LaVie Water Purifier: Pure Quality Mineral Water From UV-A Light?


Water purification is expensive for most people who end up consuming contaminated water and risking their health. Considering how essential it is to our health, water needs to be purified to ensure little to no chances of waterborne diseases. There are natural methods of purifying water and LaVie has taken center stage in the recent past as one of these ingenious ways.

What Is LaVie Water Purifier?

For a small fee, you can get your hands on a water purification system that is both portable and natural. Not to mention, in just fifteen minutes, your tap water can be converted into high-quality, pure water with no hassle. This invention has already won the CES Innovation Award for 2018 and received plaudits from reputable institutions. Forbes recognized LaVie, and so did Home Crux, France 2, LesEchos as well as a variety of other media outlets.

What Problems Does LaVie Water Purifier Solve?

In most areas of the world, water is not the problem; purifying it and making it suitable for consumption is the challenge that faces most people. LaVie solves this problem by enabling users to purify water making it ideal for drinking with no health-related repercussions. Not to mention, the process can be powered by solar energy making LaVie a working solution for the high cost of water purification experienced in developing countries.

While these countries might have the equipment required to purify water, most of them are located in urban areas increasing the price of pure water seeing it has to be ferried over long distances. For every solar-powered product sold by LaVie, the company is willing to donate a LaVie sun product to a Non-Governmental Organization. LaVie uses unique UV-A light treatment to purify tap water and turn it into clean water ready for consumption.

Did you know that over 66% of all bottled water comes from the same place tap water is derived? Not many companies bother to go through the purification process, and they manipulate their customers with enticing videos that leave an image of the company in the people’s heads. As such, the public gains their product’s trust even without any data to back the purification process. The only thing that is added to tap water that makes it taste different is chlorine.

Without the taste and odor experienced in tap water, most people are led to believe that bottled water is pure when it’s more dangerous than tap water. Here are some of the other benefits to expect after purchasing the LaVie unlimited pure mineral water purifier.

LaVie Water Purifier Mineral Water From UV-A Light Benefits

Easy To Use

LaVie is very easy to use. All you have to do is fill a bottle with tap water then place it in the device. The purification process is automated, and in roughly 15 minutes your water will be ready to drink. A light signal notifies you when the water is purified before LaVie goes into standby mode. After removing your filtered water, you can place another bottle into the device, and the purification process will start all over again.

LaVie is an excellent way to save money, energy, and time.

Improves Your Health

LaVie is more efficient than old-style purification methods and guarantees the pure taste of water. While tap water might already be treated before it arrives in your house, chlorine is not that good to your health seeing it contains chloramine; a cancer-genic chlorine byproduct. LaVie also reduces any traces of medicine or pesticides, which can be found in tap water leaving it pure and with its original taste.

According to the World Health Organization, around 21 mineral elements are vital for optimum human health. LaVie treats water while respecting these minerals to ensure that alongside purity and an original taste, users get the full nutritional benefit of drinking water. LaVie has also been tested and approved in third-party laboratories making it a legitimate innovation.

Self-Cleaning Feature

LaVie’s self-cleaning feature is among its best considering its natural and happens with every purification cycle. As such, you save time thanks to the safe technology used by LaVie to aid both water purification and bottle cleaning. LaVie uses UVA rays, which are also found in sunlight, for these processes.

LaVie Water Purifier Summary

LaVie is an excellent addition to the planet considering it helps replace plastic water bottles which pollute the environment. Water pollution, especially in the oceans using plastic, is one of our most significant challenges. Scientists warn that by 2050 the ocean might have more plastic bottles than fish. LaVie can solve this problem, and the others discussed above and at an affordable price.

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