Greater Goods Balance Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

Based on recent statistics, more than 75 million Americans are affected by high blood pressure. If left undetected or uncontrolled, high blood pressure can lead to blood clots, heart disease, and strokes.

Balance Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor is a smart device that features an upper arm cuff and advanced technology. The device has the accuracy of leading arm monitors, so users have the ability to sync blood pressure data to a device of choice. With each measurement, the monitor sends the results to the Balance Health App.

Displayed in the context of overall measurement history and healthy averages, Balance Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor allows users to take control of their health.

About Greater Goods Balance Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

Greater Goods Balance Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor was created by the company Greater Goods. Producing quality products for customers around the world, the company has established multiple brands that promote positive change and improve quality of life.

Balance is one of the Greater Goods health and wellness brands. Focusing on managing health, the brand is dedicated to developing health solutions that support the well-being of others.

Balance was built in collaboration with Love146, a non-profit organization that is finding ways to end child trafficking. To support the end of a global tragedy, Balance gives a portion of every purchase to help protect children around the world.

Balance currently includes a range of wireless devices that help individuals keep track of a variety of health metrics. Following the trends of technology, the brand focuses on backing up data.

By paying attention to pattern and numbers over time, the Balance devices monitor information. Using the highest-quality materials, the products are well-designed and easy to use. By partnering with factories that pay fair wages and maintain a safe, clean environment, Balance ensures that products contribute to a better world.

The Greater Goods Balance Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor was made using sustainable methods. Like all products at Greater Goods, the device comes in a professional kit that has everything that users need to get started. Engineered with the latest technology, the Balance Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor is convenient and portable. Using an arm cuff, the digital device is easier to read and does not require the use of a stethoscope.

The device is inexpensive and accurate. By enabling Bluetooth, the device automatically sends a reading to a smartphone or tablet. It is the most convenient way to track blood pressure throughout the day.

How Greater Goods Balance Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Works

In the past, blood pressure monitors were bulky and large, mostly used by physicians. They have now become more portable, thanks to the Greater Goods Balance Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor. The small and discreet monitor doesn’t just allow users to keep track for their blood pressure throughout the day, allowing them to pinpoint causes, but does so with extreme accuracy.

The Bluetooth pressure monitor is also very easy to use. To get started, users must remove the plastic cover from the Balance Bluetooth BMP. After this step, they should firmly insert the air tube into the left side of the monitor.

The large display includes a backlit LCD with oversized numbers. The monitor comes with two power supply options: batteries and power cord. The batteries are useful while traveling, and the power cord is great use for home. Simply insert the batteries and hold down the start button to bypass manual setup mode and power the monitor off.

To begin tracking data, users must download the Balance Health App. Once paired with the monitor, as it is synced, the results will transfer automatically when the app is open. By following the prompts, users will turn the monitor off and turn their device’s Bluetooth on. The instructions will successfully pair the device.

To take a measurement, users should fasten the cuff to the upper arm. After it is secured, individuals should position the tube off-center, toward the inner side of the arm. Users should sit comfortably with the arm resting on a flat surface. The device will begin reading and finish the entire measurement.

Once it is finished, the measurement will sync automatically with the app. With just one button, the blood pressure monitor measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse. The Balance Bluetooth BPM display shows the hypertension indicator bar.

The device also features an irregular heartbeat sensor that will alert users to any issues. The app will show a graph of the results over the past week, month, year, and the lifetime of the monitor.

Purchasing Greater Goods Balance Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

Greater Goods Balance Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor is available for purchase on Amazon. It currently costs $34.99.


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