Spa Dr. prioritizes two things – informing consumers about skincare and offering them products to help. The treatments available are simple to include in an everyday routine, and the programs can help consumers get a better understanding of why their complexion has reached its current condition.

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