the right cup

An innovative new product currently available through an IndieGoGo campaign, The Right Cup helps people drink more water on a daily basis by tricking their brain into thinking they are drinking sweet fruit juices.

Perfect for children who prefer drinking sugary juices and sodas instead of water, The Right Cup is available in a wide range of fruit flavors. Please read below to learn more about The Right Cup and how to purchase through the product funding campaign.

What Is The Right Cup?

Designed by an inventor who was diagnosed with diabetes at age thirty, The Right Cup makes it easier for people to consume more water instead of sugary sodas and fruit juices. Unique and innovative, this cup is a good option for people who are trying to lose weight, increase their water consumption, or prevent their kids from drinking so much sugar.

Each cup holds 10.8 ounces of water and should maintain flavor for up to six months with gentle washing. The Right Cup is available in six flavors including cola, orange, grape, peach, apple, and mixed berry. For an authentic cola alternative use soda water when drinking from the cola cup and the flavor is the same.

How Does The Right Cup Work?

The way these cups work is by tricking the brain into thinking you are drinking flavored drinks not just plain water. How this happens is that the tongue only tastes five sensations sweet, bitter, salty, sour, and umami and the sense of smell covers 80% of the taste sensation.

The aroma released when people are drinking lost into the nasal passages and pass the sinuses to the nasal epithelium. This part of the nose sends a message to the brain depicting the flavors being tasted. The Right Cup actually tricks your brain into thinking that users are drinking sweet fruit drinks not plain water.

Embedded in the material of the cup, the aroma makes it long lasting and safe for regular consumption. The Right Cup can be used safely by both adults and children who get tired of drinking flavorless water but want to improve their health without sacrificing taste.

Product History

The idea of The Right Cup started in 2010 by Isaac Lavi and Ori Mendelevich who for the next five years worked to develop a working prototype. Isaac is a lifelong inventor who is also an expert in the field of scent marketing and scent applications.

Additionally, Isaac used his experience of being diagnosed with diabetes at age thirty help him develop a product that would help people reduce their sugary drink intake. The IndieGoGo campaign started in 2015 and product shipment started in April of 2016. Users give this innovative device good reviews.

The Right Cup Pricing

Currently this product is available through an IndieGoGo campaign. Donors can choose their preferred flavor option and choose their level of contribution. Please see the donor levels listed below.

  • $29.00: Each donor at this level will receive one cup of their preferred flavor choice.
  • $52.00: This donor options gives consumers two cups of the same or different flavors.
  • $92.00: By contributing at this level consumers will get to choose four flavors to try.
  • $135.00: Consumers can save money by choosing six cups and receive free shipping.
  • $225.00: A ten pack of cups offers consumers good value and free shipping.
  • $450.00: This option gives consumers the best value and includes twenty cups.

All orders will ship within two weeks of ordering.

Should You Use The Right Cup?

Whether people are working to reduce their sugar consumption or are trying to increase their daily intake of water, The Right Cup can help.

By fooling the brain into thinking the user is drinking a sweet soda or juice, this product helps people drink more water without it being boring and tasteless. Since The Right Cup is still in a crowd funding process consumers can get a cup or two for a discounted price before it hits store shelves.



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